Notoriously Grim Turkey Experiment Proves They Will Attempt To Have Sex With Anything

Quick, picture of a scientist. You pictured someone in a lab coat, you didn’t look at the test tube. And no one ever imagines a group of people gathering around and mounting a turkey’s head on a spike to see if someone else will try to have sex with a turkey, but sometimes science is involved and very clearly you have to adjust your stereotypes. In the 1960s, Dr. Martin Shekin and Dr. Edward Hale designed a notoriously deadly experiment about the sex life of turkeys. They had already found in previous experiments that male turkeys would have sex in basically anything.

When male turkeys find female turkeys in their pens, they will try to have sex with them. When male turkeys find people in their pens they will try to have sex with them. If they encounter humans at the pictured stage shortly after hatching and then face humans and wives at the same time, they will treat the event like an intersecting version of the Ice Wide shot. The team wrote, “When the sex-sensitive female in the test pen encountered both the turkey and the man together.”

“The men who forced the turkeys to concentrate on female turkeys every year before they were human-infected were equally loyal to humans.” In a somewhat bizarre situation, not all of the participants at least died.

In subsequent experiments where the same cannot be said, scientists investigated exactly what it was going to Turkey. This was done by making a taxidermy turkey and putting it in a pen with a male turkey. The turkeys were concerned that the turkeys showed no signs of life, and without hesitation necrophilia in stuffed animals. Scientists then proceeded to see if the body parts from the turkey had any effect on the male turkey’s mating attempt.

They had no effect on the legs, the wings had no effect, which is to say that the male turkeys still considered the dead bird an opportunity for mating and set it up. It went on as long as the scientists kept their heads on the sticks, like the most disgusting popsicles in the world. The male turkey was still trying to have sex with her.