Characteristics of HR Strategy

HR strategies are both derived from and contribute to the formulation of the organization’s strategy. Embedded within and flowing out of HR strategy is staffing strategy. Staffing strategy reflects several key decisions about how to acquire and deploy the organization’s workforces. These decisions then guide more specific HR and staffing planning.

Characteristics of HR Strategy

Important characteristics of HR strategy are as follows:

1. Objective Oriented

HR strategy focuses on the organizational objectives as well as the human resource management function of the organization. It is prepared to realize certain well-defined objectives of the organization.

2. Future Oriented

HR strategy is formulated to supply a sufficient number and kind of employees in the future to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Hence, it is the future-oriented mechanism.

3. Competitive Advantage

HR strategy focuses on the competitive advantage in the market in the sense that it makes people more and more strategic to achieve their goals. Hence, it accepts people as strategic resources in the organization.

4. Environmental Adaptation

HR strategy helps in adopting any sort of change that has occurred in the environment. Its plans and procedures are designed and implemented as per the environmental change.

5. Efficiency Development

HR strategy develops the skill, knowledge, and ability of employees and makes them competitive. As a result, of which the efficient employees can be mobilized in the organization for a longer period of time.


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