Apple Just Dropped a whole Bunch of OS Updates and WWDC Info

Apple Just Dropped a whole Bunch of OS Updates and WWDC Info

How is your Monday, if you are Apple’s answer is probably “too busy” to “gaaaaaaah.” It could be somewhere. The company today dropped a whole bunch of new OS updates, including iOS, Max, watchOS and TVOS, from the upcoming Global Developers Conference, which will launch (practically) next June. In fact, iOS and iPadOS are the headlines here – for no other reason than if it would affect most devices.

The public release of iOS / iPadOS 14.6 brings a number of great features, including a podcast subscription announced at a recent hardware event and the Apple Card Family add-on. Allowing former podcasters to charge for subscriptions to their shows (imagine it!), Apple has taken a 30% commission for the first year. Which will be halved in a year? Next time, Apple makes it possible for cardholders to effectively split a card with different responsibilities. CEO Tim Cook mentioned during the announcement:

[Introducing the Apple Card] One of the things that became clear to us in the beginning was the lack of fairness in the way the industry calculated credit scores when there were two credit card holders. One of you got the benefit of building a good credit history and the other didn’t. We want to reinvent the way it works. 

MacOS 11.4 comes with additional graphics cards, several bug fixes and support for paid podcast subs like the new iOS. In addition to additional health features in Malaysia and Peru, the Apple Card family TVS / HomePod 14.6 for the last part of Ditto and the new watchOS 7.5, along with cost tracking for the Apple Card, is already bringing some color balance changes to the bug fix and the former. In addition to all of this, the company also announced this year’s Virtual WWDC programming slate.

The PT will start at 10 am in June with the main speech. This is where the latest version of all of the above will announce big news – and, hopefully, some hardware as well. At 2 p.m., the agency will provide more information to the union on its annual Platform State.