Phocuswright Europe 2021: Here’s what to Expect

Phocuswright Europe 2021: Here’s what to Expect

After a gap of one year, the European travel industry is ready for a new, fresh start. But recharging after a long and painful break is a long process. Internal and external forces are still in play, creating rifts between recovery and retreat. The rebound would be uneven considering the restrictions, the protocol, the health passport and the tests that still need to be run. And how do you rebuild that lost talent and broken supply chain?

The travel industry has certainly survived part of the drama over the years, but the epidemic has kept everyone in suspense. Now it’s time to flip the page for travelers and destinations, suppliers and distributors, technology providers and platforms. The theme of Focus Right Europe 2021, “Sequel Writing” challenges our art to learn from its past successes and mistakes and to be happy forever.

Your best shot now is to tackle a whole new list of challenges and aspirations as well as solve problems and issues that may have existed for decades. The previous version was right, but the sequel should be better – more satisfied travelers, safer and more secure transportation, preferred accommodation, improved service, sustainable destination and efficient process. In the sequel, expect:

  • Challenges in meeting traveler expectations at the precipice of a post-pandemic world
  • A rise in automation that transforms human processes
  • New standards and rules that can unite travel or potentially divide us
  • Changes in money flow and business models
  • The dismantling of old power structures

Over the years, European travel agencies have suffered losses, ranked off and they have acted as best they can. Now is the time to reclaim your potential. Travelers are ready to jump at the chance of their first trip, and the industry must be prepared to meet this paint-up demand, the first step towards unstacked recovery. Focusrite Europe 2021: The sequel will engage key industry partners in the region and around the world to discuss the next step in the journey. Join us to hear how industry players have updated their playbooks to compete in this new, volatile but promising environment. A second chance like this doesn’t come often.