Company Offers Employees Pods to Masturbate In, Complete With VR Headsets

Company Offers Employees Pods to Masturbate In, Complete With VR Headsets

As an employee perk, a corporation has taken the uncommon step of providing pods for workers to masturbate in while at work — which is generally things like a dental plan or free coffee. Stripchat, a Cyprus-based pornographic website, has placed four pods for its 200 employees, who will be able to use them during 30-minute paid breaks during work hours (aka to jack it). The pods were installed to assist staff in coping with the stress of the COVID-19 epidemic. With 200 employees sharing four pods, they may have underestimated the tension and embarrassment of queuing for onanism at work.

The pods, which resemble huge futuristic balls, have 4K displays, Oculus Quest VR headsets, tissues, and a nice chair in which to masturbate. It will also not constitute BYOL, as the employer will offer lubrication. Surprisingly, this isn’t the first firm to provide masturbation breaks. Due to the anxiety individuals were feeling during the epidemic, Erika Lust Films, which employs 36 people, began allowing staff to take 30-minute masturbation breaks last year. Instead of a high-tech ball, this business went for a more low-tech approach, creating a “masturbation station.”

“With the epidemic and the massive upheaval in how we live our lives,” owner Erika Lust stated at the time, “I began to see that my staff had gotten slightly irritated and were functioning with less vitality than before.” “So, knowing that only one thing will make everyone happy, I’ve put up a private masturbation station for everybody to enjoy.” The firm’s head of communications suggested that the break might be beneficial to the company as well.

“Imagine a group of happy employees, their creative juices flowing and being productive because they’ve set aside some time to pamper themselves,” she explained. “A masturbation break at work can help your staff be more focused, have less anger, be more productive, and work together better.” These masturbation breaks might have more impacts than just stress alleviation, since some research show orgasms offer health advantages ranging from relieving a stuffy nose to lowering prostate cancer risk.