Facebook is bringing ads to shorter videos and Stories

Facebook is bringing ads to shorter videos and Stories

Facebook is expanding monetization options for video makers. Videos posted by these creators are for anyone, which means you will probably see more ads. Joao Arnstein, director of Facebook app monetization, wrote in a blog post that producers will now be able to include in-stream ads in short videos as short as one minute – previously the minimum was three minutes. These ads will usually play 30 seconds after a short video.

“Looking ahead, we’re exploring in-stream ad formats that increase engagement through rewards or product interactions – with the goal of helping people increase content creator payments while providing a better viewing experience for people and a way for advertisers to reach a relevant audience.” The company focuses specifically on short-form video monetization,” writes Arnstein, will explore a way to include ads that look like stickers in Facebook stories. Facebook divides revenue from these ads with video creators and says it is also updating the program’s criteria.

To participate, Facebook pages must view for the last videos0 days and all videos for five or more active or live videos (minutes 600,000 minutes or more counted only earlier) time 60 minutes. On the live side, Arnstein wrote that Facebook is taking its in-stream advertising program out of invitation-only mode, which could include creators with over 60,000 minutes of live views in the last 60 days. 

In addition, it will invest million $7 million to encourage the stars to donate free of charge to acquire the stars (virtual currency that fans can use to support the creators).

 Non-advertising products are also continuing their international rollout. The paid online events (launched last summer) are available in 20 countries, with 24 more planned to expand in the coming weeks (including Argentina, Hong Kong and Ireland), while fan subscriptions will be available in more than 25 countries and 10 more, Arnstein wrote. It will present at (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey).