Porsche makes its case for an all-electric Taycan wagon

Porsche makes its case for an all-electric Taycan wagon

Porsche has always gone its own way in building new vehicles. This is, after all, the company that continues the unrealistic idea that putting the weight of an engine on the back of a sports car is a great idea (it!). So, not out of the character of Brock’s popular electronic Taycan sedan, to talk about the crossover trend of making an all-electric, soft-roading wagon with just a 20mm clearance. Instead, it is another example of how Porsche is moving towards electrification.

“You don’t build electric cars. You make Porsche with electric power trains, “said Calvin Kim, a spokesman for Taken Line, in a recent interview. 2021 Taycan Cross Turismo fits that bill. Powerful, fast, comfortable, luxurious and tech-savvy, the Porsche Taken 4 Cross Turismo (one of the four variants of the Wagon) offers a mix of practicality with full power and speed under $100,000.

Porsche objected to the launch of the Cayenne almost 20 years ago and to the sports car enthusiastic club, and was doing the same thing with the Taycan and Taycan Cross Turismo. Although still a great cash cow for SUVs and crossover businesses, a recent announcement from Porsche showed that in 2020, about 4,500 Taycan were sold. 

It’s more on the Porsche than the 718 or the Panama line, further stating that from cradle to production, the new Cross Turismo is carbon neutral – the car they make that has achieved this position. “We wanted to build the sportiest capability in the Porsche,” Kim said, “and a wagon version of the Taycan embodied that principle.”  The 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is on sale today. Porsche says they expect delivery to begin this summer.

Beyond the obvious form factor, potential buyers or EV enthusiasts may wonder why anyone would choose cross-tourism over real Tekken. There are a few important differences between the two cars that can push some customers into the car. First, the Cross Turismo provides more passenger and cargo space. Passengers get an extra 0.35-inch headroom at the front and a 3.69-inch drink at the rear.

The wagon is equipped with more cargo space – 15.7 cubic feet behind the rear seats or 42.8 cubic feet folded in front of them. The cross Turismo, like the Taycan, has an additional 2.9 cubic feet of franc. The Cross Turismo has more ground clearance than an additional driving mode called Scotch 20mm (only 1 inch shorter) Taycan sedan and Gravel. The mode of the steering wheel is activated by the soft key on the central console instead of the wheel. It increases the height of the vehicle in the stability control and torque management system to better capture gravel, snow or ice and changes the stability control and torque management system. Unfortunately, in our short test drive, we didn’t get a chance to test the Gravel mode.