Steam and the Epic Games Store are Reportedly Getting the GTA Remastered Trilogy

Steam and the Epic Games Store are Reportedly Getting the GTA Remastered Trilogy

Rockstar’s remastered collection of Grand Theft Auto titles from the PS2 period of the franchise was released more than a year ago. As evidence has emerged suggesting GTA’s remastered trilogy will soon be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, 12 months seems like ample time for that collection to be accessible through more PC shops.

There have long been speculations that the trilogy, which was initially only accessible via the Rockstar Games Launcher on PC, would soon be available through the two shops. On Twitter today, videotech_ cited pictures displaying new code that has been introduced to the Rockstar Games Launcher as proof that those claims are true.

Although there is no specific date indicating when the trilogy will be accessible outside of Rockstar’s own launcher, it is anticipated that the change would be implemented simultaneously with a significant game update. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in 2021 were GTA’s Definitive Edition ramped up to eleven. It would be reasonable to presume that even more issues and kinks have been fixed since the game’s first release if Rockstar is confident enough to offer the collection to more retail locations.

For any games that aren’t in ideal shape when they launch, Steam in particular is a minefield. especially one with the history around its original debut, like the GTA collection that has been digitally recreated. Any problems will be brought to Rockstar’s attention by users who post reviews on Steam, as well as by other prospective buyers.

Rain so dense that players could not see through it and the unintended inclusion of the Hot Coffee minigame from the original were among the problems that dogged The Definitive Edition at launch. A serious issue that prevented the minigame from being deleted for days even though you had already purchased the game through Rockstar’s launcher. The trilogy will still be released on mobile, but not before the first half of 2023.