Extra Crunch Roundup: Unpacking BuzzFeed’s SPAC, Curb your Meeting Enthusiasm, More

Meetings should have a clear purpose, but instead, they have become a way to measure status and reinforce what is significant as CYA culture in conversation. There is a colonel of truth in every joke, so whenever someone asks, “This meeting could be an email!” You can bet that some small part of them means it sincerely.

Very few people know how to conduct meetings effectively and keep conversations on track. To make matters worse, participants often do not hesitate to prepare, which makes boring sessions less productive. And then there’s the complexity of workplace politics: coworkers – or how safe do you feel rejecting an invitation from a manager?

Chuck Phillips, co-founder of Mitwell, said: “Every time a meeting is added to the calendar, a kitten dies.” Very few employees refuse to attend the meeting, even when it is seen that the meeting is becoming too weak.” It’s hard to change the culture of your reunion, but with 26% of workers planning to look for a new job after the epidemic is over, startups should try their best to retain their talent.

Extra Crunch Roundup: Unpacking BuzzFeed’s SPAC, Curb your Meeting Enthusiasm, More

Aiming at managers, this post offers a number of experimental strategies that will help you increase productivity and say goodbye to poorly run, lazily planned meetings. “Denying a bad meeting is never forbidden and you have to have confidence in the team and challenge them and others to spend more time with purpose,” Phillips said. “Help them feel empowered to reject a bad meeting.” Thank you so much for reading Extra Crunch, and a great weekend.

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