Motivation to Meditate

Motivation to Meditate

Motivation to meditate can sometimes be difficult to find even though the advantages of meditation may be obvious. Even though we know what is best for us, we don’t always make time for it.

Motivation to meditate may come from what you’ve heard from others. Perhaps a friend introduced you to it, or maybe you read a scientific study extolling its benefits. Whatever the reason, you do it because you want to feel good. Although I can assure that the “feel good” part will come, it may not happen right away.

The daily practice of meditation will improve your thinking, your energy, and even your well being.   It will assist you to gain awareness of the mental turmoil that may be  occurring in your mind/thoughts.

If you set aside 15 minutes per day to find the time for meditation, you will create a new habit with some very positive results.  The motivation to meditate will be a natural occurring impulse rather than something that you ‘need’ to find the time to do.  If you create a space in your home specifically for this task you’ll find you’ll be drawn to this practice and just like showering and brushing your teeth, your day may not feel complete if you haven’t taken the time for this wonderful, life enchanting practice.

Make it your intention to start meditating and record all the gorgeous effects of your meditation experience in a journal.  You will be pleasantly surprised when you review some of your writings what positive events start to appear in your life when you seek out the time to meditate.   Remember that you don’t need to sit under a tree or on a rock to get started.    Buy a guided meditation mp3 when you begin and just follow the words – really no effort is require, just your motivation, intention and inspiration.   Enjoy the discovery process of regular meditation.

There is no right way to meditate. It’s a practice that spans thousands of years, and there are probably as many styles of meditation as there are mediators. Finding what works for you will take trial and error. For example, some of us are scientifically minded. Thus we’ll be motivated to take on a practice that is based on research.

The best way to do this is to pick a specific time of day and do it every single day. There are many different estimates as to how long this practice will take to develop into a habit. Try listening to your favorite music. If you can, wear headphones, as this makes the music more personal to you as you sit with your eyes closed.

 By making where you meditate a special place, in time you will be aware that the energy where you sit is far calmer, because it will be associated with calm, peace and reflection.

However, this is not out of the question. You will start to notice a change in the way you deal with people. You will not jump to conclusions as quickly. Your interpersonal relationships will most likely improve.

Motivation to Meditate