Fashionable Leather from Goat Skin

Fashionable Leather from Goat Skin

The Various Types of Fashionable Leather From Goat Skin

Goat skin refers to the skin of a goat, which by long term usage, is denoted by the term Morocco leather.

Tanned leather from goat skin is considered extremely durable and is commonly used to make rugs (for example in Indonesia) and carpet binding. It is often used for gloves, boots, and other products that require a soft hide. Kid gloves, popular in Victorian times, are still made today. It has been a major material for leather bookbindings for centuries, and the oldest European binding, that of the St Cuthbert Gospel in the British Library is in red goat skin. Goat skin is used for a traditional Spanish container for wine bota bag (or called goat skin). Traditional kefir was made in bags from goat skin.

Non tanned goat skin is used for parchment or for drumheads or sounding boards of some musical instruments, e.g., mišnice in medieval Europe,bodhrán in Ireland, esraj in India and for instrumental drum skin named bedug in Indonesia.


Pre-historic people used cloth for wearing to protect the body from cold and rain. With the improvement of leather tanning process, the thinking and trend of human beings have also improved. As a result to make the leather more attractive and fashionable, restless efforts are projecting on that. Such a type of effort is multicolored fashionable effect where upbeat and upgrade technology is going to be met the modern fashion’s desires.

I have designed my project work as follows:

(1) The leathers have to be processed as traditional garment leather.

(2) First step of finishing has to be done with deep colour with knotted condition of leather.

(3)  Secondly,multicolors have to be imposed on that leather

What is Fashion:

Fashion is the representation of personality for a particular purpose to enhance or to maintain life-style.


A good fashionable garment leather should provide the following properties:-

  •   Good light fastness
  •   Good Rub Fastness
  •   Good Strength
  •   Wash ability
  •   pH Value aqueous
  •   Dry Clean ability