Human Resource Management

Concept of Human Resource Strategy

Concept of Human Resource Strategy

HR strategies are both derived from and contribute to the formulation of the organization’s strategy. Embedded within and flowing out of HR strategy is staffing strategy. Staffing strategy reflects several key decisions about how to acquire and deploy the organization’s workforces. These decisions then guide more specific HR and staffing planning.

The concept of Human Resource Strategy (HR Strategy)

The word strategy can be understood as a long-range direction and scope of an organization. HR strategy focuses on the organizational objectives as well as the human resource management function of the organization. It provides a framework to achieve organizational goals and objectives. It develops a grand plan about how the company is going to achieve the desired result and how to compete with other rival firms. It also focuses on how the resources are employed effectively an efficiently.  So, it is a designation for a long-term plan created to achieve objectives in the field of human resource and human capital management and development in the organization.

In the light of it, Human resource strategy can be defined as a process which helps management anticipate and manage the rapidly increasing changes. is long-term and focuses on workforce planning and workforce development from a forward-thinking perspective. It is concerned with long-range direction and scope of HR activities in the organization. It is a broad action plan designed to accomplish the goals and objectives of human resource management function in the organization. It usually follows a global strategy and includes specific goals in human resources and a schedule for implementation – through projects or other actions and tasks. Moreover, it is concerned with establishing a relationship between long-range HR direction and business strategy. It involves philosophy that people are managed in an organization and they are integrated with business strategy.

It can be assessed that HR strategy is primarily concerned with the philosophy of managing and mobilization of human resources in the organization to achieve the long-range business strategy an management goals. Human resource strategy is based on:

  • Managing HR strengths in the organization,
  • Managing competitive capabilities of HR,
  • Translating people into personnel policies and practices,
  • Integrating people with business strategy.


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