Litter Pickers Survive Bumpy Car Ride, Not Realizing They Have Live WWI Bomb in the Car

Litter Pickers Survive Bumpy Car Ride, Not Realizing They Have Live WWI Bomb in the Car

On Monday, two trash pickers in Yorkshire, England, drove a rough route home, unaware that they were transporting a live World War I bomb. Rachel Wills and Simon Briscombe thought they found an old gas canister while litter picking beside the River Nidd in Knaresborough and carried it into their car for appropriate disposal later. Unfortunately, appropriate disposal, in this case, would need the use of a bomb squad, as they had discovered a live explosive.

According to BBC News, the pair drove half a mile (0.8 kilometers) with the device moving around in the passenger seat. When they “scraped the muck” off the device, they realized what it was, prompting a rapid call to the bomb squad. They took pictures of the explosives and encased it in sandbags before waiting for the pros. The device began “frothing” and “bubbling,” making the wait much more anxious.

Wills told the BBC, “We’ve uncovered some pretty unusual objects, like a sewing machine from 1898, trolleys, money, shoes, all sorts.” “However, I can’t believe what we discovered was alive.” “We had a live bomb in our car, and we were going over speed bumps as well.” When they arrived, the couple and around 30 other adjacent families were evacuated while the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team detonated the explosive.

“We’re still reeling. Simon would not have moved it if he had known what it was “Wills was included. “The cops were shocked because he took it home in his car, and Knaresborough has a lot of speed bumps. However, we had no idea what it was.” Despite the rocky car ride and some foreboding foaming, the device was neutralized and removed without incident. “I just want to clarify that yes, it was explosive; I’m just thankful that kids didn’t find it,” Wills, who runs the local Watermill Cafe, said on the cafe’s Facebook page. “As soon as we rinsed the heavy muck off and realized what it may be, we immediately phoned the police.” “We appreciate our wonderful emergency services for handling the situation and making it safe.”