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Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption in Bangladesh

Corruption means adoption in unfair ways to achieve something being without morality and by defying the regulations of a country. At the moment, corruption has become the most devastating problems in Bangladesh. According to the each year reports of transparency international Bangladesh is among the most corrupted country on the World.

There are a variety of causes behind corruption. Unemployment, lack of beneficial governance, lack of morality, inadequacy regarding salary, political instabilities and so on. Have led to our expansion of corruption.

Within Bangladesh, corruption has engulfed the administrative, commercial, political plus social sectors also financial sectors. It has enlarged its paw in Education sector too. Law enforcing agencies are classified as the most corrupted department in Bangladesh according to the TIB Report. Forms of corruption: the most usual type of corruption is bribery. Nonetheless, there are other types of corruption too, such as in equal distribution of Government funds, sharing of relief’s because of the off icicles, nepotism in public areas services etc.

Corruption problem lames a nation. The Country gets an undignified launch and opportunity worldwide. It minimizes the likelihood for foreign investments. Presently, it has turned into an impediment on the development of our nation. Moreover, economic disparity among people is becoming more acute.

What to do to prevent corruption:

For that reason, it is time is time for all of us to halt and reduce corruption. Anti-corruption commission was already formed to prevent this problem. Besides, it is essential to upgrade the morality and human baled in the people in Bangladesh. Political leaders, religious view, teachers and media can play a highly effective role in this regard. Media can also require a strong stand against problem. In addition, good governance, boost of job facilities along with strict enforcement of authorized rules can ensure elimination of corruption. Finally, we must create awareness among people against corruption.

It is corruption which has hampered the progress of our own country. Therefore, Goivernment also all of us must raise a campaign to combat broidery and to get a better and corruption free Bangladesh.