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Finding Out That Capybaras Can Swim Majestically Underwater Surprises People

Finding Out That Capybaras Can Swim Majestically Underwater Surprises People

Everyone’s favorite gigantic rodent, the capybara, is becoming increasingly popular online after a video showcasing their amazing swimming prowess garnered over 100,000 likes. The animal may be seen swimming underwater with a lot more grace than it usually does.

The largest rodents in the world are endemic to South America and are called capybaras. Despite what their appearance might lead you to believe, capybaras are great swimmers and seem to like being in the water. They can hold their breath underwater for around five minutes, and to stay cool, they frequently take naps in the water or beside riverbanks. They can swim swiftly away from possible predators underwater thanks to their webbed feet and streamlined face features.

Of course, when they have mastered swimming.

Even if capybaras love taking hot showers was investigated in a research on them. They certainly seem to because they are drawn to the hot baths that have been set up for them at a Japanese zoo, but the study that was published in Nature looked closely at their facial expressions to try and gauge just how much they enjoyed their soothing baths. They discovered that they really did enjoy them, so thank you. They even discovered that the baths improved the conditions of their skin, and they maintained the heat effectively afterward.

The authors noted that although there were no significant changes in ear position, the study’s findings “showed that the eye score was useful for Capybaras as a measure of comfort level.”