Databricks Co-Founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi is Coming to TC Sessions: SaaS

Databricks Co-Founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi is Coming to TC Sessions: SaaS

In many industries, Databrix has become synonymous with modern data warehouses and data lakes. Since the key issues are what modern technologies are doing around managing their data, data engineering, and building machine-learning models – and since Databrix is ​​at the top of startups that provide these services on platforms like SaaS, KTC is better than joining us at sessions: 27 October Databrix co-founder and CEO Ali Ghodsi than Saas. Ghodsi co-founded Handwriting Databrix in 2013 with a handful of partners with the idea of ​​commercializing the open source Apache Spark Analytics engine for big data processing.

As with many open-source companies, PhD, Ghosh from Sweden’s KTH / Royal Institute of Technology, and whose research focused on distributed computing, was one of the key developers of the Spark engine. At Databrix, he first served as VP of an engineering and product management company before becoming CEO at 2013 engineering.

Under his leadership, Databrix has reached a $28 billion valuation and has now raised a total of $1.9 billion. Companies’ bets on open source, data, and AI are clearly paying off, and unlike some of its competitors, Databrix has outperformed the trends (and part of the luck was partly with the rise of trends) machine learning, really benefiting the company as well). Despite repeated rumors that Microsoft and others have been trying to acquire the company in recent years, Ghodsi and his board has clearly decided they want to remain independent.

Instead, Databrix has cleverly partnered with all major cloud players, starting with Microsoft, which actually provided the service with a prime placement in its Azure cloud computing service and user interface that has never been heard of before. Most recently, the company brought its platform to Google Cloud. Ghosh will join us at TC sessions: Sauce to talk about building its organization, raising funds for crazy assessments, and talking about what the future of data management looks like in the AI ​​space.

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