Eye-Tracking MoviePass App Will Pause Ads If You Look Away

Eye-Tracking MoviePass App Will Pause Ads If You Look Away

MoviePass, a program that allows customers to watch movies for a low price, is back, but with a disturbing twist. You’ll have to watch advertisements if you want to “purchase” movies with digital currency earned through their future app. However, you won’t be able to turn on the advertising while making a cup of coffee; instead, the app will use eye-tracking technology to ensure you’re truly watching. If you look away, it will pause until you give it your full attention.

According to Motherboard, Stacy Spikes, co-founder of MoviePass, said, “It’s a way to complete that loop and make it significantly more efficient of a system.” “I’d like to be able to see it for no cost.” Advertisers have put up a pre-show similar to what you’d see at a movie theater, but it’s tailored specifically for you.”

The goal of MoviePass, according to the company, is to prevent advertisers’ material from being unnoticed while also allowing customers to buy movies directly from commercials. “You know what occurred in an early version of this.” People placed their phones down and walked away, paying no attention to them. Currently, 70% of video advertising goes unnoticed. “This is a way for advertisers to have the impact they want while also getting the impact yourself,” Spikes continued.

Your phone’s camera and facial recognition will be constantly used by the technology to ensure that your eyes are always where advertisers want them to be. The user will earn credits that will go into their personal wallet, which they can use to purchase movies, app products, and potentially even stock in the company in the future. This summer, MoviePass will launch with a new app. would you agree to have your eyes followed in order to find cheaper movies?

MoviePass is relaunching as a web3-style app in which users earn credits for movie tickets by watching advertisements. To ensure that you’re truly watching those commercials, the new MoviePass will use facial recognition and eye tracking technology in your phone.

MoviePass has been around since 2011, but it gained traction in 2016 when it introduced a program that allowed users to pay a single charge to see unlimited movies in theaters. A lot of people were able to see a lot of movies for a low price, and the system was never truly sustainable. After repeated attempts to keep it afloat failed, it died in 2019 and declared bankruptcy in 2020.