Greta Thunberg Perfectly Trolls Flat-Earthers (As A Birthday Treat)

Greta Thunberg Perfectly Trolls Flat-Earthers (As A Birthday Treat)

Flat-eaters have a lot to explain. For starters, they need to explain why we took Earth photos from space. Then they have to explain why no man in the history of the planet has found the last end of the earth, a couple who recently tried to reach the end, said to be somewhere near Sicily. 

On a long list of things that flat-earth people have to account for, they need further explain why, if the Earth is so flat, all the other planets seem to be big old balls around the Sun. This climate activist Greta Thunberg took the shot while posting a tweet about her 18th birthday this week.

He wrote on Twitter, “Thank you so much for wishing me my 18th birthday!” Tonight you will see me unraveling all the dark secrets behind the climate of the local pub- and the conspiracy of the school strike and my evils that can no longer control me until the end! ” 

Thunberg, who specializes in responding to his critics and trolls, says his climate activities are not the result of manipulation by adults because of the dignity of the child before him or that the climate crisis itself is not a conspiracy theory. At its top is the term “Flat Mars Society”, which ridicules this strange belief that the only planet alone – your pick – is flat. Bizarre, flat-soil people already reacted to this idea several years ago, when Elon Musk tweeted “about flat Mars,” asking “why there is no flat Mars association?”

“Hi Elon, thanks for the question,” the Flat-Earth Society responded quite politely on Twitter. “Unlike Earth, Mars has been observed as round. We hope you have a great day!” Environmentalist Thunberg launched the first “School Strike for Climate” movement in 2013, inspiring millions of children to take part. 

He returned to Thunberg School and Activism after a stuck year where he attended the UN Climate Action Summit across the Atlantic, although he had to transfer the activity online due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic.