Experience an Exciting Microscopic World with this Digital USB Microscope

Consider the first time you enlarged a single grain of sand—awesome! Consider the amazing sights of cells, germs, and many other previously unseen features that scientists saw for the first time after the invention of the microscope in the late 16th century. Microscopes opened the path for science and discovery, and now the world of “micro” has been digitized for your viewing pleasure. Prepare to elevate your research to a new level of proficiency.

The genuine value of a microscope is determined by its quality and structure, which is why you should look at the Mesay 7-inch HD digital USB microscope. This microscope isn’t your typical microscope; it allows you to examine specimens in unprecedented depth. It features ten brilliant LED lights and one super bright LED that can be adjusted to various brightness levels so you may analyze your specimen in the best conditions possible. Plus, there’s more. Every time you look at it, the 12 million high-definition pixels allow you to see more detail.

Multiple settings are available on the microscope’s 7-inch IPS display to accommodate a variety of observations. Simply plug into your computer’s USB port for amazing computer visualization. Zoom in and out for the greatest perspective point. This microscope has the settings for whatever you’re studying.

The microscope has been around for years, and now you may take advantage of technology advancements that allow you to explore the invisible world of germs on a digital level. With a little help from this amazing instrument, see the world in a whole new and thrilling way—view items that are so little that they are invisible to the naked eye.

The BPM-350 USB digital microscope has a 5.0MP image sensor with powers ranging from 20 to 300. It’s great for examining coins, stamps, minerals, artifacts, insects, plants, skin, gems, circuit boards, diverse materials, and many other things in Medical, Industrial Inspection, Engineering, educational, and Science applications. With the accompanying software, you may magnify photos, record video, take snapshots, and measure with Windows Win7, Win 8, Win 10 32bit&64bit, and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher operating systems.