Internet Marketing opportunity in bVcreatives Inc

Internet Marketing opportunity in bVcreatives Inc

Internet Marketing opportunity in bVcreatives Inc

bVcreatives Inc. is one of the industry pioneer for Image Editing and Graphics Design based industry.The company is primary base is in Texas, USA. The company is providing service to many international companies with best quality Image Editing & Graphics Designing services. The story of establishment of this company is very simple. The Company was founded by Mr Mohamamd Kabir and Mr kawsar ahmed nirob and times later it turned out to be a successful venture. The Company is successfully running the business online for over a long years. It was small business and turned into a large corporation. The company is successfully maintaining the international standard while providing quality service to its customers.


Primary objective

The primary objective of this report are to understand organizational working capability and real life work environment.Apart from that there are some other objectives which are given below.

  • Understand how actually an business can have multiple aspects and dimension over Internet.
  • Learn how theoretical business practice can be implemented into practical life.
  • Know how professional people deals with growing market and its demand.
  • Learn organizational etiquette,culture and norms.

Secondary objective

The secondary objective was to fulfill the internship report and complete the business task in here.

Company Overview

bVcreatives Inc. is one of the leading photo editing company in Bangladesh.The company was founded by Mr Mohammad Kabir . The company is partnership in nature. It have numerous foreign customers. The company was established to deliver its service with a long term commitment. To keep that commitment the company providing best of its services .

The customer of bVcreatives inc. includes

  • Ecommerce shop
  • Fashion house
  • Photographers
  • Graphics designer’s
  • Advertisement houses
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Printing houses

Many other types of industries related with photo editing needs.

Human Resource Team

The human resource team of the company comprises 100+ employees who are constantly working in 2 shift to deliver high quality work. In the organization there are executive level employees and Higher level company executives who are watching over the whole activity.



bVcreatives Inc. provides the following bundle of services to all client companies. The company provides customer with about 25 type of service. Among all some are mostly and frequently asked. Those services are the major source of revenue for the company.

Clipping Path service:

(1) Clipping path is basically image editing service which is done for the e commerce companies and fashion houses and other photo editing related services. This service is bVcreatives inc.’s most asked service. So the company is providing this service at it’s best.

(2) Image Shadowing service: This service in photoshop is done to make shadow of a particular object. When there are graphics design houses and photographers with image editing needs and they wants to process bulk amount images, they look for professional photo editing company like bVcreatives Inc.

(3) Image Masking service: This photo editing service is done after clipping path or complex photoshop work . For example hair masking, fur masking. This kind of particular object needs masking service.

(4) High-end Photo Retouching & Restoration service: This photo editing service is done to refine and retune an image . When an object needs to be visually optimized and needs higher impression to be made on those time images are photo retouched.


(5) Magazine Layout Design and Newspaper Ad Design service: There are magazines and newspaper company which are always in need of good layout and design. For those companies professional photo editing company like bVcreatives Inc. adds extra value.

(6) Raster to Vector Conversions service: This service is needed to make vector image. To make conversion on those image raster to vector is done.

Apart from this primary services the company also provides other type of photo editing services according to customer specifications and many other types of services including The company offers the service of, Image Editing, Background Removal, Image Manipulation, Image Masking, Image Cutout Services, Color Correction, Graphics Design, Logo/Brochure Design.

Company policy

The reasons the company is currently doing a great performance in the market are given below:

  1. The company produces works with 50% lower cost than USA & Europe market.
  2. The company has the best turnaround time with 12 to 24 hours.
  3. The company also have dedicated manager & feedback which the company can deliver within 10 minutes.
  4. Over 100 designers set up.
  5. Free Test work.
  6. Strong Infrastructure with the back up of 24/7 up-time technology support.


The company have many competitor right now who are playing in the market. Some of them are working fully and with aggressive online marketing policy in the market .

Tradexcel Graphics:

Tradexcel Graphics Limited (TGL) is a graphic design house and pre-press dedicated for B2B supports. They do graphic design and image editing services as for for advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers, printing & publishing companies around the globe. They are a strong competitor for bVcreatives Inc.

Clipping Path India:

Clipping Path India is another offshore graphics design company which have a good pagerank in google and presents strong online threat for bVcreatives Inc.The company consists of a group of highly skilled DTP professionals and provides similar services . The company founded by Atiqur Sumon.

Clipping Path Family

This one is another company with a good website.The company is in the industry for several years. The company covers many aspect of Image Editing, UI Designs and Identity Designs at affordable rates. This company possess online threat for bVcreatives Inc.

Besides this company there are other company which also possess a good amount market threat for bVcreatives Inc.

Critical Analysis

In the critical analysis part I have analyzed the company with several types strategic business tools. This tools are very basic but useful to get the clear idea about a company.

SWOT Analysis

Narratively I have described all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the organization. Strengths and weaknesses are internal to the organization and represent its internal environment while opportunities and threats correspond to the environment outside the organization.


  • It have well structured production team.
  • Good management system
  • Loyal customer’s
  • Industry demand


  • Less clients
  • Seasonal customers
  • Weaker marketing team


  • Growing industry
  • Market demand
  • Scope of Internet marketing
  • stronger Online presence and marketing


  • threat of emerging Competitor.
  • Threat of European countries competitor.
  • Changing technology

PEST analysis:

PEST analysis is needed to know how the political,economical,social and technological environment is working behind the business growth


Politics have a lot less to do with this business. As the business have nothing to do with local market it don’t bother the business at all.


The country’s economic condition has worked as deterrent for the business. As the business need cheap and economic manpower , the economic condition became something positive for it.


Social condition have no crucial impact on bVcreatives Inc.’scompany activity. The company have run successful business activity with their customers all over the world


As the company uses graphics design tools and softwares it needs to be updated with the changing technology. It uses software like adobe photoshop in the production department.

Porter 5 force analysis

Porter’s 5 force analysis is an necessary tool for to understand the strategic environment around the company.

Threat of new entry

For the company there is a constant threat of new entry. The business model simple and there are many ways the company can do this.In this industry the barrairs to entry and economies of scale is not working in that mannar

Supplier power

There is no supplier beside the production team. The production team which is working 24 hours can be treated as supplier. However in this industry it is not possible for them to dictate price or put any kind of condition.

Buyer power

Customers of these company is all over the world and they can negotiate with the price as their are significant amount of competitor’s. Sometimes the buyer or customer have their in house production team for which they don’t take the service outside.

Threat of substitution:

For bVcreatives inc. thier customer’s in house production service can work as an threat of substitution. Beside that there is no similar easier technology which actually can work as a threat for the company right now.


Competitive rivalry:

There are so many competitors for bVcreatives Inc. right now. The company have competitors in both local market and international market. Both type of competitor’s are threat to the company. To win the competition the company need to focus on their clients.

Internet Marketing

Current online activities

bVcreatives Inc. is currently present in major social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,google+ . The company is also running many of its activity trough online. Email is a good online communication method for bVcreatives Inc. The company uses a good amount of email exchanging for doing communication with its clients. The company has gone through several online paid marketing to get potential market.

Online opportunity

The type of business the company is now in nature, it have maximum potential online growth. The business can do maximum marketing expansion over online. Currently the company is doing basic form of business to business marketing . However the company has potential market opportunity in other form of online marketing. Company website can be a good source of customers and to create that source of customer Company have to take some major initiative.

Major Job Responsibilities:

I was being hired as Business Development Executive intern in the company and was under supervision of Mr Omar Khaium. I was working for internet marketing development.

Website research

The Company’s social media website had several technical problems which I found out in the website research. There were several HTML code error and also bugs which can be a threat to website security.

Search Engine Optimization

Now, As bVcreatives Inc has the infrastructure and low cost labor of human resources for which It could go for external clients through Digital marketing and increased web presence. That would be a additional value proposition for the company.

Web Usability Checking

First I had to find out current website’s user interface and its user experience .So My first task was to check the Web usability of the company.In doing that I had to make several analysis.

Keyword research

The company website need to research its keyword for better targeting and improve search engine ranking online. I had to keyword research for it . Later on I did keyword research through following steps.

  1. Brainstorming.
  2. Using online tools
  3. Google adwords

I sorted important keywords for the company which would increase the search engine ranking.

Online brand presence improvement

The company had higher chance of improving the brand presence online.To improve the brand presesne online existance needed to increased. The process of brand presence have the same effect on improving search engine ranking factor.

Website Content writing

There were company information pages and service describing content were missing which I had to write. I wrote Keyword optimized website content for the Website. There were scope for blog which could have been an additional Search engine ranking factor for the company.

Visual content creation

Visual content were needed to make the website social media pages active and engaging. To improve the social media presence I made some visual contents for it. Those specific content had the chance to increase the brand presence.

Social Media Optimization

The company’s social media pages had to be improved and I was looking into the company’s social media Profile’s. I made campaign and strategies to improve the social media presence.

Findings and Recommendation

I would make several internet marketing recommendation for the Company. those are given below.

  1. If the company can understand about it’s potential marketing channels, it can do aggressive promotional activity to grab the market.
  2. The company website can be a Major channel for the company’s marketing activities.
  3. The company website have several dysfunctionalities which indicates lack of professionalism. So that technical area need to be recovered.
  4. Company Web user experience can be made more market promotional. The company have a potential opportunity in search engine and social media. Hence it can improve this part of the business.
  5. Search engine optimization of the company also can be improved at large extent. That improvement would bring more customer for the company.


I have learnt so many valuable things from this company. The work experience I got from this company is going to be a milestone and background for my career. The actual thing I would say I learned from this company, is my strengths which got out on the working environment and my weaknesses which I was being corrected by my supervisors and seniors in the offices. It was worth doing intern in a company like bVcreatives Inc.