Nvidia Expands its GeForce Now Game-Streaming Ecosystem

Nvidia Expands its GeForce Now Game-Streaming Ecosystem

Nvidia today at CES emphasized its GeForce Now game streaming service, which competes with Google Stadia (is that still a thing?), Amazon’s Luna, and Microsoft’s highly popular Xbox Cloud Gaming service. All of these services operate on a different economic model, with GeForce Now allowing gamers to import games purchased elsewhere, and Nvidia providing a limited free tier before charging a membership fee for access to its servers, which starts at $10 per month. Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 from 2013 and Battlefield V from 2018 are now accessible for streaming on the site, according to the business.

Not quite Day One releases, but they are great to have. Perhaps more importantly, Nvidia continues to grow the GeForce Now ecosystem as a whole. In this case, it means a partnership with AT&T, which will provide consumers with a free six-month GeForce Now priority membership if they use a 5G device on a 5G “unlimited” plan. The two businesses are “collaborating as 5G technical innovation collaborators,” according to Nvidia, although this is just a marketing pact. After all, reducing latency is the whole point of 5G.

For the living room, Nvidia partnering with Samsung to deliver its game streaming platform to Samsung’s smart TVs, after a beta release of the app on LG’s WebOS TVs in 2021 last year. In today’s release, Nvidia adds, “Our cloud gaming service will be integrated to the Samsung Gaming Hub, a unique game-streaming discovery platform that links hardware and software to create a better user experience.” In the second quarter of this year, it will have more to say about the acquisition.

Electronic Arts Games, Samsung TVs, and AT Omniverse Extended to Millions of Creators; 160+ Gaming and Studio Laptop Designs, GeForce RTX 3080 Ti for Laptops and RTX 3050 for Desktops; More Electronic Arts Games, Samsung TVs, and AT Omniverse Extended to Millions of Creators. CES— NVIDIA today unveiled the next evolution of the ideal platform for gamers and creators, including more than 160 gaming and Studio GeForce®-based laptop designs, as well as new GeForce RTX® GPUs and technologies for desktop and laptops.

New RTX-accelerated content was also unveiled, as well as the expansion of both GeForce NOWTM cloud gaming and the NVIDIA Studio ecosystem, which included the debut of NVIDIA OmniverseTM for creators. “GeForce RTX is revolutionizing gaming and allowing access to massive digital worlds.” “Today’s advancements solidify GeForce as the premier gaming and creation platform,” said Jeff Fisher, NVIDIA’s senior vice president of consumer products. “And our platform for reaching billions of players, GeForce NOW, continues to grow.”