Organizational Behavior

Business Communication on Pride Groups

Business Communication on Pride Groups

Business communication helps us to overcome the problems created because of misunderstanding in an organization. Through business communication we can learn how to contact other organizations and with the people working in our organization and communication teach us how to communicate with the people or the organization.

Topic: Business Communication on Pride Groups

Communicating with an organization is not very easy. Either you need.some powerful connection or someone familiar in the organization.

  • We talked with the Executive Director Of the Company.
  • We asked him some questions about his organizations communication system.
  • He gave the permission to collect the documents we need. But not  the documents which are important and confidential for the organization.
  • He told us that some documents are very confidential that an ordinary person cannot have even if he knows someone important in the company.
  • Because these are company rules and some of the documents they don’t even have in their organization.

Through this assignment we learnt a lot of things about an organizations communication system. We learn from their faults. After talking with them we know that maintaining communication in an organization is a very tough thing. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to control such organization. During this assignment we all gain a very little experience ourselves. It will help us in the future.