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History of the Dhakarea Ltd

History of the Dhakarea Ltd

History of the Company  (Dhakarea Ltd.).

The Dhakarea ltd is 100% export Oriented knit garments manufacturing. The company is established since 07 September, 2000. The Name of Mother company is Yupoong Inc, South Korea. The products undergo stringent quality inspection procedures at each level of production process. The fabrics are Yupoong-Tex certified.  Particularly benefits to attract much emphasis for setting up 100% exports oriented products. This will contribute to earning/saving the foreign currency of the country.

The garments sector occupies major portion in the economy of Bangladesh. The company good and wide markets UN the country as well as worldwide.

 Product Quality:

In the export market supply of quality product is considered to be prime determinant for successful marketing of the product. It is generally believed that the buyers do not sacrifice quality for the sake of price. As such, quality of the product must be ensured to compete in the export market. The sponsors of the company to remain always conscious about the quality, design etc. of fabrics. To produce quality fabrics they are required to use proper imported. Right type machinery and to employ experienced and skilled personal. The quality control section of the project must be equipped with the required and necessary quality control equipment so that at every stage of production quality of the product may be ensured; otherwise, it may difficult for the project to penetrate their product successfully in the international market unless quality is not maintained properly.

 The project purposes and designs

Dhakarea ltd setting up Industries consists of  Fabric Finishing unit and Garments unit. The project will produce  Fabric, beached Dyed finished Fabrics and Knitwear apparels like as Caps and Hats Manufacturing Company.

The project has most modem and sophisticated machinery in the section of producing quality fabrics, most modern and sophisticated machinery also included in the dyeing finishing unit to produce quality product. Finally the fabrics will be using in the garments unit to produce Caps and Hats.

Product Mix and Production Capacity:

The annual attainable capacity of the proposed project based on One shift operation for Knitting section and Finishing section  for Garments section per day and working for 300 days in a year.

The annual saleable product of the proposed project based on One shift operation per day of 8(eight) hours each shift and working for 300 days in a year both for Dyeing & Finishing unit and Garments section is 10 hours per day at 100% capacity.

Raw materials

The project will be a Composite unit consisting Fabric dyeing & finishing unit and Garments unit. The product of spinning unit i.e. 2411, 26/1 & 30/1 combed or iMU/Iy.un 1* thf kisif uw  material for Various kinds of Dyos and Chemicals like as Reactive Dyes, Salt, Caustic Soda, Soda ash, Wax, Hydrogen Per-Oxide, Detergent, Softener agent etc will be the basic raw material for its fabric dyeing and Finishing unit, which will be imported. The Dyed and Bleached fabrics are the basic raw materials of its Garments unit, which will be received from its dyeing and finishing unit.

 Dyeing & Finishing


Address: Plot No- 23 – 27, DEPZ (Extention Zone), Ganakbari, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.

Pone: (880-2)

Fax: (880-2) 7788179


07th September 2000


Caps and Hats

Working capital:

USD $5 million



Company Products 
 Management & Organization:

The over all management of the company will be vested with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be formulated company’s policies & guide lines for its day to day business operations. The Managing Director will be the executive head who will look after the business affairs and other logistic supports of the economy. However Managing Director will be assisted by the managerial and technical personnel who will be the directors of the company.

 Conclusion & Recommendation:

From the detail analysis it seems that the Dhakarea ltd technically feasible, economically & commercially rewarding and financially valuable. After implementation of the project will generate direct employment of .25& persons. AI the above measures of investment feasibility of the project indicate that it will be able to generate sufficient revenue from its operation to pay back debt obligation and annual operational expenses. The project is financially desirable & suitable for Bank Financing.

Dhakarea Ltd