Open Speech on International Women’s Day

Open Speech on International Women’s Day

[This is a sample Open Speech on International Women’s Day. This Day is celebrated on March 8 worldwide, commemorating the political, social and economic achievements of women. You can follow this sample International Women’s Day speech for college, university, seminar, conferences, etc.

Open Speech on International Women’s Day

A woman is the most powerful and beautiful creation of God. Behind our existence, there’s a woman. The beautiful audience, my seniors, colleagues and all the brave women sitting out here today, Welcome to the annual women’s day ceremony. (Describe in your words). This Day is celebrated on March 8 worldwide, commemorating the political, social and economic achievements of women. I thank you all for taking some time out of your busy routines and been here today. God says many times in his books that “I have created all men and women equal” if he the almighty believes in the idea that all men and women are equal in all aspects of life then who are we to obligate that? Men should not understand that women are made only to handle household chores or take responsibility for home and family. (Describe all about the situation).

There are many examples of women achieving heights in every professional area and all we need is the recognition and acknowledgment among people. Men have been playing their role in the well-being since quite a long time now and I am proud and happy to say that according to this year’s annual census 89% of women, bright daughters of this nation have been awarded technological awards all around the world because of some reasons. This is just a line to say and some words to comprehend but when you take some time thinking, you will feel proud of the woman who is sitting next to you right now. Women should also identify their strengths and abilities, and move towards a world of empowerment.

Motivate them to get off their feet and work, work for their families work for themselves and work for all those who once raised questions that women are incapable of doing some things that man can. The literacy rate among women is growing day by day as the idea of an “Educated Nation” spreads across the globe. (Describe actual problems and situations). Literate women don’t rely on anyone and with pride work for themselves, work hard for their children and share a hand in the everyday financial needs along with her man.

Women today carry specializations in every other modern field of the world. Top surgeons today are women, top chefs today are women and they aren’t even a step behind. Womanhood involves love, affection, caring, power etc that comes under different personalities in life as a mother, sister, wife, etc. (Explain some of your experiences).

This is something that every woman here should be proud of and if you’re not among the women who work, I would like to ask you, what are you doing with your lives? God gives us this one life to utilize it in the best way we can but you’re out there wasting it? It’s unfair to human life.

I would like to end my speech by saying that whether you’re a housewife, a student, a mere housemaid, if you’re a woman we believe in you and you have the potential to achieve any dream you see. (Cordially describe your greetings). Various messages and slogans that promote the day are also publicized during this time of the year.

Thank you.