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Python Traverses Plumbing to Emerge from Toilet and Bite Neighbor’s Genitals

Python Traverses Plumbing to Emerge from Toilet and Bite Neighbor’s Genitals

The midnight toilet dash is really a stressful one. Blind and disoriented, you run the risk of being driven into misguided Lego cubes and colliding with other seemingly innocent household items that hold the upper hand when you’re stingy and dying for P-SSS. Just to make your late-night anxious more anxious, today we bring you a new toilet trauma from a nightmare. Our story took place in Austria, where a 65-year-old man walked into the bathroom at 6 am for some light relief. Unfortunately, his tour was quite literally crushed on his genitals as an intruder from below.

Criminal: A 1.6-meter (5.26-foot) albino reticulated python. Finding snakebite in the lower extremities is the most appropriate vibration, but attacking so brutally in such a weakened state must be a wake-up call, according to a report in the Call of Duty AP. He didn’t get up to investigate the crime scene until he saw the fierce snake. The suspicious snakes, who no doubt were not particularly thrilled to run among themselves, are alleged to have fled from a neighbor’s apartment.

The 24-year-old next door did not clearly notice that the snake was missing in his 11 non-venomous constructor snakes and a Zeko collection or could not explain how he got to his neighbor’s toilet. A nightmare fuel theory is that the snake began to come out of the toilet through the drains and when it encountered an obstacle and as a result bit the man’s back. There are several ways a snake can be carried in your toilet, but most likely they entered the property through a window or door and found a suitable water hole. That said snakes can enter your home through sewers.

Their flexible bodies adapt very well to moving through the S-bend of a toilet and unfortunately, this report is by no means the first of its kind. In Brisbane, Australia, a woman who visited a toilet in 2019 faced a similar fate in the jokes of a carpet dragon. BT sought help from Snake Catchers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast who wrote in a Facebook post that they were able to see the funny side of being called a “check visitor” despite having some throwing wounds on the floor.