How to write a Winner Announcement Letter?

How to write a Winner Announcement Letter?

Winner Announcement letters are letters that notify or give information about a certain occasion, special event, or occurrence that people are required to be aware of. In today’s world, there are competitions and contests held every day of various types. Even for the smallest of the contests usually, the participants and winners are scattered geographically. When employees earn special awards or achievements, they can be formally recognized with an award announcement letter. Hence, it becomes essential to let them know about the results via methods such as letters or emails. Today, rather than letters, emails are sent for such announcements. It can be used to recognize a single employee for an outstanding award or used to list multiple recipients of various different ones. The winner is informed of the good news through a winner announcement letter and hence such letters have to be bright and positive. Such letters are sent to all the participants to announce the results.

Since these are the formal type of letters they must not be lengthy but yet should express your heartiest congratulations to the winners. But along with that, it must also encourage the other participants too. It must be direct and simple so it can be easily understood, like the prizes won and the details for claiming it. The letter must be well written and hence the words should be chosen wisely. Through such letters, you encourage the participants and increase your credibility. Thus, these letters must contain all information that the winner needs to know from what the prizes are, how are they going to be disbursed, by when will they reach them, etc.

Tips To Write A Winner Announcement letter –

Below are a few tips to remember while writing a winner announcement letter:

  • The letter must be positive and congratulate the winners.
  • The letter must also have a few encouraging words for the other participants.
  • You must mention the details about the results in the letter.
  • The letter should be short, precise and well written.


Example Format –



Date: DD/MM/YY (The date on which the letter is written)



Subject: Winner Announcement letter

Dear (Name of the recipient),

We are writing this letter to announce the results of the (name or category of the competition) held on (mention the date). (Describe in your own words). The response we received for the same was extremely overwhelming and it was very difficult for us to choose the winners. But competition has no value without a winner, hence after a lot of brainstorming, we have come up with (Mention the number) winners. (Describe your actual cause and situation).

We are proud to announce the winners and also congratulate the participants. If your name is not listed as one of the winners do not get discouraged as there will be many more opportunities in the future. (Describe all about the situation). Such competitions are a stepping stone and each experience helps you to learn. Hence, a positive attitude is what makes you extraordinary. (Describe your requirement).

The names of the winners are:

  1. ABC…
  2. XYZ…
  3. QPR…

________(mention the names of the winners)

We hope that you enjoyed participating as much as we enjoyed conducting the competition. We look forward to organizing many more such competitions.

Yours sincerely,

(name of the sender).


Another format,