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Common Steps for Employee Selection Process

Common Steps for Employee Selection Process

Employee Selection Process

Employee selection can range from a very simple process to a very complicated process depending on the firm hiring and the position. It is a step by step process which will be completed only after the successful voyage of a series of activities. Then only desired result will be obtained. The purpose of the selection process is to pick up the most suitable candidate who would meet the requirements of the job in an organization best, to find out which job applicant will be successful if hired.

The successive stages in the selection process are as follows:

Application Form Evaluation

The selection process begins with the evaluation of application forms generated by the recruitment process. Under it, the applications received from different individuals are evaluated to assess whether they have met the specifications mentioned earlier.

Screening Application

After receiving and evaluating applications they need to be screened out by the screening committee in order to filter out the misfit candidate. And a list of qualified candidates is prepared who are supposed to perform well in the organization if hired. Applicants may be asked to appear for an interview on some specific criteria such as sex, desired age group, experience, qualifications, etc.

Selection Tests

The candidates who pass preliminary evaluation and screening hurdles are called for tests. Generally, these tests are used to assess the ability, aptitude, and personality of prospective candidates. Hence, a selection test is referred as a systematic and standardized procedure of sampling human behavior in order to obtain qualified applicants for organizational activities.

Selection Interview

The selection interview is known as employment interview or final interview. This step of the selection process is concerned with a face-to-face interaction between interviewee and interviewers. If conducted carefully and properly. It is based on the in-depth conversation which probes the areas of information that cannot be depicted by screening or selection tests. It evaluates a candidate’s acceptability in the organizational workplace.

Reference Check

The next step in the selection process is to undertake an investigation on the background, qualification. experience of the potential candidates who will appear as an employee in future. The major implication of checking reference is to verify information provided by the applicant and also to obtain additional feedback on an application.

Medical Check

Medical check screens out those employees who are not mentally and physically fit for the work. The prime objective of conducting medical check is to have proper matching of job requirement with the physical fitness of the prospective candidates.

Final Employment Decision

This is the last step of the selection process which is concerned with hiring decision. After passing all the selection hurdles, when the applicant is formally appointed for placement, this is called final selection. Under it, the applicant is given a job offer by the competent authority.


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