Become a Confident Urban Sketcher for $40

Become a Confident Urban Sketcher for $40

You are struck by the backdrop and enraptured by not only the physicality, but the essence of the scene in front of you as you stroll through the streets of the city, and by “city” we mean anything from a quaint little village seemingly in the middle of nowhere to a booming metropolis that seems to go on forever. Sure, you could take a picture, but would it truly capture the atmosphere? Why not channel your inner artist and create your own creative interpretation of the story? This Urban Sketching Course will teach you how. Drawing and painting urban settings have probably existed since there have been urban scenes to sketch or paint.

But it wasn’t until 2009 that Gabriel Campanario, a Spanish journalist and illustrator, founded Urban Sketchers as a nonprofit organization to, among other things, connect people all over the world who draw in the places where they live and travel, thereby promoting the art and increasing its popularity. “Not to be beautiful, but to represent what it feels like to be human,” according to one definition of urban sketch. Urban sketching, like many other creative forms, allows you to express yourself and interpret what you observe in your own unique manner. 

Additionally, art has been shown to alleviate tension and provide a sense of serenity. The nicest thing is that you can do it almost anywhere as long as you have your sketchbook and equipment with you. Enroll in the 2022 Urban Sketching Bundle to join the community of urban sketchers. You’ll be taken through 10 classes, each concentrating on a different subject, including sketching a classic American 1940 Harvester Truck, a wonderful village picture, a historic English city scene, and a charming Tudor style building, ending in a Certificate in Urban Sketching.

These seminars, taught by Ian Fennelly, an urban sketcher who says he “does art in a busy place while gazing at buildings and street furniture,” equip students with the information, skill, and inventiveness they need to produce amazing works of art. The standard price for lifetime access to more than 20 hours of training and 10 seminars is $319. For just $39.99, you can get this package right now.