Marketing Strategies and Presence of Digital Marketing

Marketing strategies and presence of Digital marketing

and its Impact in Brand communication

Back ground of Cookie Jar Ltd (Digital Wing of Asiatic 360 groups):

Cookie jar is a full service digital marketing agency of Asiatic 360 group. Cookie Jar is a professional Digital Marketing Agency, which provides complete digital marketing services (ad campaigns, social media management, website development, app development, etc.) to local and multinational companies in Bangladesh and beyond. Currently it’s handling many MNC brands page like:, Airtel Buzz, Samsung Notebook, Camera and TV, Nokia Bangladesh, 7UP Bangladesh, Igloo, Mi Amore etc. currently they are managing more than 2.5 million fans on facebook. And those are:


Ansoff Matrix for Cookie jar

Here is the penetration, product development, market development, and diversification strategy of cookie jar



When marketers try to sell the existing product to the existing customers, they engage in penetration strategy. It can be achieved in multiple ways. For example, by changing pricing, by adding minor features, changing the packaging or highlighting alternative uses. In cookie jar when we pitch a client for their social media account and when we got their account we then asked for making their website, their visuals and ecourage them to start different media platform

Product Development:

We have developed different service and platform day-to-day basis as we know that the platform we are using is different and it needs regular development so we have to develop our service according to changes. For Example: Facebook ad campaign systems change every quarterly and according to that we need to change our entire ad set.

Market Development:

Introducing an existing product in different markets is perhaps one of the most used strategies to extract full benefit of a successful service. A very common example is entering different geographical areas nationally and internationally. Cookiejar is for now working on different local and multinational companies but still we don’t have any international customers. But soon we are hoping for get some.


Cookie jar is digital wing of Asiatic events and when Asiatic saw that opportunity that in Bangladesh digital marketing is growing they start to also diversify their business and start a digital wing and in future we are hoping to get an extraordinary result.

Significance of the Study

Social media is the interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Two Professor of Marketing Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. Furthermore, social media depend on mobile and web-based technologies to create highly interactive platforms through which individuals and communities share, co-create, discuss, and modify user-generated content.

They introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between organizations, communities, and individuals.

Social media differ from traditional or industrial media in many ways, including quality, reach, frequency, usability, immediacy, and permanence. There are many effects that stem from Internet usage. According to Nielsen, Internet users continue to spend more time with social media sites than any other type of site. At the same time, the total time spent on social media in the U.S. across PC and mobile devices increased by 37 percent to 121 billion minutes in July 2012 compared to 88 billion minutes in July 2011. For content contributors, the benefits of participating in social media have gone beyond simply social sharing to building reputation and bringing in career opportunities and monetary income.

In Bangladesh there are around 34 million Internet users at present according to Wikipedia and out of that 42 percent are Facebook User, which tells you that a large chunk of Internet users are active on social media.

Maintaining brand presence through social media is a new trend in Bangladesh. Currently, only few MNC giants, telecom companies and local leading firms have their brand presence in Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, there are some companies that have created a separate department for social media communication for their brands.

Many leading international and local firms have not yet incorporated brand communication through social media for their brands, or promotion of their products in social media not because of monetary matter, but for having inadequate awareness of the benefits of social media for brand communication. But it is hoped that, in near future more and more firms will start this new era of marketing and brand communication through social media.

So, this report may help existing international and local companies’ decision makers to have some sort of knowledge about the benefit of brand presence in social media of Bangladesh.Not only that, firms those want to take initiative for future brand presence in social media may have a good bird’s eye view about first mover brand presence in social media in this locality.

Statement to the Problem

In the study, we will highlight on the need of firms to make presence of their brands on social media and the reach, targeting, impact, cost effectiveness and efficiency of social media for brand communication, relationship management, sale of products using social media by firms and their brands operating in Bangladesh. What type of companies has their brand presence in social media and how they communicate and execute their activities on social media will be clearly analyzed in the report. Innovation, strategy of implementation and communication, rationales of using social media tools for brands and so on will be stated on the study as clearly as possible.

Objective of the Study

The Objective of the Study is to gather all relative information on social media and how digital communication firms provide services to clients for their brand communication through social in Bangladesh. The report include all possible arenas such as brand communication and marketing of firms globally and locally in Bangladesh through social media, comparison of social media with other medium of communication and companies that are making it big through social media marketing. Primary information will be collected from digital communication companies and personal observation. Conversely, internet, text books will be major source of secondary information. However, company wise social media marketing will be shown in the report where brand communication will be prioritized. I hope you will patronize my effort and give me proper guidance to prepare a good report. I will try my best to cover all the relevant fields.

Study of the objective defined below as per specific and broad objective:

  • Broad Objective: The study will be conducted with an objective of having thorough knowledge about the effectiveness and efficiency of brand presence on Social media from other mediums of communication and among other digital communication firms.
  • Specific Objective: To be specific, the objective will be to identify some exact points of brand presence through social media \ of massive firms in Bangladesh.

The main points the study is going to cover are:

a) Importance of social media compared to other medium of brand communication and its benefits

b) How digital communication firms in Bangladesh are operating and dealing with clients.

c) To study social media in Bangladesh and its impact on marketing and brand communication

d) To study social media in world and its impact on marketing and brand communication

e) How digital firms are hiring employees.

f) What type of services digital communication firms are providing through social media.

g) How firms can be cost effective and efficiently use and measure brand communication and marketing on social media.

h) Which companies have strong presence of their brands in social media and the impact on online consumers


The type of this study will be quantitative along with the good mixture of qualitative part. The report will be based on both Primary and Secondary data.

Primary Data: This report is mainly based on the primary data, which has been collected from a survey. Population of the study will be the different social media users along with the generic people.

The survey has been done on 20 people consist of different social media users and online users. Data that has been collected from the survey analyzed based on the factor analysis method. Information also collected from workplace colleagues and people who directly involved with Asiatic Events Marketing Digital Wing Cookie Jar Ltd.

Variables for research:

  • Dependent: social and online media users Perception
  • Independent: Different social media and tools – Facebook. Twitter, contest, brand page etc.

Secondary Data: The secondary data sources are:

  • Asiatic Event Marketing ltd annual report
  • Cookie Jar’s Internal documents and publications
  • Newspaper, articles, journals and websites.

Data Source

Primary Source: Primary data on social media is collected from surveying of target group and personal observation.

Secondary Source: Like primary source, secondary source is also major stream of information for the report. List secondary source is

  1. Internet
  2. Social Network Sites
  3. Text books
  4. Several other reports
  5. And other sources

Presence of Brands in Social Media (Bangladesh) of Cookie Jar Ltd

By looking at the statistics on Wikipedia were we can see that 41. 63% Internet users of Bangladesh are Facebook users by which we can say that social media in Bangladesh is very popular. With the following information in mind and ranking of Facebook brand pages from website mostly telecom, fashion and electronic brands in Bangladesh both international and national brand have made themselves available on social media and have strong presence there to interact and make positive impact on the potential as well as current consumers present online. Below you will find some brand that have strong presence on social media website.


Airtelbuzz is the official brand page of Airtel Bangladesh and is one of the leading telecommunication firms of Bangladesh. It has a very strong presence on Facebook and YouTube, two of the most popular social media websites in Bangladesh. According to which is a Czech-based company that provides social media network statistics and analysis from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, Airtelbuzz is the top Facebook brand page in Bangladesh with over 700,000 fans liking its page and receiving posts and status of its product and services on their newsfeeds. Moreover, it has one of the highest number of people talking about this which is on average about 80,000 people at a given time in its page which shows the fans of this page are highly interactive and the page is engaging. If we look at their Facebook brand page insights we can see that most of their posts have an unpaid reach of 60,000 which is one of the highest reach for a Bangladeshi page on Facebook. Not only that its brand videos is also one of the most viewed brand videos in YouTube with over 50,000 views. More observation shows that they keep interest of their consumers with an average of 4 post a day with 2 lifestyle and fun related service and 2 product posts. Airtelbuzz main objective is to increase page likes and post likes on its page to increase engagement with consumers for which they do both paid post and page promotion through Facebook boost option.

Airtels presence on Facebook comeswith their understanding that a large part of their target group are between 18 to 24 years old and one of the most popular past time of the target group is spending time on Facebook chatting, sharing, liking on posts both of their friends and posts that interest them. So if Airtelbuzz page is able to be like a friend and posting interesting items on Facebook that interest the target group then the target group consumers will have a good and positive experience which will eventually make them purchase of service, increase likability of brand and loyalty. Moreover, compared to other media it is the cheapest and can directly reach their preferred consumers to give brand experience and involvement.

Ekhanei .com

Ekhanei is the official Facebook brand page of buying and selling website One of their main objectives of presence on social media websites such as Facebook is to drive traffic to their main webpage Their strategy is different from other pages  because for other brand pages their main objective is to communicate their brand message and create engagement among online consumers on Facebook page but on Ekhanei brand page it is to divert the consumers to their own webpage and generate sales. Its digital marketing is also wider than Airtelbuzz and Nokia. Airtelbuzz use both the pages increase and post likes through page promotion and post promotion but for Ekhanei it is also Google ad word advertisement, search engine optimization and search engine marketing which other Brand pages don’t mentioned above.

Currently Ekhanei has around 2300000 fans on its page with a people talking about it of 80,000 which shows that people are well engaged with this page through likes, comments and shares of its posts. The other observation is that they mostly post product related posts with links to their website rather than lifestyle post which Airtelbuzz. Ekhanei also uses funny and entertaining video on their Facebook page which are product related to gain attention and engagement of consumers to divert them to their main web page to generate more buying and selling through their website.

Microsoft Lumnia Bangladesh:

The Microsoft Lumnia Bangladesh Facebook page is the official Facebook page for Bangladeshi online mobile consumers. Microsoft has opted to use only Facebook for maintaining its Brand presence in Bangladesh as Bangladeshi people are not engaged in any other social website as much as Facebook. One of the other reasons of Nokia to operate a Facebook page is because a large part of their target group are between 18 to 24 years old and one of the most popular past time of the target group is spending time on Facebook chatting, sharing, liking on posts both of their friends and posts that interest them. So if Nokia Bangladesh page is able to be like a friend and posting interesting items on Facebook that interest the target group then the target group consumers will have a good and positive experience which will eventually make them purchase of Microsoft products, increase likability of brand and loyalty.

Currently this page has one of the highest fans for electronic brand pages according to in Bangladesh having around 100,000 fans. It also has a good healthy people talking about this which is around 10,000 as this shows that people are interacting with its posts daily and the post reach on average is about ten thousand unique fans. This page is exclusively managed to promote different features and attributes of Microsoft phones.

If we go through the page Microsoft Bangladesh page is an extremely useful page for Facebook users to know and be updated about the latest Microsoft news. Fans can also get answers to all their queries related to Microsoftphones, which is one of the top priorities for Microsoft to operate the Facebook page. Additionally, we can also find entertaining viral videos made to promote to Nokia fans as well as potential online consumers. Microsoft usually doesn’t focus on page likes but are more concerned on reputation management which is replying to consumer queries on its page and through it they like to increase page likes and post likes. Microsoft page like are mostly achieved through non-paid likes.

Samsung TV Bangladesh:

Samsung Tv Launched the page on 8th Dec 2013 but operation started on February by cookie jar ltd, in four months it generated 44,476 fans for the Samsung Tv, beside that they arrange different contest events both in online and in field for Samsung TV Bangladesh. Now the social Media page of Samsung Tv is getting 100% response.

Other Pages:

Recently CookieJar took the some big Client, which is PepsiCo Bangladesh through Transcom Beverage Limited and Glaxo Smith (GSK).

Evaluation and controllment

Importance of social media compared to other medium of brand communication and its benefits.

The great thing about social media is that you can do more with less. We have more than 10 TV channels in the country now and the cost to air commercial is very high. A fraction of the above the line budget can do wonders in the digital world. Unlike with above the line media such as press and TV you don’t have to spend a hefty amount, no need for any negotiation as well. When it comes too social marketing, the company enjoys a lot more freedom compared to other medias. A decent amount on advertisement buying on Google ads along with an active Facebook page with like campaigns and post promotion can go long way.

A big benefit of social media is that you can target you communications towards the desired people very easily. It’s pretty simple to find out the interest areas of people on Facebook and a marketer just need to find out the interest areas his target group acquires and target them for a given communication. For example, Airtel has an offer called “night talker” (low call rate from 12am-8am), if they want to promote this communication the need to find out the people who usually stays up late and would be interested in this particular offer. In this case finding people who like coffee, late night snacks and more importantly who are students would be a good way to find effective audience. So, we can see that it give plenty of options to fine tune the target group.

One of the best criteria of social media marketing is that you can get more accurate report and keep track of the performance. You can create 5-10 ads for a single communication and check out which one is doing better and spend more on it. Along with high organic and paid reach, the company can enjoy good viral reach on social media. On Facebook when one shares or likes a communication, it will generate more impressions on Facebook, which will generate viral impressions, and these are free marketing you will get done by the people. Also social media helps these companies to reach the digital Bangladesh we were promised to attain, the amount of time people (especially the young ones) spend on Facebook in many cases can be way higher than they spent on TV or news papers, it makes Facebook hence social media a very lucrative field for the marketers.

Also, social media gives these companies the opportunity to engage with their target groups, get instant feedback, helps understand the mind set and know the demands straight. There is no scope for an audience to share his/her thought while seeing a TVC on TV, if the same commercial is shared of Facebook or YouTube, the firm will get plenty of comments to get feedback from.

How digital communication firms in Bangladesh are operating and dealing with clients.

Since the digital communication need had only arisen recently, there are still handfuls of digital communication firms that are worth mentioning. In many cases these firms have to educate the clients and make them understand about the whole social media movement. Some clients on the other hand themselves realized the new of Social media expertise and called for the digital communications firm. After the initial pitch to the client, depending on the ideas and cost a deal will take place between the two firms. It’s important for the digital firm to understand each brand they work for and the target they are trying to reach, they have to think and act similar to the brand here. The contract period varies and once proved the firms starts getting retainer agreements.

The target of likes and PTAT might come from other ends, where it ever it comes from this numbers becomes one the primary KPI (key performance indicator for the digital firms. The media budget is set accordingly by the two parties. One of the major jb of the digital firm is to spend this resources in the best possible way. It depends on how much research, analysis and proactive the firm acts. To reach the target the firm has to come up with strategies, plan contents, contests, media spending etc.

The digital firms need to provide the clients with applications as well, some companies have their own precaution and some outsources these applications. Viral video also has a demand in the market and low budget video contents are becoming popular day by day, so production has become a strong need for these firms.

Clients do receive weekly or monthly reports from the digital firm to keep track of the progress and monitor the achievements or setbacks. With time the social media is becoming more and more important to the companies, so the digital firms are getting more work and opportunities show the true potential of digital marketing. It’s only a matter of time that that social media will become a important part of marketing for most firms and good digital firms will definitely have more work lining up for them.

Social Media Marketing Global and its Impact

Social media marketing around the world is getting popular day by day. This is because social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. A corporate message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a friend or trusted third party, as opposed to the brand or company itself. Moreover, this form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media. In addition to that social media is a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with Internet access and social media serves as a relatively inexpensive platform for organizations to implement marketing campaigns.

According to an article published on International Business Times we can get to know that by 2010, most big brands around the world had figured out that they needed to get on Facebook and start engaging with their customers where they were more likely to be viewed as a “friend.” In addition to that they also made them present on Twitter, Instagram and Vine recently.

The social media has added a new dimension to how brands market their goods now as they can communicate with their customers more like a trusted friend than companies or brands. Brand presence on social media may not directly increase sales but engaging with consumers via social platforms is strong reason for organic search results in Google for the brand. Out of ten, seven are social media dependent for Google organic search, according to a just-released study by think tank L2. This means that, if brands aren’t active on social media, they tend to show up less on Google searches.

The L2 report also analyzed the social media activity of 247 top global brands across 15 social media platforms. Were they found on average, most top brands are active on five to nine social media platforms of which Facebook, Twitter and YouTube remain the most popular platforms for top brands. Pinterest is more popular than Instagram. Vine, though still a very new platform, has also seen a lot of takers. In China, Sina Weibo and Youku are the top choices of most top brands. However, we can say Facebook is now the most popular social network in many countries and mostly rules the world in social media and most brands tend to communicate their messages of goods through this social website.

According to a research conducted by Nielsen it shows that consumers are spending more time than ever using social media. Building on this report we can uncover what impacts social media may have for marketers trying to build their brands and connect with their audience more directly.

Right now social media plays an important role in how consumers discover, research, and share information about brands and products. In fact 60 percent of consumers researching products through multiple online sources learned about a specific brand or retailer through social networking sites. Active social media users are more likely to read product reviews online, and 3 out of 5 create their own reviews of products and services. Women are more likely than men to tell others about products that they like (81% of females vs. 72% of males). Overall, consumer-generated reviews and product ratings are the most preferred sources of product information among social media users.

The research also shows that social media is increasingly a platform consumers use to express their loyalty to their favorite brands and products, and many seek to reap benefits from brands for helping promote their products. Among those who share their brand experiences through social media, at least 41 percent say they do so to receive discounts. When researching products, social media users are likely to trust the recommendations of their friends and family most, and results from Nielsen’s Global Online Survey indicate that 2 out of 3 respondents said they were either highly or somewhat influenced by advertising with a social context.

Moreover, Social Media also plays a key role in protecting brands were 58 percent of social media users say they write product reviews to protect others from bad experiences, and nearly 1 in 4 say they share their negative experiences to “punish companies”. Many customers also use social media to engage with brands on a customer service level, with 42 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds acknowledging that they expect customer support within 12 hours of a complaint.

On the other hand, another interesting trend is the interest of consumers to act as ambassadors and advocates for brands through social media. A majority of active social networkers (53%) follow brands. These brands are increasingly recruiting their fans and followers to spread word-of-mouth recommendations about their products and services, and among consumers who write product reviews online, a majority say their share their experiences to “give recognition for a job well done” by the company. Social media users are also interested in collaborating with their favorite brands, with 60 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds saying they want to give product improvement recommendations and another 64 percent who want to customize their products.

At the end we can say that all of these studies show that social media marketing has a strong positive influence on the consumers online and gives a platform where they can engage their customers cheaply than mainstream media and is an effective means of providing brand experience where communication between the brand and consumer is more regular and friendly in nature.

Social Media in Bangladesh marketing strategy and brand communication

Social media was a relatively new concept for most companies even a few years back. Since last year most companies started to open up their Facebook pages but the amount of resources used were not that high compared to what it is right now. Studying the current status quo its quite clear that the big boys in the social media world are the telecoms, four of the top five Facebook pages in terms of likes are obtained by them. Keeping a close on the 4 telecoms page one can easily spot that they are very competitive even when it comes to facebook. The current brand to hold the number one position right now is Airtel Buzz; the page recently reached 26 lacs fans. Airtel buzz kicked the accelerator since the year this year to overtake Robi, Banglalink Mela and Grameen Phone. Besides acquiring more likes Airtel Buzz Facebook page also managed to maintain a PTAT (People talking about this) above 50,000 compared to the average 30,000 of the other 3-telecom pages. The only page in the top five that is not a telecom is Style World Bangladesh; it was the top brand page of the country before being displaced by Airtel. In the top 10 you will also find e commerce pages like and P&G is the only FMCG company in the top 10 and it seems like that they have realized the potential power of social marketing ahead of its competitors.

Clothing giant Yellow is also there and had a rapid rise in 2013. The last page in the top 10 is Aarong, unlike other pages in the top 10, they probably got more organic likes benefiting the positive brand value it has generated over the years.

Social media should be considered as the new, small but effective tool inside the old marketing toolbox. Especially for country like Bangladesh with massive youth population and ever increasing Internet and smart phones users, it has huge potential. These social media outlets can be cheaper and very effective communication tool for all the big companies but also upcoming new businesses, you can judge this by the number of clothing lines existing on social media. So, social media can be considered as blessing to SMEs and entrepreneurs out there.

In terms of Brand communication, it’s a much refreshing option compared to the existing ones. Let’s use Airtel as an example, since the main target group of this telecom is youth; it’s a highly effective place for the company to reach the youth directly. Going through the Airtel Buzz page, one can easily point out the page creates a fun atmosphere by its posts, which supports the brand essence they have set over the last two years. Social media can be an easy to handle, frequently use medium to set the brand tone gradually towards your audience. By the help of social media companies can go beyond the media restrictions and norms. Also, since Facebook posts can me promoted to a targeted audience, you can reach the better layer of audience proffered for a certain communication. It helps to create and retain a good position in the users minds and you can increase you brand visibility by simply showing up on the computer screens of the users. Unlike mediums you can instantly share anything that can add value to your brand instantly through social media. It requires a bit of creativity and targeting the right audience to supply the right contents that will increase the brand value.

Effectiveness and efficiency of brand presence on digital social media

To have a thorough knowledge about the effectiveness and efficiency of brand presence on digital marketing a qualitative survey was conducted on 200 samples of respondents (Students Job Holders, and general people) drawn from the target population of Dhaka City.

For this report I conduct survey on 100 people from online and conduct survey directly on 100 people.

This survey will help us to know more about the behavior of the online consumers on social media sites and how effectively and efficiently brands use digital social media for brand communication.

Question analysis:

In this survey I totally make 20 questions to have a thorough knowledge about the effectiveness and efficiency of brand presence on digital marketing. In the introduction part of the question analysis I try to find the basic information of the consumer like: Name, Occupation, sex, address, and telephone number etc for our future work or survey if it’s needed.

Question 1, I try to conduct the information about their basic knowledge about digital marketing.

Which Social Media do you use the most?

If we look at the above pie chart we can come to the conclusion that 90percentage ofBangladeshi people who use social media prefer using Facebook, 4 percentage of the people prefer twitter and 6% people use LinkedIn. Facebook is the most popular social site now in Bangladesh so it is essential for the brands to maintain a brand presence in this social network where large cluster of population can be reached easily with better targeting and cost effectively

Did you like to get advertisement on a Social Media?

From the above survey we can conclude that 70% people like to get an advertisement on a social media and 30% people do not like to get any advertisement on social media. Most of the people like to pass their time or get information of different product from these kind of advertisement.

How Social Media Plays an Important role in Digital Marketing?

The survey shows that 29% people are strongly agree about the argument and 32% are agree that social media plays an important role in digital marketing. 30% people neither agree nor disagree with the argument. 2% and 7% people disagree and strongly disagree with the argument. From this we can say that social media play an important role in digital marketing.

How much time in a day do you spend in social media?

The survey shows that how much time a person spend on social media against the time spends on overall online. We see that 7% people spend less than 30 minutes behind social media, 6% people spend about 30 minutes on social media and 30% people spend about 1 hour, 32% people spend about 2 hours and rest spend about more than 2 hours. What we can see from here is that people spend a lot of time behind social media. This is a positive sign for digital marketing on social media.

How much time do you spend in Facebook within those times?

The survey shows that how much time a person spends on Facebook against the time spend on social media. It shows that 12% of people spend less than 30 mins of their time on Facebook. 31% people spend about 30 mins on Facebook. 39% of people spend about 1 hours of their time on Facebook.7% of people spend about 2 hours of their time on Facebook. Only the rest 11 % people spend more than 2 hours behind their Facebook. By looking into the survey we can say that most people do spend a decent on Facebook which show that it would be effective for brands to use social media for brand communication and consumer engagement.

Suggestions for Improvement

Social media marketing around the world is getting popular day by day. This is because social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it with their social networks. Social media in Bangladesh is a relatively new concept for most companies even a few years back. It is a growing medium of communication where most of the youths are present and one of the most interactive mediums of communication. Since social media marketing is new and still there is a lot to learn here, I have provided some suggestions that can help brands in social media as well as digital communication firms to prosper in the future in terms of being efficient and effective.

Some of the suggestions are mentioned below in bullet points so that the area of improvements become clear as crystals and can be followed through.

  1. Increase Budget on Social Media Marketing: One of the number one failures of brands not doing well on social media according to a research by Nielsen’s is the reason of low budget allocated where on average only 1.2 % of the total communication and promotion budget is allocated to digital social media communication. This budget allocation is to low and should be increase to a sufficient amount.
  2. Increase Effectiveness of Brand Pages on Social Media: Most brand pages are too focused on posting and communicating products and services to peoples newsfeeds where the social media user will get annoyed at a particular time and un-follow or unlike the page. It’s always better for the brand page to promote non-brand communication like humor, tips and other benefitting message of the user than only blatantly posting and communicating product and service benefit. To many product post is one of the main reason for less than 15mins stay at brand pages, as they don’t find interesting or benefitting communication from brands. The best method to use is a mixture of product and lifestyle, humor and tips communication from brands than product and service promotion.
  3. Increase Efficiency of Brand Pages on Social Media: To increase efficiency of brand pages one needs to target the communication of brand pages according to the target group. Most social media such as Facebook has a system of targeting promotion to a good extent where the reach, the type of people who needs to view the communication, age, gender, geography and lifestyle can be specified. With a specific communication going to the right group the cost per impression of communication will be lower and the money spent behind promotion will be efficiently utilized.
  4. More Recruitment for digital marketing or social marketing: Currently in Bangladesh the business of digital marketing is just in its initial level. However, as we all know that it is one of the upcoming booming sectors in the near future as many other agencies have just started to work on digital marketing. Now for a fast and rapid development of the company, it should hire more employees for this sector to cope with the high demand.