On the Site of the Former Tegel Airport, Berlin Plans a Smart Residential District and Research Park

On the Site of the Former Tegel Airport, Berlin Plans a Smart Residential District and Research Park

Redevelopment plans are in place for the former Berlin-Tegel Airport. The Schumacher Quartier, a brand-new residential neighborhood with 200 hectares of manicured space, and Berlin TXL the Urban Tech Republic, a research and industrial park for urban technology, are both included in the master plan. The innovation park intends to investigate and test urban innovations in addition to providing a location for business, industry, and research.

The park’s main themes will be the effective use of energy, environmentally friendly building techniques, eco-friendly transportation, recycling, networked system control, clean water, and the use of novel materials.

Around 1,000 small and large firms focused on R&D and production will be able to operate in the Urban Tech Republic. The estimated number of employees reaches 20,000.

The plan contains specific places for all stages of business development, such as startup spaces, technological hubs, and commercial and industrial sites. 2,500 students will also have accommodations after moving into the former terminal building.

Upwards of 5,000 residences will be built in the Schumacher Quarter, together with the essential neighborhood services like daycare centers, schools, and retail stores. The development is also used to test forward-thinking solutions for providing climate-neutral energy and offering new models for mobility.

Technologies will be researched and developed right next door in the Urban Tech Republic. A further 4,000 homes are planned for the neighboring districts of Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord.

With a clearway road for public transit and transportation hubs, the Urban Tech Republic develops into a compact district and district of short distances with choices for bike and carsharing as well as e-mobility. The innovation park will also be linked to the extensive network for public transportation and cycling.

The State of Berlin has commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH, a state-owned business, with the development and management of Berlin TXL the Urban Tech Republic, and of Schumacher Quartier.

The finalization of the first construction phase In the Urban Tech Republic and in the Schumacher Quartier is planned for 2027 as is also the case with the completion of a major portion of the building refurbishments.