All 12 Stingrays at ZooTampa at Lowry Park have Mysteriously Died

On Thursday morning, May 27, 2021, all 12 stingrays at Lori Park Zoo were found dead. A statement posted on Facebook at the zoo on Friday morning did not specify the cause of death. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the saltwater touch tank, known as the Stingray Beheld, contains seven different species of stingrays, four South stingrays and one Atlantic stingray. 

ZooTampa at Lowry Park said in a statement, “We are sharing with a heavy heart that today the zoo lost 12 Bay residents to the Stingray Bay.” “Please keep our team in mind – every professional here loves the animals we care for and no harm is a difficult one.” The zoo’s animal care and veterinary teams have begun investigating the deaths so they can inspect the tank’s mechanical equipment and test the water quality.

They will also create a toxicology report to identify whether they have been in contact with any toxic or harmful chemicals in the sting itself. The results of the investigation are set to be finalized in the next few weeks. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Tampa, Fla. – Operations at a Tampa-area zoo have revealed that 12 Stingray residents have died and teams are still working to determine the cause. In a Facebook post on Friday, the zoo in Lori Park wrote, “We are sharing the heavy heart that today the zoo has lost 12 Bay residents in Stingray Bay.”

The post further stated that animal care and veterinary teams are testing all mechanical equipment involved in the salt water tank and testing the water. Preliminary tests indicate “optimal water quality and conditions”. The final results of the zoo’s investigation could take weeks. In the meantime, Ray’s house in Strainer Bay will be closed for a few weeks. The zoo wrote, “Please keep our team in mind – every professional here loves the animals we care for and no harm is a hard” the “thank you for your support.”

The zoo post received hundreds of comments from fans who shared their memories from the interactive exhibition, which included touching and being able to touch interesting rays. “It’s my son’s favorite place to visit,” Jennifer Goetschius Passman wrote. “He especially loved Brownie. He will be heartbroken; as I am sure everyone on the caring team is there as well.”