Human Resource Management

HRM Practice in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel

HRM Practice in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel


Human Resource Management must be forward thinking. They must not simply react to what “management” states. Rather they are assisting management with the “people” component of organization.

Business is such is thing where there are very few similarities or sometimes contradictions between theories and practices and Human Resource Management is the most crucial part of a business because it is concerned with the peoples dimension of mgt where human resource deal with other resources( financial, informational, physical resources) and utilize those resources. So organizations will try to acquire, develop & stimulate to keep outstanding workers will be effective & efficient. Organizations have to survive. If HRM cannot survive, organizations can’t survive. So they need coordination. But actually human being deals with the effects of the changing world of work.

Moreover global competition has increased the importance of organization improving the productivity of their workforce as DHAKA SHERATON HOTEL do and looking globally for the best qualified associates. This has resulted in the need for HRM specialist trained in psychology, sociology, organization and work design and law.

The intention of this report is to find the Human Resource management Practice in DHAKA SHERATON HOTEL, a growing hospitality service in the hotel sector. The report will, therefore, include the Human Resource planning, organizing and development of this organization.


The objective of this report is, firstly, to get a apparent view of what actually is experience in the area of Human Resource Management of DHAKA SHERATON HOTEL.

It is imperative for us as potential business executives to gather information about the prevailing scenario of Human Resource Management that are from personnel management. In this report, we are more concerned about what is happening other than what ought to happen in the HRM Practice of this organization.


The following methodologies will be followed to prepare the report:
a) Interview director of HR Khan Sadat Anwar, manager of HR Department Syed Abdul Aziz. and Front Office Manager Poly Rahman
b) Collect information through questionnaire and face to face interviews.
c) Support with available facts and figures includes website information, literature journals.
d) Draw conclusion with comments and suggestions, if necessary.


2.1 The organization:

I am doing this report on the human resource management practice in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. The orgin of Sheraton date back to 1937 when the company’s founders ernest Henderson and Robert moore which is the world largest chain hotel under Starwood .In 1949 Sheraton entered in international chain through purchase of two hotels in Canada and thus international path started .Presently there are more then 480 hotels in the world. in Bangladesh Dhaka Sheraton hotel is one of them. Dhaka Sheraton hotel is the first global branded hotel in Dhaka in 1966 .

2.2World Perspective:
The orgin of the Sheraton date back to 1937 vwhen the company’s founders, Ernest Henderson and Robert moore, acquired their first hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. Within two years, they purchased three hotels in boston and soon expanded their holding to include properties from maine to florida. In 1947 Sheraton coroporation of America is the hotel chain to be listed on the New York stock exchange. In 1958 Sheraton include “reservation”, the industry’s first automatic electronic reservation system. In 1970 it introduce a toll free 800 number for direct guest acces which is still in use today. From 1998 it is leading 89 brands.In 2006 Sheraton boasts a portfolio of hotels in countries.

2.3 Bangladesh Perspective: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel started its journey in the service sector 1966.The hotel main building constructed by Pakistan Services Limited. From that time the hotel was managed by Hotel Intercontinental till 1984. Bangladesh Services Limited (BSL), a government body took over the Ownership after the independence of Bangladesh. Since 1985 Sheraton has been managing the hotel.
Dhaka Sheraton hotel is the first global branded hotel in Dhaka.

For many years it has been recognized as a quality venue for business and travelers as well a great meeting place for local people having a world class standard with devotion to guest satisfaction.Standing majestically in the city’s most prestigious location in the lush surrounding of primier Ramna park the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel continues to distinguish itselfn as the preminent place to stay in Dhaka.Modern facilities along with friendly and personalized service makes Dhaka Sheraton Hotel the ultimate destination for international business and leisure travelers.It is located just 3km from the main business district and only 16KM from the international airport.

Services and facility:

Hotel function are divided as follows:
i. Rooms Division
ii. Food and Beverage
iii. Sales and Marketing
iv. Engineering
v. A&G controller
vi. Human Resource Department

Sheraton at a Glance

1 Sheraton is one of the largest chain hotel in the world.
2 It operates more than 860 countries and expanding business every each month.
3 The hotel has more than 600t employee.
4 The hotel is operated by GeneralManager who is the chief executive officers.
5 Room Category: including smoking and nonsmoking room
Royal Suite – 1
Presidential Suite – 6
Stan suite – 5
Executive suite – 7
Executive clubroom – 28
Junior suite – 15
Premium Detune – 20
Detune room (single)- 155
Detune room (twin) – 35
Total = 272

6 Restaurant’s setting Arrangement :
a. Bithika Restaurant.
b. Vintage Restaurant.
c. The Bar
d. Lobby cofi
e. Dunhill cigar lounge
f. Italia Bank Bistro.

7 In room minibar
8 Cabel channel with remote control TV.
9 Writing desk.
10 Electronic safe.
11 International direct dialing.
12 24 hours room service.
13 Rollaway beds.
14 Meeting, convention, exhibition and conference facilities.
15 Guest Service: concierge
Business center
24 hours front desk
Car rental service
Guide tour desk
Wake up service

1 Recreation: outdoor pool
Tenis and squash

Organogram of HRD

In the hierarchy of the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel comes first the Director of HR who control over the HR Department and the activities of the HR personnel as well as recruitment and selection activities. Then horizontally comes five post include HR Manager, training Manager, cost & benefit manager, Medical consultant and time keeping coordinator. Further more, Medical consultant control two person (1 brother and 1 sister) for immediate medical service for guest and also for associate of the Sheraton. On the other side, training coordinator is working under training manager who deal with different training program for associates and different organizational trainee. Two-time keeper working under time coordinator to check in and check out time of associates at the time of working.

HR Planning: Human resource planning is very common phenomena of any organization. Human resource planning is a process to recruitment, retrenchment, job analysis-a process of job description(duties, responsibility, accountabilities with in the job), job specification(knowledge, skill, abilities of job holders) and job evaluation(relative value and distinguish in terms of salary).it may describe the planning process for recruitment and derecruitment. Under HR planning I would like to mention SWOT analysis of the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel that is given below.


• Experienced associates
•Cultured environment
•Highest number of room Weakness

• Old building
• Lack of communication among associates

• Sharing vast knowledge with new chain and guest Threat

• To adapt new culture.
• Difficult to hold old culture.
• Cut the job

Human resource information system are now more “Uses friendly” and provide quick response Dhaka Sheraton Hotel maintain HRIS that kept important information about employee and their job facility and to retrieve information when needed.
Basically information category of Human Resource Management system followed by DSH is given below:

Category 1. Basic nonconfidential information: DSH keep some information that are disclose to all at the time of appointment include:
1 Employee name :In case of employee name DSH used to first name at first and then the last name

2 Organization name: at the time of orientation DSH provide information about their organization name.

3 Work location: At the time of joining DSH provide the exact location where they set the working area for associates.
4 Work phone number: in case of contact number, it available to the operator for emergency work.
5 Number of associates: number of associates in the working area mentioned by the department head at the time of joining.
6 Work hygiene: At the time of orientation DSH disclose how to maintain hygiene program to all.

Category 2. General nonconfidentaial information: some information that are in the system but not to disclose. Such type of information may give below:
7 Social security: DSH provide social security with the help of health insurance and ensure the safety of the work place.
8 Job Security: DSH provide job security by the contractual agreement with the associates.
9 Position related information: In which position they offer, they should talk friendly about the responsibility.
10 Other organization related information: provide information about the competitor in all training program.

Category 3. General information with salary: salary related information kept in the HRIS and associates know their payment structure.
11 Current salary: HR provides the details information about the salary when associates join the organization.
12 Effective date: Date of joining is known as the effective date of working.

Category 4. Extended confidential information with salary: salary and bonus related information sometime confidential and this is on the hand of management and worker union.
14 Bonus information: boinus related information kept by the HR and worker union to whom they may give bonus.
15 Benefit information: different types of benefit provided to the associates but depend on the decision of HR.
16 Performance evaluation information: About the performance HR personally talk to the associates but not to disclose to other.
17 Projected salary increase information: Every year DSH increment the salary range that should not disclose until providing to associates

Planning Process: To meet the appropriate human resource requirement planning process is very crucial for the organization. Planning process set the relationship between current and future demand for and supply of the human resource.

The purpose of HRP is

1. To assess where the organization is (in which stage)
2. Where it is going?
3. What implications have these assessments on the supply of HR.

The HRM Practice and planning of Dhaka Sheraton hotel is also based on these objectives. The planning process includes the following tasks.

HR inventory DSH:
Report showing list of name, education, training, prior employment, current position, performance rating salary, capabilities, specialized skills
– The report determine current skill available
– It will guide next demand
– Help people in selecting and training promotion and transfer.
– Provide crucial information for identifying current or future states.
Assessing where the organization going:
1. No and mix of human resources are to achieve the organization objective.
2. Demand for HR will depend on demand of product and services. They are positively related.
3. Constantly develop HR to cope with the situation.

Factors of increasing HR:
1. New recruitment
2. Lateral Transfer
3. Returning from leave

Factors of decreasing HR:
1. Due to retirement
2. Dismissal
3. Lay off (Controllable, reasonable, forecast able)
4. Voluntary quits
5. Prolong illness
6. Estimated change in external supply

It is a strategy. In a declining situation it is better to try surviving. Ways –
– Out placement
– Lay off
– Leave of absence without payment
– Loaning
– Work sharing
– Reduced work hour
– Early retirement
DSH also give me data about the people who have been separated from hotel due to retirement, dismissal, and reduced work hour

According to the following data we understand the condition of separation.
Year Associate became separate
2006 34
2007 65
2008 (up to sept.) 30

Job Analysis

A job analysis is a systematic exploration of the activities within a job. This analysis involves the identification and description of what is happening on the job.

Job analysis provides information about job currently being done and the knowledge, skills and abilities that individuals need to perform the jobs.
Job analysis method:
Dhaka Sheraton Hotel follow same job analysis method include:

• Observation method: Basically Manager On duty in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel act as job analyst and watching the activities of associate’s together information.
• Technical conference method: This method uses Supervision every each Department with extensive knowledge of the job.
• Log Book method: In this method associate record daily activity such as problems activity how is going on etc.

Outcome of job analysis:

Job description: A written statement of what the job holders does, how it is done and why it is done.

Job specification identifies the knowledge, skills, education, experience, certification and abilities needed to do the job effectively Job specification should perform the job more effectively than those locking those personal characteristics.

Job evaluation:

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also evaluating job in terms of skill, knowledge and abilities that are important part of cooperation, administration. Example of job description and specification in the below.

Recruitment: Recruiting is the process of discovering potential candidate for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. It is a linking activity brining together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.

Recruitment Goals
1. Increase the Guest satisfaction Index level by providing world class services.
2 Tending an individual who is best suited to the job requirement.

Recruitment Source:
The more application received the better recruiter’s finding an individual who is best suted to the job recruitment. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel is likely to achieve its objectives by recruiting from external and internal sources.
Internal Source: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel used to internal source or recruiting associates from within organization.
Reason behind internal Recruitment:

1 Improving the Probability of a good selection.
2 Encouraging associates who are ambitious.
3 Less costly.
4 Internal associates already know the organization.

Generally for normal entry level position fulfilled by internal recruitment.

Employee referral: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also used to employee referral. It is a recommendation from a current employee regarding job applicant. Especially it is used when internal circular come and applicant apply for another department in another position.

Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also used to external source especially for expert as specialist position.

For hiring best competent qualified ex-com DSH are using advertisement through bd jobs. Com.

Recruitment Hrough bd jobs. com Show in the Appendix.
In the circular, it shoes the department who are seeking for suitable candidate through the advertisement.
The advertisement Show name of the department, No. of Vacancies, Job responsibility focus the duty of an associate for the desirable position, Job specificication Education Qualification, expansions requirement etc which clarify the job information in the eyes of job candidate.


Selection activity is required a lot of careful planning and careful thought. Selection process includes some steps that also follow by Dhaka Sheraton Hotel and every steps in selection process provides decision makers with information that is very effective.

Recruitment & Selection

After external circular, DSH screening resume and select the associates according to the selection process. In the following I collect last 2 years and recent information about those associates who are part of DSH in deferent department.

Generally for recruitment the organization follows al the possible ways of selection. The steps of the whole process are as follows:

ɸ Advertisement in daily newspapers
ɸ Filling-up an application form by the candidates
ɸ Initial scrutiny to make a short list
ɸ Written test
ɸ Short list of selected candidates
ɸ Comprehensive interview
ɸ Final selection

Types of Job Offering: After selecting the appropriate candidate for the Job, DSH used to offer & types of Job:

 Permanent Job.
 Contract.
 Casual.

 Payment Range:
Including Service Change Permanent Job = 20,000 to 50,000
Contract = 1000 to 20,000
Casual = Tk. 30 per hours.

Selection process at DSH

Failed to meet Qualification

Failed to complete Application

Failed test

Failed to impress interviewer

Problem Encountered

Unfit physically

Socialization & Orientation:

Socialization process come from employee side. In this process individual attempt to learn the value and norms of working environment.

When new associates are recruited, they go through a series of formal as well as informal activities for the proper orientation of the new recruits. First of all, an official orientation program is held in the HR department, where all associates participate and the new ones are given a brief introduction of the hotel function and every each department, its operation, corporate mission and other similar topics. After it, the associates organize formal cultural functions inside of the company as a part of the orientation program to introduce with current associates. After the new associates start his/her normal activities, s/he is put under a team leader or supervisor for a specific period of time. The team leader or supervisor acts as a mentor for the new associates, who clarifies the job to the new employee, gives him mental support

Orientation: Orientation comes from employee side. This activity also followed by DSH. Orientation program normally associate receive before joining the working place.
From this orientation program all associates become familiar with chief executive and executive officers and these activities.

Training and Development:

Training as a learning experience that permanently changes in behavior and it is focusing on individual current jobs.
Dhaka Sheraton Hotel providing training to improve performance and ensuring best guest service. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel providing on the and off the job training.

On the job training: On the job training places the employee in actual working situations. It is learning by doing. The most widely used training methods take place on the jobs.

DSH follow some method for on the job training include:
1 Video & Films: Using various media productions to demonstrate specialized skills that are not easily presented by others training method.
2 Pictures: Picture designed to communicate interpersonal, technical, problem solving skills and latest information.
3 Cross training: Cross training designed to work to gathers actual knowledge of others department, how to they work and make the associates multi skill performers.
4 On the job training provided for all staff, associate ex-com etc.

Off the job training: Off the job training specially provided for those who are actually is Ex-Com. This decision is taken by Starwood Hotel and Resorts Worldwide Inc. When Starwood change any service policy or introducing new product and services that’s time they take such kind of initiative. Some example given at the time of interview. That I show in questionnaire

Training Certification: Training certification used to focus the performance of associates. In the Appendix I show the profile of training in Telephone Department. In this profile, number of task is using to forecast catheter the associate receive training in the following level:

Level 1 : Has received training
Level 2 : Able to perform with minimal
Level 3 : Able to perform task independent
Level 4 : Able to train other
The above level recommended by the head of the department.

DEVELOPMENT METHOD: All associates, no matter at what level, can be developed. Associates development by design is more future oriented and more concentrated with education than employee job specific training. Some development method of an individual’s abilities can take place on the job. The method followed by Dhaka Sheraton Hotel is given below:

1 Job rotation: Job rotation involves moving associates to various positions in the organization in an effort to expand their skills knowledge and abilities. Sometimes they promoting the associates into a new position by Vertical location and also introducing short term lateral transfer in other department.

2 Assistant to position: Also sometimes Dhaka Sheraton provides opportunity to work under a seasoned and successful manager often in different department in other organization. So associates can understand a wide variety of activities and duties of next higher level.

3 Committee assignment: To share in decision making, to learn by others and to investigate specific problem etc provided by Dhaka Sheraton Hotel for associates. As a result they can find out the problem, alternative solution and implementing the task.

4 Lecture courses and seminars: To acquire knowledge and develop their conceptual abilities the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel arranged lecture and seminars for the associates.

Motivation: Motivation is the driving force of doing the activities effectively and efficiently. Motivation can be expressed in different meaning, because it also used to describe sort of behavior. As for example one person may be highly self motivated.

Motivation one of the main criteria for effective human resource management is motivation. For the desired result of any organization, motivating the employees is very important. So the organization also tries to motivate its employees. But the organization does not have a standard motivational process. It motivates only with the help of increment. One thing about this increment is that it has no specific period. Sometimes it is a yearly or sometimes it is quarterly and again sometimes it is semiannually, depending upon the overall performance of the workers and the hotel itself.

The human resource officer informed me that they believe in McGregor’s “Theory Y” and emphasize the safety and love need for all employees. So besides the increment, the Dhaka Sheraton hotel sometimes tries to motivate the employees by full-filling their required needs of the employee such as promotion, transportation service, house rent allowance, bonuses But as it is a ownership based organization, management plays a big role with the administrative department in determining these motivating factors. The organization is always cautious about that all the hygiene factors are present in the environment and if the employees are not motivated, at least they are not de-motivated.
Dhaka Sheraton hotel also use negative motivation when they watch undesirable outcome from them. Reason behind negative motivation:

1 Violate the rules and regulation in duty place.
2 Stolen the materials of DSH.

To sum up we can say to work best for most people is to understand that both positive and negative motivation are useful. So to give real service, we must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Performance appraisals: Performance standards depend on the evaluating an employee’s current and or future performance. The process of performance standard appraisals followed by Dhaka Sheraton Hotel:
Performance method: Two types of method used for performance appraisals: one for new associates and other for the executive.
Performance method for new associates: It shows in the appendix. Under this procedure, Department head clarify the information by the following way:
1) Product knowledge: Product knowledge describes the idea about star wood brand, Sheraton service, deferent department of the hotels, training facility etc.

2) General knowledge- External: Such type of knowledge include holiday of different market, tourism place, competition of the hotel, idea about visiting place, embassy which is very crucial for front office who actually deal with guest and guest requirement.

3) Administration: Interims of administrative side, associates should capture knowledge about duty, discipline, personal hygiene mealtime that are very essential part of performance to check whether they ready for job or not.

4) Technical duties: On account of maintaining PABX system, we have to league the task of each department such as the duty of PABX system include memorizing the all-important number, transfer local, ISD call, Handling wakeup call, receive information & keep up it, besides coordinating with other department.

Second method of performance appraisals: Specially designed for executive and permanent Staff.
a. Working with others: Working with others includes.
• Team spirit & cooperation needed to help ensure team success.
• Act with professionalism and integrity refers an associate able to leap sensitive information confidential, maintain professional appearance in accordance with dress code & grooming policy.
• Resolve customer problem focus on performance of an associate raw they identify problem, solve problem and ensure guest satisfaction.

b. Taking responsibility: In terms of responsibility manager or reviewer rating
E = Exceeded objectives or
M = Met objectives or
D = did not meet objectives.
It include following function:
• Take ownership: it any be positive or negative outcome of work performance to check an associates blaming others to resolve problem or not.

• Learn, Develop and adapt to chance: Here manager cheak raw associate learn, are they modify behavior, shifting priorities and job requirement of them.
• Work independently: Again manager look out associates as thy work without supervision. Complete task on time, up to quality standard.
• Manage time within the requirement policy.
• Attend to detail: Manger try to ensure associates performed carefully with full attention.

Delivering results:
• Demonstrate functional excellence: Also reviews find out an associates develop the specific technical sells for effective job performance.
• Commit to Quality: An associate’s maintain the quality with a commitment to meeting or exceeding standard.
• Follow policies, direction and procedure in a positive manner as well as understand and respect chain of command.
• Multitask: Are they able to work in mute perspective or not

Performance Remark:
Performance procedure followed by DSH is averagely satisfactory I am conducted ex-com person and HR. From their point of view performance method is granted by all at satisfactory level. Because of to ling performance associates write down their view for improvement and contact with their supervisor & manager but these is an problem- associate who are weak in education side, they don’t understand what they need. As like a blind man they sign the paper.

Reward and benefit: People do what they do satisfy some need .They look for a payoff or reward. Reward is not only payment but also promotion desirable work assignment. Reward system in Dhaka Sheraton hotel is given below:

1 Intrinsic Reward: Reward one receives from the jobs works itself. Such as Dhaka Sheraton hotel associates pride is being a part of team in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel which is one of the largest chain and five star in the world.

2 Extrinsic Reward: Rewards one gets from the employer usually money, promotion. In case of extrinsic reward Dhaka Sheraton Hotel introduce star associates of the month and pay Tk.2300.Also give gift voucher if associates one better job in favor of guest, business and other staff or associates.


• Social security: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel provide retirement, disability occours at the time of working benefits through health insurance.
• Worker compensation: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also provide worker compensation to compensate employees for death or permanent disability.
• Maternity benefit: According to the Bangladesh Labor Act, Section 45(2) no women work in any establishment during eight weeks immediately following the day of her delivery. Dhaka Sheraton hotel following this rule and provide such kind of maternity leave.
Example of Maternity Leave:
April to June (2008)- Sayeeqa Haq  GM Secretary
October to Nov. (2007) – Sazeda Rezwan  Asst. Catering Sales Manager
June to Aug(2008) – ASMA Akhter  Controller Secretary

3 According to the Section 46 payment of maturity benefit in respect of the period of 8 weeks preceding the expected day of her delivery and 8 weeks immediately following the day of her delivery.

9.1. Safety and health Act: Dhaka Sheraton hotel also sets standards to ensure safe and healthful working environment and provide punishment for violators.

1 Job security: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel also ensures safety and health hygiene for all. One of the HR activities is job security by providing safety devices and maintaining equipment. Safety equipment is Fire signal panel, crime signal, smoke detector, sprinkler, fire protector etc.

2 Health security: Health security actually related to the food hygiene and hygiene in the working place. Dhaka Sheraton Hotel maintains the food hygiene by hygiene manager who tests the food. Also in the food and beverage section people used to hair net or hat, keep nail a moderate length etc.It also Include:

 Ensure worker get enough fresh air.
 Avoiding suspect building materials and furnishing by using smoke protector carpet.
 Keeping air ducts clean and dry.
 Paying attention on equipment hygiene for every department

3 Work place violence: A specific plan of action for companies to follow is difficult to detail. So Dhaka Sheraton Hotel must train their supervisor or manager personnel to identify the problem before violence. In this case worker unions are very active in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel. They don’t go for violence always tries to negotiate.

 Worker Union

To understand the activity of worker union we have to know what union is.

Union: A union is an organization of workers, acting collectively, seeking to protect and promote their mutual interest through collective bargaining.The reasons behind to join works Union Diverse group of associate working DSH. They may join to get :

 Higher wages & benefit.
 Greatness Job Security.
 Influence work rules.
 Being upset with management.

DHAKA SHERATON HOTEL used to an election which is held after every 2 years.
They have 14 bodies union formed by direct election. They spend their energy in graters interest of workers well as expand the business of this organization. This union is one of the honest, disciplined and strong principal in Bangladesh. They never involved in any clashing or break any rule. They have a good relation with the management and which is very helpful for workers to fulfill their desire. Most of employees are satisfied about their work.
When they are listed demand and submit a copy of charting of demand. After negotiating worker union submit “memorandum of Settlement”.

The provisions of the labor laws for the time being in force in Bangladesh govern all workmen categories of employees at the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel.

The termination of service, types of gross misconduct and dismissal for gross misconducts will also be governed by the Bangladesh labor laws.

Probation Period
On associates employment with this Hotel associates will be on Probation for a period of six months if work is of clerical nature. For other worker such period shall be three months. However, if work involves skill and the quality of the same cannot be judged within three months then the period may be extended by an additional period of three months.
As a permanent worker if they are employed as a probationer in a new post they may at any time, during the probationary period, be reverted to the old permanent post.

Hours of Work and Overtime: Bangladesh labor Act, 2006 Section 120 special definition of wages
(a) Any bonus or other additional remuneration payable under the terms and condition of employment.
(b) Any remuneration payable in respect of overtime work holiday or leave.

1 Hours of work according to the Bangladesh labor Act,2006 Section 100 working time for adults 8 hours in a day.
2 According to the Section 102(1) Working hour for adults 48 hours in a week.
3 According to the Section 109 working hour for women 6 am to 10 pm
4 The associates have to start properly dressed at the time of the work schedule. No associate is allowed to leave his working place during working hours, unless he/she has a written authorization from his department head. The permission must be given to the Timekeeper when leaving the hotel and hand it back to the Departmental Head on return and time of absence be recorded.
5 Associates will have to work overtime if needed and he will be entitled to overtime allowance as per labor laws.
6 Use the door marked Entrance and Exit for Employees only when entering or leaving the building. Clock the time card every time when we enter or leave. Associates are not allowed to touch or clock another employee’s time card. Failure to clock the card on any occasion means no payment will be made. Associates must not remain in the building or return after their working hours or on their day-off.

Salary structure:

In case of Dhaka Sheraton Hotel: There are different salary and pay scale. Their payment structure is like this:

Grade-1: Junior waiter, engineer helper scale of pay: tk 1500.
Other allowances:
House rent Conveyance Medical
1500/- 1550/- 1850/-
Who are working in the level-1, their basic salary is 1500 with house rent, conveyance & medical, which in equal Tk 6400.

Grade-2: Gardener, junior laundry attended, Junior HSKP Attended

House rent Conveyance Medical
1750/- 1550/- 1850/-
Who are working under grade 2, they receive tk. 1750 basic with house rent, conveyance & medical which in total 6900.

Grade 3: Bellman, Waiter, Car painter
Scale pay: 2000

Other allowances:
House rent Conveyance Medical
2000/- 1550/- 1850/-

Associates of grade 3 receive 2000 as their basic salary with house rent, conveyance and medical, which is in total7400.

Grade 4: Cook 1, Electrician, Laundry attended, HKSP attended.
Scale of pay: 2350
Other Allowances:
House rent Conveyance Medical
2350/- 1550/- 1850/-
Associates of the grade 4 toke tk 2350 as basic include house rent, conveyance & medical which is equal to the 8100.

Grade 5: Airport representative, senior waiter, senior electrician.
Scale of pay: 2700
Other Allowance:
House rent Conveyance Medical
2700/- 1550/- 1850/-

Associates of the grade 5 toke tk 2700 as basic include house rent, conveyance & medical which is equal to the 8800.

Grade 6: Security officer, captain, Nurse.
Scale of pay: 3050
Other allowance:
House rent Conveyance Medical
3050/- 1550/- 1850/-
Associates of the grade 6 toke tk 3050 as basic include house rent, conveyance & medical which is equal to the 9500.

Grade 7: HSKP supervisor, GSA, Laundry supervisor timekeeper.
Scale of pay: tk. 3500
Other allowance:
House rent Conveyance Medical
3500/- 1550/- 1850/-
Who are working under grade 7, they receive tk. 3500 basic with house rent, conveyance & medical which in total 10400.

Grade 8: Senior GSA, Telephone supervisor, senior security officer, Cashier.
Scale of pay: tk. 4100
Other allowance:
House rent Conveyance Medical
4100/- 1550/- 1850/-
Who are working under grade 8, they receive tk. 4100 basic with house rent, conveyance & medical which in total 11600.

Grade 9: Head Waiter, HSKP supervisor & Coordinator Ship leader.
Scale of pay: tk. 5000
Other allowance:
House rent Conveyance Medical
5000/- 1550/- 1850/-

Who are working under grade 9, they receive tk. 3500 basic with house rent, conveyance & medical which in total 13400.


If Associates are unable to report for work any reason, notify the Human Resource Department or any department Head immediately of the reason for their absence and when they will be able to return to work.

Habitual absence without leave or absence without leave more then 10 days constitution the offence of misconduct and is punishable to the extent of dismissal from the service under the relevant labor laws.


Annual Leave with Wages
After completion of 12 months continuous service in the Hotel associates are eligible to annual leave during subsequent period of 12 months, leave with full wages for 22 days.

Example of Annual Leave

Sl. No. Name of Associates Department Date
01. S.M. Jahangir Front Office 15.08.08-20.08.08
02. Mridul Mitra Front Office 20.25.28 & 01-09-08
03. M. Jahan Front Office 21-23, 2-3 (Sept.)
04. Rezwan Jahidi Reservation 28-30
05. Saeeqa Karim Senior GSA 09.08.08-22.08.08
06. Akamgir Kabir Concierge 15-17 (on Aug)

07. Naym Business Center 2-3 (on Sep)
08. Riazuddin GSM 25-31 (Aug)
09. Taufiqur Rahman Sales 22-26 (Aug)
10. Habiba Afrin Sales 5-7 (Aug)

Sick Leave
Persons who are sick must inform the Medical Department of their inability to attend duty within 24 hours. Please note that paid sick leave will only be granted upon the production of a valid medicate from the hotel’s Doctor. The total paid leave of absence due to sickness in any year is limited to 14 days.

Casual Leave
Every associate shall be entitled to Casual leave with full wages for 10 days in a calendar year but it will not be granted more than 3 days at a time. Casual leave shall not be carried forward beyond that calendar year.
Casual leave may be availed by the employees in the event of death of father, mother husband/wife, child, brother, sister or parent-in-law or such other sudden unavoidable causes.

Festival Holidays
Every associate shall be allowed at least 10 days festival holidays with full wages in a year. Days and dates for such festival holidays may be fixed in the prescribed manner.

Duty Meals
All associates on duty are entitled to meals during the interval for rest/meals in the Employee’s Cafeteria unless indicated otherwise.

Interval for rest/meals by rotation
A period of 30 minutes for lunch 30 minutes for dinner and 15 minutes for breakfast/morning tea, coffee or afternoon teas are allowed. Hours are as follows:
Breakfast 06:00 – 07:30 hours
Morning tea/coffee 10:00 – 10:30 hours
Lunch 11:30 – 13:30 hours
Afternoon Tea 16:00 – 16:30 hours
Dinner 18:00 – 20:30 hours
Night Snack 12:00 – 01:30 hours

Locker Rooms
For the convenience of employees lockers are provided where only the following items can be kept:
1. One Staff Towel.
2. Shaving kit and Toilet Soap
3. Hair Oil/Cream/Powder
4. Private Shirt Trouser
5. Socks and Handkerchief

No food or inflammable items whatsoever may be stored in the lockers. A lockers key will be issued to the employee at cost price. The loss of locker key must be reported immediately to Human resource Department. The charges for cutting an new key for the locker will be deducted from the employee’s salary. The locks must not be changed or tempered with in any way. The human Resource Manager or his assistant will inspect locker rooms at any give time.

If associates have a personal problem and they need advice or assistance, their supervisor will be glad to help them. If the issue cannot be resolved by their supervisor consult with their Department Head. However if they would like to consult the Human Resource Director or Human Resource Manage confidentially, they should ask for an appointment at the Human Resource Department.

HR welcome suggestions and constructive criticism, and they are invited to discuss their suggestions of personal problems with either their department head or human resource manager. Both one will be happy to be assisting them and they will always find an open door.

If an employee is habitually late she/he should be counseled and then a note of the discussion should be forwarded to the HR Department, (more than thrice where it will be filed. Also an associates may not perform duty accurately so they also counseling with HR department. They don’t go directly dismal. They give first, second, and the final warning.

Termination of Employment
Upon the termination of employment and before the final salary is made the completed clearance sheet confirming the return of all tools, uniform locker key personal identification card other hotel properties in the employees possession to the respective department will need to be presented to the human resource department.


In my internship report, I am work at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel from 18th may, 2008. At the time of working on HR I find good as well bad thing. In case of my working support is very well that makes me surprised and delighted. On the other hand, something I feel bad what I feel to modify although I don’t authority to suggest them as a new associates. At the finish of my work, I would like to draw some limitations that are given below:

• It is good that they choose an associate for any department according to their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Also at the time of work they give cross training where an associates wish. But I feel the payment structure is not exact in terms of education.

• We know technologies developing day by day. But all associates are not concern about the use of “opera system” used in the hotel for working. So management should provide well organized training on their software system.

• Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has a web site, there is a available information about their product and services and reservation but not enough information about their hotel and resorts. They have enriched their websites.

• They recruit associates who may contractual or casual. In case of contractual they are recruiting themselves permanently according their performance. On the other sides, casual they are not recruiting them according their work in most cases. But I think who performed well, management should give them priority.

From the above point, I feel among of this some activities needed to improve as soon as possible to take care of all associates. On account of running their business successfully.

13.1. Conclusion:

From the above, we can see the clear picture of Human resource Practice in the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel.. We can conclude that, the Dhaka Sheraton Hotel has a formalized procedure of practice in some arena of human resource management. As a member of a Dhaka Sheraton Hotel all are “Ambassador of Sheraton Brand”. DSH believe to convey the impression to each and every one of your guests.

The Hotel follows the theoretical procedure for recruiting and selecting the associates, but it does not follow the theories like a blind person. They even don’t know about some of the other procedures/steps of recruiting or selecting personnel. But the hotel could not take necessary care in other aspects of the Human Resource Management. Like though it has a practice of motivating employee through giving increment. It tries to full-fill the love and safety needs. Sometimes they recruit internally to whom they prefer as a result associates wouldn’t like to apply and discourage.

In performance appraisal and reward system the hotel has a forward thinking though it has a performance-evaluating unit, this unit mostly performs the duty of an invigilator as well as a performance evaluator. On the other side, associates of the month, reward for honesties be a good reward for all situations.

As there is not enough data on the compensation packages of the hotel, it is very difficult to conclude anything about the compensation system. One thing should be marked that, the DSH thinks that the compensation package is satisfactory to the associates without any statistical base. And we can find that the Dhaka Sheraton hotel have vast practice of “Human Resource Survey”, which is a positive point for the hotel and HR department.

The limitation of this report is that, because information about any other organization is available, I cannot draw a clear picture of the HRM practice in Bangladesh, which was one of the main objectives of the report. From here, we can have a partial picture of the HRM practice in our country. So the objective of the repot is partially fulfilled.

In essence the report always remember what makes a hotel great is not “brick and mortal”, not exciting design or even beautiful color schemes, but people, PEOPLE LIKE YOU, animated by a spirit of warm, connections and comforting hospitality and a sincere desire to serve