Loitering Problem among Schoolchildren

Loitering Problem among Schoolchildren

Loitering Problem among Schoolchildren

The loitering culture among students as early as in primary school until the higher-level institution is still a critical issue. Education plays a crucial role in molding the future of our youths. Schools are painstakingly at work in producing bright young students. However, the current generation of students would rather gain popularity than to work hard. Parental self-conscious and often quarreled differ understand fear and boredom among children. Loitering is becoming rampant among them. Some even skip school to loiter. How do we address this?

First and foremost, we cannot undermine the power of education. Parents should teach their children the importance of education. It is very important to give serious attention to the child. In school, teachers ought to instill the importance of studying hard for the sake of a bright future. Often, students do not understand the relevance of their actions in the present. Perhaps by listening to both parents and teachers, students will be able to realize that persevering in their studies will undoubtedly improve their lives in the future. Parents must pay attention to all the movements or the movement of the child. This duty must be done with examples and everyday practice.

The next step to be taken is the academic approach. Besides that, schools must increase the number of discipline teachers. Discipline teachers should also be given the green light to punish students who disobey any school rules or regulations. This can be done by adding activities – based activities such as academic and co-curricular activities at school. By doing so, students will be afraid to loiter and choose to stay in the classroom instead.

Moreover, teachers should strive to include new methods of teaching in their daily lessons. Their teaching technique should always be upgraded to suit the changing needs of students. By doing so, the lesson in class becomes more enjoyable and students will be more interested to study. It is always best to avoid conflicts because once they have started; they are very hard to control.

Last but not least, schools and the community could organize more interesting activities after school hours. If something interesting is happening, many youths would be attracted to participate.  Co-curricular activities in school should also be more relevant and interesting in order to captivate their attention.

Administration and teachers are hoping to prevent students from loitering in the near future. The problem of loitering has plagued many schools for a long time. Loitering can be solved if steps are taken immediately to curb it. The youths are our nation’s future leaders and should be taken care of to ensure a prosperous nation.


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