Human Foot Found on Footpath Sparks “Very Strange” Appeal from Police

Human Foot Found on Footpath Sparks “Very Strange” Appeal from Police

In a sleeping English village, an isolated human foot began to make a “very strange” appeal to police amputee female amputees. According to local news, the leg was discovered in April 2019 in the village of New Waltham in northeast Lincolnshire through the walking of a pair of stunned dogs. Police searched the surrounding fields and villages for more remains, but found nothing.

For further investigation, detectives took DNA samples from the foot and compared them nationally and internationally with the missing. They also contacted the NHS to see if it had anything to do with historical surgery. Unfortunately, both lines of investigation have dried up, but police still hold on to the idea that the missing organ came from a surgical operation. Detective Chief Inspector Alan Curtis, Senior Investigating Officer in the case said in a statement, “One line of our investigation is that there may be foot clinical waste from any treatment method. This cannot be denied without a full investigation.”

In light of their investigation, police have now called on any local woman to contact the police if they have had their left leg amputated since 2014. Detective Chief Inspector Curtis added, “While this certainly seems like a surprising request, we are now appealing to the Humberside Police Force area and any woman in Lincolnshire to contact us for a medical procedure to remove her left leg.”

“The NHS has been able to provide specific information about H surgical surgery but will not include any private medical procedures, so by issuing this application now we hope to dismiss someone in this category of patient.” The missing organs have undergone several unusual investigations over the past century. In 1935, a 4.4-meter (14.4-foot) tiger shark tattooed a human arm on a tattoo in a Sydney aquarium, giving rise to one of the most mysterious murders in Australian history.

There is also the mystery of the type of human footwear that has been washed off the coast of the Salisbury Sea in the United States and Canada since 2007. The explanation was made clear by a change in sneaker design in the late 2000s.