Microsoft Forms are About to Get Much More Potent

Microsoft Forms are About to Get Much More Potent

Soon, Microsoft Forms will enable the addition of photos as quiz and form answers. Although it will be introduced gradually, the new option will be available in December 2022. The variety of tests and forms that may be made using the service is substantially increased by the option to use photographs as answers.

Images can be added to tests or forms using three different methods: bulk import, drag and drop, and copy and paste. The alternatives are described by Microsoft in a Tech Community post (opens in new tab).

Both desktop and mobile bulk import are supported, with a 5MB image size limit. Accessible images come from OneDrive, the nearby area, or Bing search. If more batches were required, you could continue to bulk-choose 5 photos per batch.

If you need to rapidly grab an image from your desktop, local files, or another convenient location, drag and drop photos straight is also enabled.

If you want to save time storing images here and there, you can just paste the image from someplace or just take a screenshot to get things done even faster. Copy-and-paste is enabled.

Although images are automatically cropped in the center by default, you can zoom in or out or drag them through an editor.

You must have a supported type of Microsoft account or subscription in order to use Microsoft Forms. On a Microsoft support page, all of the words, along with a list of plans that incorporate Forms, are explained (opens in a new tab).