Flower – Sign of Beauty

Flower – Sign of Beauty

Flower – Sign of Beauty

Introduction: Flowers are the most beautiful creation of God. Their sight is a joy forever. Flowers are a beautiful nature. Bangladesh is a land of beauty. This county is full of natural beauty. Many things are increasing the beauty of this land. Among these, flowers are increasing the beauty of this dreamy land. They are a subject of poetry and no Natural description is complete without reference to flowers.

Kinds of flowers: There are various kinds of flowers in Bangladesh. They are of various colors and hues. Even the same species of flowers exist in several forms and tinges. Some are wildflowers that bloom in the bush without care. Some are grown in the garden. Some are produced for a commercial basis. All flowers differ in size, color, and smell. Some are large, some are small, some are whit some are red, some are yellow and grey. Some beautiful mixed colors. They look picturesque and are a thing of beauty. One is lost in the sight of flowers and thinks of that invincible Power which has created them.

The common flowers of Bangladesh: the Rose, Krishnachura, Palash, Shimul, Rajanigandha, Gandhraj, Bokul, Jui, Balli, Korobi, Chameli, Dalia, Jasmine, Lily, and Lotus are the common flowers of Bangladesh.

Description of the flowers: The rose is called the queen of flowers. It is the most beautiful flower. It is the best of all flowers. It is seen everywhere all over the country. It grows in all seasons. This flower is very favorable to all. It is very sweet-scented. There are many colors of this flower. Anyone can produce this flower anywhere. Nowadays this flower is grown on the roof of the house. The sweet smell of flowers makes the air pleasant to breathe. The scent of flowers is extracted and preserved as perfume.

The Krishnachura, Palash, and Shimul are beautiful flowers. These flowers bloom in the spring. These flowers are red in color. These are found all over Bangladesh. The Champa is another flower. It is also a springtime flower. The color of this flower is golden.

The Sheoli is a small and very soft flower. It is everywhere in Bangladesh. The color of this flower is white. It looks very charming. Marigold is another flower. This flower blooms in the winter. It has various colors, shapes, and sizes. It is normally yellow and golden in color. It looks very beautiful. The Jui, Beli, Kartini are while flowers. These are also very sweet fragrant, the Joba is another flower. It has no scent. It looks red. It blooms all year round. The Korobi, Chameli, Dalia, Jasmine, and many other flowers are seen in Bangladesh. The sunflower blooms in the rainy season. Now, the Soun flower is being produced in order to produce oil.

Usefulness: The flowers are not the only source of beauty but also a source of income. Flowers are used in making sweet-smelling hair oil. They are strung into garlands and with certain people, it is a fashion to wear sweet-smelling garlands in the evening. We use flowers in our everyday life. On various occasions, flowers are used as symbols of love and purity. In the marriage ceremony flowers are used for decorating car, house, and flower poet. The flowers increasing the beauty and gravity of any festivals.

Conclusion: It is known to all that flowers are the most beautiful object of nature. Now, flowers are being produced on a commercial basis. In Bangladesh, flowers have a good prospect. So, each and everybody should take care of flowers for the sake of beauty and purity. Now flowers are not only important for natural beauty but also for money.