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Dog Deliberately Buried Under Rocks in Act of Cruelty Rescued by Scottish Animal Charity

Dog Deliberately Buried Under Rocks in Act of Cruelty Rescued by Scottish Animal Charity

In November 2020, a borderline body named Jack found under a pile of rocks in a mountainous area of ​​Scotland that alerted the animal welfare charity Scottish SPCA (SSPA). SSPCA inspectors Yvonne Sloss and Mark Greener responded to the call that day. Sloss, said in a statement, “It was really one of the worst situations I’ve ever had.”

“When I first see Jack I feel sad, sad and distrustful that someone did it to him on purpose. His head was very swollen and he came in terrible way. We did not think there was any way to create that. He was in a comatose state when we got an emergency there when we came to the veterinarian. Miraculously, Jake survived the night. Only when he transferred to our Glasgow Veterinary Clinic did we realize how bad it actually was. Poor Jack needed a lot of care to help him recover mentally and physically.” The team at the Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Center Veterinary Clinic, where Jack transferred, was shocked to see the extent of his injuries. Jack had multiple head and jaw fractures and had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Because of his injuries, he too became blind in one eye. Against adversity, his condition gradually improved and now the SSPCA has found Jack a loving home. After several weeks of care and rehabilitation, it agreed that Jack would benefit from the upbringing of someone he knew so he went home with Greener just before Christmas. Greener has been with Jack since the moment they found him under a pile of rocks and he is hopeful that he can become one that Jack felt he could trust after experiencing his injury. 

“When Jack came home with me, he was still incredibly fragile. His fracture did not heal completely and he could not close his jaw, “Greener said.” Jack needed expert care and it took him a while to get around and really recover. It took him a while to believe me but now he is not his, we bound forever. We are always out and Jack likes to play. I cannot really imagine life without him now. I am grateful by the passengers who got Jack. He could not have survived that day without them.” Jack’s tragic story serves as a memorable reminder that animal cruelty poses a threat to animals in the UK, where all animals that classified as intelligent under recent law are trying to stop such violence against both domesticated and wild animals.