Amazon reveals Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition Programs for Halo Subscribers

Amazon reveals Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition Programs for Halo Subscribers

Amazon is launching two new health and fitness services, as well as its Halo personal health devices, Halo Fitness, a new interactive home video workout program similar to Apple Fitness+, and Halo Nutrition, a personalized, guided meal planner, are among them. Both of these services will be available to customers of Amazon’s Halo fitness trackers, which include the new Halo View activity tracker with an OLED display.

After a six-month free trial paired with Halo Band or a 12-month trial with Halo View, the Halo subscription costs $3.99 per month, and Amazon says it will include both of these new capabilities starting later this year for Fitness and in January 2022 for Nutrition.

Halo Fitness provides “studio-quality workouts” taught by “industry experts,” as well as real-time display of parameters such as heart rate and heart rate intensity zone gathered by Halo fitness bands. Coaches like Michael Hildebrand, Elena Cheung, and Elizabeth Andrews will lead the exercises, which will feature cardio, strength, yoga, outdoor, and mobility programs.

Halo Nutrition will provide recipe discovery and meal planning services, including the ability to generate custom meals based on dietary choices and requirements, as well as pre-curated menus for certain diets such as traditional, keto, Mediterranean, Nordic, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian, Amazon claims that at launch, it will contain a library of over 500 recipes from partners such as Whole Foods and WW, as well as Alexa Shopping List integration for sourcing supplies.

Halo View is designed to keep customers engaged and on track throughout the day by connecting them to Halo health measures. Halo View enables fast access to activity, sleep scores, blood oxygen levels, live workout-tracking, text and motion notifications, and more thanks to its brilliant AMOLED color display with haptic feedback. With an optical sensor to monitor heart rate and blood oxygen, a skin temperature sensor, and an accelerometer, the slim capsule includes many sensors to give highly accurate information to enable Halo health insights.

Halo View is a lightweight, comfortable, and swim-proof smartwatch with a battery life of up to seven days and a charging time of less than 90 minutes. It’s available in three fashionable sport band colors: Active Black, Sage Green, and Lavender Dream, as well as additional accessory band selections.