Looking for a Little Natural Illumination Check out This $45 Bioluminescent Orb

Looking for a Little Natural Illumination Check out This $45 Bioluminescent Orb

Are you a big fan of the outdoors? Do you find that nature inspires you in ways that you cannot explain? You need to surround yourself with the beauty of the natural world when you have that kind of energy and mojo. Sure, urbanization and industrialization have taken over, but you may save a little piece of Mother Nature for yourself at home. 

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is a gorgeous bioluminescent PyroDinos (also known as dinoflagellates) packed hand-blown glass orb. When you gently swirl this gorgeous ball at night, it emits natural light (bioluminescence). This orb will give you the natural boost you need. It is an interactive night light, air purifier, object d’art, conversation piece, and science lecture all in one.

What is it that makes it work? Of course, there is nature. The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is a self-contained micro-aquarium that contains bioluminescent plant-plankton. This Bio-Orb will clear the CO2 and other toxins out of the air in your home and provide you with fresh oxygen in exchange, similar to a houseplant but a lot more interesting. Do not you have a thing for science and nature?

Is it all-natural? We did not expect you to inquire. Bioluminescence (illumination) is caused by a light-producing chemical reaction known as chemiluminescence, which is a natural defense mechanism used by many marine species, including plankton. Bring nature into your house to create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. 

Thousands of people go to witness these algae in action every summer, but you can have a front-row seat from the comfort of your own home. Invest in a more tranquil approach to home decor and enjoy the benefits of calm, light, and clean air. Your Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is simple to maintain and makes a bold statement in any room. The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb, on sale today for $44.99, will bring some natural light into your home.

The Bioluminescent Bio-Orb is a bioluminescent PyroDinos-filled hand-blown glass spherical (dinoflagellates). When gently swirled at night, the Bio-Orb will emit natural light (bioluminescence). When it is displayed on this lovely metal octopus stand, it looks even better. The PyroDinos (live algae) should placed in a position that receives low to moderate light during the daily hours, and the Bio-Orb shipment should be opened upon arrival.