Child tweets nonsense from official us military account

Child tweets nonsense from official us military account

On Monday, the US Strategic Command – the agency that controls the military – tweeter a bizarre character that has confused the Internet and perhaps mildly concerned. Of course occasionally Twitter and the world “; l; There is no problem with “gmlxzssaw” broadcast. However, Stratcom helps monitor and operate the country’s nuclear arsenal.
Therefore, any error or potential hack, no matter how small, justifies a raised eyebrow. Fortunately, it turned out that nothing naughty happened and the tweets deleted from it stemmed from regular old nonsense – although the incident revealed an unimaginable lack of judgment and protection within a high-profile military organization. Tactical Command quickly apologized for the tweet but did not specify what was going on. Therefore, Daily tweet has applied for a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to access the records of related agencies.
What they found was that the person behind this Twitter account had left the window open and saw an opportunity for their little baby mayhem. No hidden code no official hack – just a kid running his or her hands across the keyboard and pressing the post button.

In an official response to Strategic Command about the Daily Dot, FOAIA Director Mandel Cooper made it very clear that the tweet not linked to a hack, as any misconceptions about what might have happened could be more troublesome than admitting to a particularly silly backstory. The response read, “Absolutely nothing disgusting happened,” meaning that there was no need to hack our Twitter account. The post discovered and notice received that it happened over the telephone to delete.”

An indescribable tweet created by the US Strategic Command (USRST.com) on Sunday produced a small kid, Daily Dot learned. The tweet deleted after a while. USSTRATCOM has issued an apology for a follow-up tweet and asked users to “ignore” the previous post.

Given the role of USRST.com, Twitter users began to joke that the company had inadvertently sent a nuclear launch code. This tweet was used by QAnon followers further their conspiracy theories. However, it turns out that the tweet was just an accident. USSTRATCOM requests the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and learns that a small child created this tweet.