Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Practices of Premier Bank

Human Resource Management Practices of Premier Bank

Internship Report on

Human Resource Management practices of the Premier Bank Limited

The Premier Bank Ltd is incorporated in Bangladesh as banking company on June 10, 1999 under the companies Act. 1994. The Premier Bank Ltd is one of the best commercial bank in Bangladesh. As a commercial bank it has a great contribution to the banking sector as well as the national economy of the Bangladesh. During my internship period I was gain a lot of practical knowledge about the general banking activities and HRM practice of a commercial bank. During my internship period I was assigned at Dilkusha branch of the Premier Bank Ltd. According my practical experience I am preparing this report.

The 1st chapter of the report illustrates the introduction, origin of the report, objectives of the study, scope of the report, methodology of the study and limitations of the study.

The 2nd chapter of the report illustrates the history and background of the Premier Bank Ltd. After that I give objective, the vision statement, the mission statement and branches, management and internal organization, organogram, of the Premier Bank Ltd.

This section also contains the overall position of the bank for last six yeas which is entitled by “Yearly Performance of the Premier Bank Ltd”.

The 3rd chapter of the report illustrates the functions of the bank, products, services of the bank, general banking activities and credits.

The 4th chapter of the report expressed my internship position, duties and learning points which activities I have learned from my internship period like the function of the account opening, function of the clearing division.

The 5th chapter of the report analyzed the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the Premier Bank Ltd.

The 6th chapter of the report analyzed the Human Resource Management activities like the process of recruitment, selection, HR Planning and Strategic Planning Process, Socialization and Orientation, Training and Development, Motivation, Performance Appraisal, Benefits and Salary Structure and Termination.

The report also attempted to make some recommendation after findings some problems about the Premier Bank Ltd.


Banking constitutes an important segment of the financial infrastructure of any country. Generally, banking means deposit mobilization and development of those deposit into advanced or investment in difference sectors. That means bank collect deposit at lower possible interest and provides loan and opportunity at higher interest. Between the two interests is the profit for the bank. The Premier Bank Ltd is one of the most popular and profitable commercial banks in Bangladesh.

The Premier Bank Ltd is determining to build long term customer relationship with its corporate and general clients. The Premier Bank Ltd is a private sector bank that emphasizes on which is possible for its strong human resource department. For that customer can get better service from every side from this bank.

The Premier Bank Ltd is always ready to maintain highest quality services by upgrading banking technology, well management system and applying highest standard of business ethics through its establish its commitment and heritage.

Origin of the report

Northern University Bangladesh (NUB), one of the reputed private universities in Bangladesh, has designed the curriculum of the BBA course in such a way that after completing 123 credit hours, one student needs to go for further 6 credit hours for internship program in a commercial organization. From this internship program students get the opportunity to learn about the real business world.  As an Intern student I have been assigned to work in the Premier Bank Ltd. This report is the outcome of my experience at the bank during the internship period.

Objectives of the study

The main objective of the study to draw a transparent picture of the overall branch activities of Premier Bank Ltd. There are specific objectives of the study are:

  • To learn the practical aspect of the HR management in commercial bank.
  • To make the relation between the practical and academic practice of HRM.
  • To know how PBL work as a commercial bank.
  • To know how the HR Department work for The Premier Bank Ltd.
  • To know the about the consumer banking product of the bank.
  • To fulfill the requirement of the BBA program.

Methodology of the study

Both the primary as well as the secondary form of information was use to prepare the report, which as follows;

Primary Sources:

The primary data use in this report is collected from the respective officers of respective department. Direct observation of daily operation is another key primary source of this report.

Secondary Sources:

The secondary objectives of the study are; Website of the bank. Different books and periodical related to the banking sector. File study of different sections and related bank documents.

Profile of the Bank

The Premier Bank Ltd is incorporated in Bangladesh as banking company on June 10, 1999 under the companies Act. 1994. The bank was established by Dr. H.B.M Iqbal, the chairman in association with a few successful entrepreneurs from various fields of business activities to fulfill his dream to create a financial institution that would stand out from the mass and meet the demands of the 21st century.

Since then the bank as emerged as a quality financial institution and making significant contribution to the national economy.

Republic Bank of Bangladesh, the central bank of Bangladesh issued banking licenses on June 17, 1999. Under the banking companies Act 1991. The head office of the Premier Bank Ltd is situated at Banani, one of the first growing commercial and business areas of Dhaka city.

Background of the Premier bank Ltd

The Premier bank Ltd start its journey in the banking sector with the motto “Service First” in the year 1999. It relentlessly providing most quality and caring banking services to its customer. Over the last six and half years the bank is successfully operating its business in combination of traditional and Islamic banking to provide the banking needs of rapidly growing customer; over the years, the bank distinguish its position in operating and competing with other banks among the peer group in the country. Among the third generation banks of the Bangladesh.  The Premier Bank’s performance in term of profitability, maintaining superior asset quality has exceeded the expectation.

There are thirteen sponsors involved in creating Premier Bank Limited; the sponsors of the Bank have a long heritage of trade, commerce and industry. They are highly regarded for their entrepreneurial competence. The sponsors happen to be members of different professional groups among whom are also famous banking professionals having huge range of banking knowledge. There are also members who are associated with other financial institutions like insurance companies, leasing company’s etc.

Objectives of the Premier Bank

  1. The main objective of the bank is to collect deposit at lower possible interest and provides loan and opportunity at highest interest.
  2. To find out net worth or adjusted capital of the bank.
  3. To assess financial soundness of bank.
  4. To calculate the required provision and the amount of interest suspense.
  5. To put the bank on sound balance in order to develop sound banking practice.

Vision of the Bank

The bank has clear vision to words its ultimate destiny- to be the best amongst the top financial institution.

Mission of the Bank

  • To be the most caring and customer friendly provider of financial services, crating opportunities for more people in more places.
  • To ensure stability and sound growth while enhancing the value of shareholders investments.
  • 2 To aggressively adopt technology at all level of operations to improve efficiency and reduce cost per transaction.
  • To ensure a high level of transparency and ethical standard in all business transacted by the bank.
  • To provide congenial atmosphere which will attract competent workforce who will be proud and eager to work for the bank.
  • To be socially responsible and the strive to up lift the quality of life by making effective contribution to national development.

Functions of the bank

Easier banking: Providing their customers with a comfortable environment and up to date technical facilities to do their banking is and important aspect of the customer service at Premier bank. Their goal is to make banking easier through one to one communication.

Better relationship: The Premier Bank view banking to be a long term relationship with their customers. The business they transact with PBL help bank to understand their goal and expectations. And bank responds proactively to their financial need.

Assured Confidentiality: At Premier Bank, take great care of their customers, to make sure that all banking transactions are done in a confidential and professional manner.

Good corporate governance: The Premier Bank Ltd has a very dynamic board of directors drawn from different disciplines. They hold very respectable positions in the society and are from highly group business and industries in Bangladesh.



General Banking

General banking is one the main department of any bank to take any banking services one has to fulfill all the requirements of this department.

  • Accepting deposit
  • Issuance withdraws instrument e.g. cheque book DD TT P.O

Accepting Deposits:

Premier Bank Limited accepts the deposits like other banks may be classified in to

  1. Demand deposits
  2. Time Deposits.

Demand deposits: These Deposits are withdraw able without notification e.g. Current deposits Premier Bank Limited accepts demands through the opening of

  1. Current account
  2. Saving account
  3. Call deposits the fellow bankers.

Time deposits: Time deposits are payable at a fixed date or after period of notice. Premier Bank Limited accepts time deposits through fixed deposits receipt (FDR) Short-term deposit (STD) and bearer certificate deposit (BCD) etc. While accepting these deposits a contract is made between the bank and the customer. This contract will be a valid one only when both the parties are competent to enter into contracts. As account opening initiates the fundamental relationship& since the banker has to deal with different kinds of persons with different legal status Premier Bank Limited officials remain very much careful about the competency of customers.

Procedure for opening of accounts:

Before opening of a current or saving account the following formalities must be completed by the customers.

  1. Application on the prescribed form
  2. Furnishing photographs
  3. Introduction by an account holder
  4. Putting specimen signatures in the specimen card
  5. Mandate if necessary
  6. After fulfilling the above formalities Premier Bank Limited provides the customer a cheque book.

Types of deposits accounts and their formalities:

Premier Bank Limited offers following types of accounts and the formalities in addition to the previous are as follows:

Current account:

In the name of Individual:  The client has to fill up a light green account opening form terms and condition are printed on the back of the form The form contains the declaration clause special instructions etc Two copies of passport size photograph duly attested by the introducer are affixed with the form.

In the Joint name: In this type, the formality is the same as individual account but in the special instruction clause either or survivor or former or survivor clause is marked.

Proprietorship: In addition the customer has to submit the valid trade license and tax paying identification number (TIN) along with the application.

Partnership: In case of partnership account the bank asks for:

  • A copy of the partnership agreement (Partnership Deed)
  • A letter having signature of all the partners containing the following particulars.
  • The name and addresses of all the partners
  • The nature of the firm’s business.
  • The name of the partners authorized to operate the account in mane of the firm. Including authority to draw, endorse and accepting the bills and mortgage and sell the properties belonging to the firm.

NGO:  The account opening procedure is same but with the exception that the registration certificate from the social welfare department of the government must be enclosed with the application.

Joint account in the name of minor: A minor cannot open an account in his own name due to the incapacity to enter into a contract. He can open an account in Premier Bank Limited in joint name of another person who will be the guardian of the minor.

Illiterate person: An illiterate person can open an account. The thumb impression is taken for the specimen signature card with utmost care Chequebook  is issued to them but is kept under Bank’s custody. Premier Bank Limited highly discourages this kind of account.

Savings Accounts:

To encourage savings habit among the general public Banks allow deposits to open savings accounts. Interest is awarded on the balance of the account. The number of withdrawals is generally restricted. Requirements to open an account are as follows.

  • Account opening from to be filled up by the applicant.
  • Two passport size photograph attested by the introducer is needed.
  • Introductory reference to be obtained from account holder acceptable to the bank.
  • Specimen signature of the application is taken on the signature card.
  • In saving account minimum Tk. 500is taken as deposits.

For opening every type of account a signature card and different register for different types of account is maintained in the bank. An account number is given for each account and the description of the account is entered in the computer. According to the rules of the bank a letter of thanks should be given to the account holder and to the introducer, but in practice it is not done.

Call Deposits:  These deposits are raised from fellow bankers. They can be recalled by the lending bank or repaid by the borrowing bank any time. The rate of interest is usually low, except when the money market is tight.

Short term Deposits: In short term deposits the deposit should be kept for at least seven days to get interest. The interest offered for STD is less than that of savings deposit. In Premier Bank Limited various big companies, organizations Government Departments keep money in STD accounts. Frequent withdrawal is discouraged and requires prior notice.

Fixed Deposits: They are also known as time liabilities or term deposits. These are deposits, which are made with the bank for a fixed period specified in advance. The bank need not maintain cash reserve against these deposits and therefore, the bank offers high rate on such deposits.

In Premier Bank Limited fixed deposit account is opened in two forms- midterm (MTD), which is less than one year & the other, is term deposits, which is more than one year.

Payment of Interest:

It is usually paid on maturity of the fixed deposit. Premier Bank Limited calculates interest at each maturity date and provision is made on that “Miscellaneous creditor expenditure payable account” is debited for the accrued interest.

Encashment of F.D.R:

In case of premature FDR, Premier Bank Limited is not bound to accept surrender of the deposit before its maturity date. In order to deter such a tendency, the interest on such a fixed deposit is made cut a certain percentage less than the agreed tare normally savings bank deposit interest rate is allowed.

Loss of F.D.R:

In case of a lost FDR the customer is asked to record a general diary in the nearest police station. After that, the customer has to furnish an indemnity bond to Premier Bank Limited a duplicate FDR is then issued to the customer by the bank.

Renewal of F.D.R:

In Premier Bank Limited instrument is automatically renewed within seven days after the date of its maturity if the customer does not come to encash the FDR the period for renewal is determined as the previous one.

Cheque Book:

According to section 6 of negotiable instruments act, 1881, a cheque is “A Bill of Exchange drawn on a specified banker and not expressed to be payable otherwise than on demand.” To facilitate withdrawals and payments to third parties by the customer, Premier Bank Limited provides a cheque book to the customer. Cheque Book contains 10 leaves for savings account while for current account; it is 25 or 50 leaves. A cheque book issuing register is maintained in this regard. This register contains the cheque book number, leaf number, issuing date. After giving these entries to this register, information is sending to the computer department for taking necessary steps to pass the cheques during withdrawal.

The cheque book also contains requisition slip, which is used by the customer to obtain new cheque book. When all the leaves are used, the customer submits slip to the bank. A senior official then issues a new cheque book and subsequent entries and given in the register and computer.

If the cheque book is lost, the customer has to furnish a guarantee indemnifying the bank. After fulfilling this, a new cheque book is issued.

Closing of an account:

The closing of an account may happen

  • If the customer is desirous to close the account.
  • If Premier Bank Limited finds that the account is inoperative for a long duration.
  • If Garnishee Order is issued by the court on Premier Bank Limited.

To close the account, the Chequebook is to be returned to the bank. Premier Bank Limited takes all the changes by debiting the account and the remaining balance is then paid to the customer. Necessary entries are given to the account closing register and computer


Demand Drafts (DD)

Demand Draft is an order to pay money, drawn by one office of Bank upon another office of the same Bank for a sum of money payable to order on demand. A draft can’t be drawn payable to bearer of a named payee. A draft can’t be drawn payable to bearer.

Customer or non-customers of the bank may purchase drafts. The purchaser of the draft must fill in the relative application form with his name, amount, and name of the payee, the branch on which the draft is desired, and sign it. He has to tender the amount in cash for the draft and Bank charges, if any. If the purchaser has an account with the bank to debit his account for the amount. The draft is prepared with care regarding the name of the payee, the amount and the office on which it is drawn. In order to ensure safety, the purchaser is advised to cross the draft and the bank gives a test number. Having issued the draft the issuing officer would send to the drawer branch, an advice containing the particulars of the draft.

It is mentioned here that DD application is treated as credit voucher showing credit entry against contra branch (paying branch). For any amount of DD advice of IBCA should be issued and sent to paying branch.


Issuance of demand draft:

While issuing demand draft an official must be confirmed about the branch where the DD is to be issued or drawn as asked for by the application. Application on banks prescribed from for DD is obtained from the applicant duty filled and signed by them. Transfer, application will be asked to deposit the amount of DD and exchange/commission computed correctly at the prescribed rate. On receipt of cash voucher will be passed and scrolled by the offices, DD will be issued and record to DD issue register filling the appropriate columns. Test number if required is affixed on both DD and advice as instructions given by Head Office.

It is mentioned here that DD application is treated as credit voucher showing credit entry against contra branch (paying branch). For any amount of DD advice of IBCA should be issued and sent to paying branch.

Payment procedure:

Proceeds of DD received by the paying bank as and when it responds the relative advice on receipt of DD advice from different branched the paying banker will verity the genuineness of the advice by way of verifying test and signature. Total amount of advice will be debited of SB A/C and credited to drafts payable A/C. On production of DD by the beneficiary payment will be made by debited to the A/C credited earlier. If payment is to be made before receipt of the advice, DD is paid being recorded in Ex-Advice register by debit to drafts payable A/C (suspense A/C DD paid without advice). On receipt of eh advice, it will be entered into DD advice received register or draft payable register and the amount will be credited to drafts payable A/C or suspense A?C DD paid without advice as the case will be.

Before making payment of the DD the branch will ascertain the genuineness of its insurance as well as the genuineness of the payee open drafts may be paid proper identification of the payee and crossed drafts can never be paid in cash over the counter.

SWOT Analysis

Strength of the Premier Bank Ltd.

  •  Quick disposal of cases (Time taken for commitment and disbursement of facility, minimum primary information requirement)
  •  Business potentiality (Pay –back ability from profit, deterring the appropriate % of fund requirement) is considered first
  •  Effective administration (Distressed value of immovable, collaterals are found out from primary and secondary sources)
  •  Insufficient amount of bank loan.
  • Bank has an excess capital of Tk. 405.45 million. Larger equity multiplier exposed the bank to failure risk but it also indicates banks potential for high returns for its stockholders.
  • The bank has many branches in different places in the country. So they are taking the benefits of economies of scale in some factors like using the excess deposit of one branch to fulfill the credit facilities of another.
  • They have many efficient employees, who have brought value clients with them in the bank
  • The higher paid up capital

Weaknesses of the Premier Bank Ltd.

  • Less promotional activities as to sponsor any aid program against calamity or to act in the broadcasting media.
  • High cost of fund, as none traded an non yet allow to transact the government money and as such the low cost fund is lesser.
  • The bank is not using its HRM tools effectively.
  • The industry analysis is not done as to identify the beneficial sector.
  • The bank doesn’t have proper man power to run its daily task.

Opportunities of the Premier Bank Ltd.

  • Satisfactory business growth
  • SME and agro based industry
  • Investment
  • Real time on line banking
  • Increasing awareness for Islamic banking
  • Pay interest on daily balance of the personal savings account and corporate savings account which also operate like a current account.

 Threats of the Premier Bank Ltd.

  • Increasing competition in the financial market
  • Market pressure for increasing the SLR
  • Overall liquidity crisis in money market

Human Resource Structure of PBL

Premier Bank Limited divided their HR in three different types such as;

  1. Personnel Department.
  2. Disciplinary Department
  3. Test Key Department.

Personnel Department

Basically, personnel department doing some major duties such as; transfer, posting, promotion, recruitment, selection, retrenchment, resignation, retirement and training.

Disciplinary Department

These departments always watch where the offences occurred. In the Bank sector there are different offences,

  • In the Bank Volt money supposed to 2000000, but money existing in 1500000. Rest of the 500000 dealing manager in his own business.
  • This department also observe, if any worker does not obey rules and regulation in the Bank. Find out the particular employee.

If the above offence occurred, these departments punish the individual. They arrange a board which consistent one chairmen and two members. When it is proved that the individual employee is real criminal they punish the person. They dismiss or terminate those persons. In case of dismiss employee get return his provident fund money, on the other hand terminate the office will give all money which he desire.

Test Key Department

This is a computer coding system, which can make easier their internal banking system. There are many departments existing and rising in the Bank, such as;

  • Establishment Department.
  • Stationery and Recorder Department
  • Transport Department
  • Training Department


As a student of BBA we should clear about the difference between recruitment and selection. Recruitment means the process start from -when we think we need some employee in our organization and stop submitted CV/Resume of potential candidate.

In another sense “The process of discovering potential job candidates, it begins when new recruit are sought and ends when their application are submitted”

In case of Dilkusha Branch of PBL: The total recruitment processes maintain by head office. Branch office doesn’t have any authority to recruit employee. This Bank flow two types of recruitment process such as;

  1. Internal Recruitment
  2. External Recruitment

Internal recruitment:

 In the internal recruitment they give more emphasizes son, daughter and relatives of existing employee. Now a day PBL also recruit employee from those who already completed their internship from PBL with the recommendation of branch manager.

External Recruitment

Some time they advertisement in Daily news paper, weekly magazine as well as online job portal to attract the potential candidate. They attract not only experience candidate but also fresh graduate. They also give chance fresh graduate to learn banking work in the sense of internship.


The process of choosing from among candidates, from within the organization or outside, the most suitable person for future positions. Selection activities typically follow a standard pattern, beginning with an initial screening interview and concluding with the final employment decision.

HR Planning and strategic planning process of PBL

 At first Human Resources planning is very common phenomena of any organization. In generally HR planning maintains a process to recruitment or retrenchment organizational incumbent. In this include job analysis. In the job analysis three things is main job description (Duties, Responsibilities, and Accountabilities within the job), job speciation (knowledge, skill and abilities of job holder) and job evaluation (relative value, responsibility to distinguish other in terms of salary). The main things in the chart are demand for labor and supply of labor. When demands exceed supply then come to the point of recruitment. On the other hand, supply exceeds demand then retrenchment. Here, shows a process of Human Resource planning system.

In case of Dilkusha Branch of PBL

Socialization process fully depends on an individual employee. What he think about the company, what will be the really face, his adoption and last of all his output. Premier Bank generally not giving orientation in his new employees. Bank manager obviously introduce with his rest of the employee in the office. But this branch should


Training & Development

Training is a learning experience, which seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve the ability to perform the job.

Whenever HRM embarks on the hiring process, it attempts to search and secure a candidate whom we labeled as the “Best” possible candidate. And while HRM professional pride themselves on bring able to determine those are qualified versus those who are not, the fact remains that few, if any, new employees can truly come into an organization and immediately become fully functioning 100 percent performance.

Employee training– employee training designated to assist employees in acquiring better skills for their current jobs. The focus of employee training is on current job-skill requirements.

Employee development– employee development designed to help the organization ensure that the necessary talent internal of meeting future human resources needs. The focus of employee development is on a future position within the organization for which the employee required additional competencies.

Career development programs are designed to assist employees in advancing their work lives. The focus of career development is to provide the necessary information and assessment in helping employees realize their career goals. However, career development is the responsibilities of the individual not the organization.

Organization Development deals with facilitating system wide change in the organization. The focus of organization development is to change the attitudes and value of employees according to new organization strategic directions give employee orientation.


Training Divide in two approaches such as:

On the job training:

In simple we can say that training within the job. Learning by doing. Employee are placed in actual work situation and made them appear to be immediately productive. Often, it is informal, as when an experienced worker shows a trainee how to perform the job tasks. It may divide in two types-

  • Apprenticeship program.
  • Job instruction training

Off the job training:

Training process out of the jobs. Training outside the organization or from the real work place, may be in another organization or in a training institution. Off the job may divide in some types-

  • Classroom Lecture
  • Videos and Films
  • Simulation Exercises.
  • Computer-based Training.
  • Vestibule Training.
  • Programmed Instruction

In case of PBL (Premier Bank Limited)

The Premier Bank Limited has their own training institute is called PBLTI (Premier Bank Limited Training Institute) in their own premises. This is situated at 42, Kemal Atarturk Avenue, (Iqbal Center) Banani, and Dhaka.

But PBL also conduct training in out side of their premises like; BIBM (Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management), BBTA (Bangladesh Bank Training Academy)


In a single word we can say that inspiring employee to doing work. The word “Motivation” is often used to describe certain sorts of behaviors. Motivation is a desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal.

Positive and Negative Motivation

Sometimes a distinction is made between positive and negative motivation. Positive motivation is a response which includes enjoyment and optimism about the tasks that you are involved in. Negative motivation involves undertaking tasks because there will be undesirable outcomes.

What seems to work best for most people is to understand that both positive and negative motivations are useful, and that sometimes students will need to search for motivation.

Performance Appraisal

Evaluating an employee’s current and /or past performance related to his performance standards. There are processes of performance appraisal;

There are three main method of “Performance Appraisal”, these are

Absolute Standard: It may divide in some parts;

  • The Essay Appraisal
  • The critical Appraisal
  • The checklist Appraisal
  • The adjective rating scale Appraisal
  • The force-choice Appraisal
  • The behaviorally anchored rating scales

Relative Standard: It may also divide in some parts;

  • Group order Ranking
  • Individual Ranking
  • Paired Comparison

Objective: It should be clear objectives in top to bottom. In another sense it is called Management by Objective (MBO). In the MBO are some important parts;

  • Action Planning
  • Self Control
  • Periodic Reviews
  • Goal Setting

Performance Appraisal: A Case Study on PBL, Dilkhusha Branch

The Premier Bank Limited conducts a good appraisal method. There are some main objectives to doing this performance Appraisal. The objectives are- it’s play an integral role in the employer’s performance management process, help in planning for correcting deficiencies and reinforce things done correctly, in identifying employee strengths, weakness, are useful for career planning, affect the employer’s salary raise decision.

The Bank think that, employees are evaluated on how well they accomplished a specific set of objectives that have been determined to be critical in the successful completion  of their job. A “Performance Appraisal” method that includes mutual objectives setting and evaluation based on the attainment of the specific objectives.

Department’s and individual’s objectives are set using the organizational overall objectives as guidelines. At the individual level, the supervisor and employee jointly identify those goals that are critical to fulfilling the requirements of the job as determined by job analysis. This set includes identifying the activities, necessary to accomplish the objectives, establish the critical relationship between these activities, estimating the time requirement for each activities and determining the resources required to complete each activity.

Benefits and Salary Structure of Premier Bank Ltd.

Benefits: In the above employee also get some benefits such as;

  • Two festival bonuses: Mainly Muslim employees are got two Eid bonuses which are equal to basic salary. On the other some non-Muslim are also got such festival bonuses in the time of holy Eid.
  • Two incentive bonuses: These bonuses get only manager in any branch. In every year employee get two more bonuses which are called incentive bonuses. For this bonuses give manager performance based.
  • Gratuity: The last time of an employees working like, the employee get some money which is called gratuity. This system also in this bank.
  • Group insurance: The employees who are work in the branch, they all have an insurance. It is called group insurance. If unfortunately any worker fall an accident from this insurance policy he/she get money for their well being.


Salary Structure:  PBL has well defined salary structure for their employees. This salary structure is added in the next page.


If any employee are out of the job in some cases is called termination. There are certain circumstances where – even though a complaint is within our jurisdiction – we can dismiss it without considering its merits. This is sometimes called ‘early termination’.

In case of Dilkusha Branch of PBL

Premier Bank Limited has a long process to termination which maintains head office. If the office terminates any employee then office gives all desire benefits which they committed such as graduate, provident fund and all. On the other hand employees decide to leave the office then they could not give any benefits. Employees are terminated mainly some unavoidable circumstances as well as when they could not find in jab satisfaction. But in the aspect of Dilkusha Branch all the employees are satisfied with their work. So they are not terminated from this branch.



In my internship period, I am worked at The Premier Bank Limited in Dilkusha branch 28, June 2008 to 30, September 2008. At that time, I find many good thing as well as bad. Good things make me delighted. During my internship period I felt that The Premier Bank Ltd has to improve in such areas:

  • The Premier Bank Ltd provide internship to the fresher but they take lot of time for processing, for that reason potential candidate feel discouraged to apply for internship.
  • The Premier Bank Ltd has a well structured HRD but they don’t have the capability to fulfill the branch requirement.
  • The Premier Bank Ltd has to improve their official website and must include their annual report in the website as a specific link from that every interested body can easily access and download their specific data.
  • Human Resource is the key component in any organization; if it is skilled it will be more helpful to go ahead.


As an intern, I don’t have any authority to suggest them. But through my report I can write their limitation (In Findings). These are the following recommendation are suggested for The Premier Bank Ltd.

  • It is good they give chance an individual to choose branch which he work comfortable.
  • The Premier Bank Limited has a web site, but there is not enough information about their company, especially HRM related. They have to enrich their web site.
  • They give fresher to doing internship, but they are not recruiting themselves. Ultimately their works (they teach us about work as well as corporate culture) become zero. Because, the student work any other firm which they teach. So, I think they should select some fresher among the whole.

In my points of view the above factors are main, which they have to improve. There are also some factors. So, they should take action as soon as possible.



Every organization has some good side as well as bad side. The Premier Bank Limited also many good side. The Premier Bank Limited is very willing to provide internship. The existing employees are very helpful of new comers. The employees of HR department are very much willing to provide information about the company. Their internal banking system is very fast, which can satisfy customer demand. I would like to special thanks to The Premier Bank Limited to giving me chance to being a part of their honorable organization. As it is an esteem organization, so I closely observe their HR practice and general banking system.