Cover Letter Format for Dietitian/Nutritionist Sample

Cover Letter Format for Dietitian/Nutritionist Sample

Cover Letter Format for Dietitian/Nutritionist Sample

The (designation),

(Company/Organization Name)

Subject: Application for the post of dietitian/nutritionist

Dear Sir/Madam,

I saw your advertisement in the (Newspaper name) on (Date). I want to express my interest for the position of dietitian/nutritionist post in your company/organization. It attracted me as I am doing well in the same field. The requirements of yours are a perfect match for my skills and capabilities. I have recently completed my Masters degree in (Nutrition and Dietetics) from (Institution Name) and holding a short term diploma of health science.

Currently I am working as a dietitian in (company/organization) and I am particularly responsible for helping people make health-conscious. My experience includes assessing clients and then planning, developing and directing nutritional care activities for them. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their health at peak. I am highly concerned about my work, apart from this I consider health care as my obligation. You will find me considerate and sincere towards my work.

At personal level I am also concerned with an academy guiding and counselling people for their health care. I further wish to join hands with company/organization like yours to motivate and guide people and make them able to achieve their aim to get physically fit.

My resume is enclosed which will elaborate my personality, education, working experience and gained diplomas further, I would be a marvelous chance for me to be considered against the respective post.

I shall be looking forward a pleasing response.

Yours sincerely,

Name: XYZ

Date: xx-xx-xx