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Report on successful business leader

Report on successful business leader


If we would like to represent a successful business leader in Bangladesh. That we have to know about ‘leadership’.

Leading or leadership:

Leading or leadership is define as influence that is the art are process influencing people so that, they will strive willingly an enthusiastically toward the achievement of organizational or group goals.


Leaders are people who can influence the behaviors of others without having to rely on force; leaders are people whom others accept as leaders.

Qualities of leader:

(1) Energy
(2) Proper knowledge of human relation
(3) Emotional stability
(4) Courage in taking risk
(5) Personality
(6) Empathy
(7) Objectively
(8) Presence of personal motivation
(9) Teaching ability
(10) Communicative skill
(11) Co-operative social skill and
(12) Sound knoledge of different affairs.

These are quality of leader must have, we should have take care of it.

“A Successful Business Leader in Bangladesh”

Today we talk about a successful leader, Md. Abdul Karim. Owner of M.A. Electronics Uttara Dhaka. He has excellent track in his educational background. He passed S.S.C and H.S.C with stand 11th and 5th position in Sylhet board. He wasn’t completed his graduation because his family problem.

Md. Abdul Karim. started his carrier as a employee. The first step was employee then he improves step by step. He has a lot of experience in business sector. He starts business 19 years before. New he is owner of more shops. He gets this position for his honesty and policy & his position is so good. Only for his hard work & fresh mentality him step by step get today’s position. He always lead his subordinate his style. He always takes perfect decision and perfect step any situation. He gets this position for efficiency and seniority. Assessment by other big businesses and all of his subordinates one of the important cause of successfulness. He have also energetic power and proper knowledge of human relation. When he face any kind of problem, then he take timely risky decision. He is also great person.

He having ability to know other’s physiology and to empress others. He always take burden and frustration of others. His leading style like participative leadership. Md. Abdul Karim consults with subordinates on proposed actions and decisions and encourages participation. This type of leader ranges the person who does not take action without subordinates concurrence to the one who makes decisions but consults with subordinates doing so. He also satisfied today’s position and his subordinates and authority are satisfied for his performance. But now he try to more improve his position. Md. Abdul Karim now want to get the position of higher Person. So I think he will must be get this position because he is perfect person for this position. If he do work in this way, one day he will get the position chife in Bangladesh business.


Of the above discussion we recommended that, all qualities of a leader have include Md. Abdul Karim. He must be amodel so, need strong personality for influence others. So our best wishes always with this successful leader.