NASA Delays Ingenuity Helicopter’s First Flight on Mars

NASA Delays Ingenuity Helicopter’s First Flight on Mars

Yesterday, April 11, Tuesday to April 14 from Tuesday the test of the Mars helicopter removed by NASA, so we gave a little jolt to the first flight in the flight of curiosity.

NASA said the vehicle was “safe and healthy” and the delay was due to the necessary precautions to keep the engine safe. On Friday, April 9, the team was testing the helicopter’s rotor at high speed after spinning the blade with 50-RPM success in an experiment last week. During high-speed testing, a “watchdog” feature sent a timer termination command because the ship’s computer was supposed to move from pre-flight mode to flight version.

The Surveillance Timer Command monitors the sequence and sends alerts if there are any potential problems. The system does not move forward when a problem observed, which keeps the whole system safe. The team is working on the issue, but the good news is that a program designed to keep the car safe is working on it. Although we are all excited to see if we can really fly, it seems we need to be patient for a while longer.

The invention is a technological demonstration that works before it develops potentially more technologically advanced vehicles that could one day scout for astronauts or rovers, or look for easy access to other planets. . If successful, it could bring a completely new dimension to how we discover the moons and planets in the solar system. NASA has decided to re-determine the first test aircraft of the Mars helicopter, earlier than April 14, based on information obtained from the Mars helicopter that arrived late Friday night.

During a high-speed spin test of the rotors on Friday, the command sequence controlling the test ended too early due to the expiration of the “watchdog” timer. This happened while trying to convert the flight computer from ‘pre-aircraft’ to ‘flight’ mode. The helicopter is safe and healthy and its full telemetry set reported to the world. The Watchdog Timer command monitors the sequence and warns the system of any potential problems. This helps to keep the system safe without any problems if any problems have observed and worked out as planned.