Define Marketing Plan

Define Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan:

Marketing plan includes many things, these are as follows-

  • Pricing:

We should make our product pricing according to the customer’s paying ability. We also concern about the pricing strategy of our competitors. We should set the flexible price from the competitors.

  • Distribution:

We directly distribute our products. Because if distribute directly of our products we may get the pricing advantages from our competitors.

  • Promotion:
  • At first, we want to say that our products & services are the main promotional tools of our business. That means if we

provide quality products customer will interested about our product. Additionally we can use the newspaper add. Magazine adds. Etc.

  • Control:

We should control of our whole business. We obviously maintain of our all business sectors. For our better performances, we should control & monitor all over of our business by which we can quality products & services.