Discipline means obedience to some sort of rules and regulations. It is necessary for every walk of life. Discipline aims at maintaining social integration, accommodation, harmony order, and the like. The absence of discipline must be chaos and disorder. It is necessary at home, schools, colleges, and offices. It is an essential condition for the progress of national life as well as human civilization.

No single being in the world is absolutely independent. Discipline can lead a man to progress and prosperity. From the very beginning of man’s life on earth, the man felt the need of maintaining an orderly and ultimately evolved human society. In society man has to abide by some accepted rules and principles, he has to adjust himself to the changing and growing pattern of the environment and society.  Obedience to rules does not make a personal slave, it makes it possible for him to enjoy freedom. This is why he needs discipline very much. Without discipline, prosperity can come neither in the life of an individual nor in the life of a community.

Discipline is seen in nature. It makes one a good citizen, too. So, it is necessary that we practice discipline from our childhood. Every morning the sun rises in the east, the city follows night, birds sing and the plants blossom. Everywhere in nature, there is a harmony. If there were no discipline in nature, there would have been chaos everywhere.

Basic education and training are necessary to prepare one for the society into which he is born and with which he is to share his aspirations when he grows up. The students must listen to the teachers in the classroom. It can also be learned in the playground. All the players must obey the captain. The educational institutions do this. A student learns to respect his teachers and superiors, he learns to love his younger. Habits of maintaining a disciplined life are created in student life and this is really very important.

Discipline is a very important factor in the playground. The players must obey their captain. They must obey the orders of the referee. Otherwise, there will be no unity and co-operation. If a team does not maintain the discipline it can never defeat other teams.

Discipline is strictly maintained in the Army. The soldiers must carry out the orders of their commanders. Every soldier must follow certain rules and obey the orders of the commander. Victory in the war depends on the military discipline. In family, life discipline is an important thing to maintain peace. All the members of the family must obey the head of the family. Discipline is maintained in offices and organizations in order to regulate everything in order. In a word, discipline is needed in every sphere of our life.

Discipline is not to deny individual freedom. If there is no discipline in one’s life, he is sure to fail. It teaches one the virtue of universal brotherhood. A family, which has discipline, is always happy. It is a discipline that can prevent all kinds of violence and criminal activities in society. So, we should have discipline in our life.