Assignment on The Grand Hotel Limited

Assignment on The Grand Hotel Limited


The “Grand Hotel” is situated in the prime location of Dhaka city which has a previous history of being one of the most ancient hotels of the city from the time it was made. It was back in 1939 when the hotel was build when there were British flags flying across the Indo-Pak sub continent later which was transformed as the East Pakistan which got it’s independence back as today’s Bangladesh in the year 1971. It keeps good tracks of various records, which gives a nostalgic feeling amongst those who come even once to stay in the hotel.

The hotel review was significant for us in order to maintain a well and sound knowledge about how the whole process works with it’s practical implications. It is the foremost important fact that we are here to show different aspects of how the whole hotel categorizes it’s format of putting different stages of the costs, the booking system, the types of food item, the profile etc

Origin of the report

The report titled as, “The Grand Hotel”, is to be submitted on 03rd August 2008 to the course instructor Mr.Arif Rana (Lecturer, School of Business) who authorized and assigned us to do this report.

 Background of the report

The report titled as, “The Grand Hotel”, is originated from the partial requirement of the course Compute Application in Business. It is actually a joint student – faculty learning experience, where the students learn the impact of how to make use of MS Excel , its functions,  on a particular topic including other various applications of computer in the field of business .

Objective of the report

This report seeks overall information about use of Ms Excel in a hotel’s registration format. By this report we tried to represent the actual way of how a hotel’s booking system or cost works. Basically there are two objectives behind doing this report, and they are as follows:

  • The first and the foremost objective of the report is to fulfill the partial requirement   of the course Computer Applications in Business.
  • The second objective of the report is to understand how the practical implications of computer works in the real world.

Benefit of the report

The best part of this report is that the students get the opportunity to practically implement the various applications of making the format by using the computer. It also helps the students to understand the concept of application in the practical field. This will help the students to enhance their knowledge and well as know how to work well in the real world.

Limitations of the report

Although it was really an interesting experience to find out how the whole system of registration is made through practical application but we had to face our share of limitations while preparing the report and those limitations were:

  • Time Constraints.
  • Lack of proper comprehensiveness.
  • The required information were quite scattered and hence to compile it was quite a difficult a task

How the report is made?

The report is done on the basis of the Hotel. It is mostly important as it impresses certain group of people who does read mostly about ancient hotels  The report mentions the framework of the hotel’s registration format. By analyzing it is being found that how useful it is and in what format the information are show.

The viewed topics

A hotel registration format is designed in such a way that it shows a variety of exquisite formats the way it is presented. The outline of the pages of the registration format is framed in an unified manner. Different topics are shown on the screen and they all are presented with different headlines. The format of the paper is completely different on the web as it has some especial advantages.


The Introductory Page shows how the whole criteria of the hotel is being entered. It contains a button that shows the word PRESS by pressing which one can enter the Booking List of the hotel. The Main Page is given to enter the next page and the page after that is entered from the previous page.

The Booking List:

     It gives the complete information about the customer’s required information

      to keep a  record of the customer. It consists of room numbers which shows

      us which room the customer has taken to stay in the hotel. It keeps the track

      records of the flight name which shows by which airline the customer has

      arrived. It gives the idea of which category the customer fits in while he or she

      is given the room . The categories are divided as VIP, VVIP, ECONOMY. It has

      also got the provision of whether the customer will take lunch or not provided

      whether he is a vegetarian or not. The number of days he will stay in the hotel

      , the cost per day as well as the total cost.

Make a booking:

       Here in this category there is detailed information of how the booking form

       is made  The form starts with the inputs of customer names where the names

       of the customers are stored , then comes the input for passport numbers

       Which shows the passport numbers of the customers staying in the hotel

       Then comes the room number that is the room in which the customer will

       Stay . How long will the customer stay, the cost of stay per day. It also

       Includes whether the customer will take lunch or not as well  the type in

       Which he or she fits.

The Cost:

       It implies mainly on the total costs of the hotel. It gives the amount of the

       Total annual revenue, which includes the traffic revenue, the subscripted

       Revenue along with other incomes. It also has the total operating expenses,

       Operating profit, then profit after tax and lastly the profit of the year.

Our Views

While achieving good sources of information while doing this assignment we have concluded with the fact that computer application is an outstanding aspect for the society and one of the most intimate and adequate necessity for all of us. It is not only to serve the nation but it talks what we want to say. It creates an opportunity for all of us to be innovative and full of knowledge in technological arena.


 So the Grand Hotel  is a very important experience for all of us to know how to apply the different programs in the computer  and it is not abided with any limit. Most importantly the whole world is getting mostly dependent on the computer. So in order to stay more attached to the advance world creating new diversity has become a vital issue for all of us. There for the “Grand Hotel” includes all simple examples which includes technology which is the systematic application of scientific or other organized knowledge to practical task. It can be the most organized form of presenting information to all. It is mostly needed for our corporate world, besides the world is on the doorway of technological advancement. It clearly states the sign of better future for the whole human race.