Sample Request Letter for Job Transfer

Sample Request Letter for Job Transfer

Sample Request Letter for Job Transfer

[This is a sample application format for requesting transfer of job from one place to another or one office to another office or one branch to another branch etc. All type of Government and private employees can follow this format. You should follow the official rules and regulation. You can modify this format as your requirement.]


Manager Admin,

Institution name…

Institute Address…

Sub: Request Letter for Job Transfer

Respected Sir,

I am (Name) and I am working in your institution for (Month/Years). I am writing this letter to request you to please transfer me to another area due to numerous reasons. (show your actual problem and situation)

Firstly, I am in public relations (Job designation) so my job is to communicate with people. This is a village area and most of the people are local speakers. I have never come across such people and have a great hindrance in understanding their language.

Secondly, I am having a dust allergy and become seriously ill when I come across an even minute quantity of dust. My transfer in this area can leave me in a serious health crisis.

Finally, this place is at the distance of 30km from my house and I have to cover this distance twice every day. This makes me very tired so it affects my working ability.

I hope that you will bring my application under your consideration and will transfer me to a new are as soon as possible.


Job Designation…

Your Signature…