Assignment on SWOT Analysis and Target Market Analysis of Radio Foorti

Assignment on SWOT Analysis and Target Market Analysis of Radio Foorti

1. Executive Summery

Radio is one of the best entertainment media for human being. We are happy to inform you that our radio station remains strong in all key areas covering FM frequency. It is a huge marketplace used by millions of people all over the main city in Bangladesh. It is capable of attracting vast listeners with their various kinds of enjoyable programs. For this purpose, Radio foorti primarily focuses on music. And also transmitted some of the programs like that Hello Dhaka, Dhaka Calling, Hot Seat, Bhoot fm etc. Hot Seat happens to be the most popular show of Radio Foorti. The market position of the radio Foorti is 88% in the FM radio sector.

2. Introduction:

Radio is one of the marvelous inventions of sciences. It carries our voice to the farthest corner of the world. Last years have seen an increase in Bangladeshi radio channels, especially during the BNP-led four party alliances. Radio Foorti is one of the very popular Bangladesh-based FM radio station. At the beginning Radio Foorti focuses on music. Now a days, its transmited different kinds of programs regularly like – Hello Dhaka, Amar 88, Dhaka Calling, Seven Eleven, Foorti Unlimited etc.

A SWOT Analysis is used to identify and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a business.

3. FM Radio:

Recent years have seen an upsurge in Bangladeshi radio channels, especially during the BNP-led four party alliances. Below is a list of channels up linked from Bangladesh:

a) National

  • Bangladesh Betar FM 94.50, FM 103.20, FM 105.50
  • Traffic Broadcast Station FM 97.60

FM Stations

  • Radio ABC FM 89.2 MHz
  • Radio Aamar FM 88.4 MHz in Dhaka and FM 101.4 MHz in Chittagong
  • Radio Foorti FM 88.0 MHz in Dhaka, FM 98.4 MHz in Chittagong and FM 89.8 MHz in Sylhet
  • Radio Today FM 89.6 MHz in Dhaka, FM 88.6 MHz in Chittagong [Official website of Radio Today]

b) International

BBC Bangla FM 100.00 Dhaka

National FM radio:

Bangladesh Betar:

Bangladesh Betar is the state-owned radio broadcasting organization of Bangladesh. It was also known as Radio Bangladesh between 1975 and 1996.


Radio transmission in the region now forming Bangladesh started in Dhaka on December 16, 1939. Initially, the station was located in old Dhaka. Later, the station was relocated to Shahbag. It played an important role during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. On March 26, 1971, the broadcasting center of Radio Pakistan was used to transmit a declaration of independence, which was picked up by a Japanese ship in the ChittagongHarbor and retransmitted. During the war, it was known as Shwadhin Bangla Betar Kendro (Independent Bengal Radio Station). Due to heavy shelling, the station had to be relocated several times, and ultimately moved to Calcutta on May 25, from where it would broadcast until the end of the war. On December 6, it was renamed Bangladesh Betar.

ABC Radio Bangladesh

ABC Radio is the first news focused FM radio station in Bangladesh. ABC radio is a part of Mediastar, from Transcom Group. Its owner is the Transcom Group. The station studio is located at the media area of Karwanbazaar. The head program and news of ABC Radio is Sanaullah Lablu. The station stays on air for 24 hours at FM 89.2 MHz of frequency from Dhaka station. As a newest member of FM radio family ABC started its all out commercial operation from January 7, 2008.

The station regularly airs

  • News Bulletins (Prime / Short)
  • Talk show on current affairs, entertainment
  • Radio Documentary
  • Information Updates (Traffic, Outdoor Event, Stock Market, Bazaar, Weather, Culture, Time Queue and many more)
  • Live show with RJ’s and cool selection of songs
  • Weekly, monthly special programs
  • Talks show with celebrities and listeners
  • Wide variation of segments
  • Special programs on special days

Radio Today:

Radio Today is a 24 hour private FM radio station in Bangladesh. Its transmission range is 89.6 FM in Dhaka and around and 88.6 FM in Chittagong. It started its official transmission in October 2006. Its programmes include news, bangla songs, English Songs, Band Songs, weather updates, traffic updates, market price, etc.

4. Particular on Radio Foorti:

Radio Foorti is a Bangladesh-based FM radio station. The station went live in September 2006. Its transmission ranges are 88.0FM in Dhaka, 98.4FM in Chittagong and 98.8FM in Sylhet.

Radio Foorti primarily focuses on music. Some of the programs played regularly are Hello Dhaka, Amar 88, Dhaka Calling, Seven Eleven, Foorti Unlimited, and Hot Seat. Hot Seat happens to be the most popular show of Radio Foorti.

i. Company Profile:

After a successful month of testing, Radio Foorti hit the airwaves on the 22nd of September in 2006, introducing the FM culture back to Bangladesh. Broadcasting on a frequency of 98.40 MHz, Radio Foorti was one of the first stations to obtain and make use of a new ordinance allowing broadcast radio to take off. Armed with Apu as their first radio jockey, the station sought to provide quality music and entertainment through a media largely ignored throughout the satellite television boom.

  Initially only able to be heard across Dhaka, Radio Foorti expanded aggressively, hitting Chittagong airwaves in July of 2007 and ensuring Sylhet got Foorti at 89.8 MHz from the 1st of February of 2008, while changing it’s own Dhaka frequency to 88.0 MHz to ensure that no barrier can overcome a listener and their demand for Foorti. But Radio Foorti doesn’t intend to stop there; the people of Khulna, Bogra, Rajshahi, Barisal, Mymensingh, Rangpur and Cox’s Bazaar will be happy to know that Foorti will set up stations in their areas next, thus covering the broad area of Bangladesh and making Radio Foorti one of the few national radio stations in the country.

While the radio station itself has expanded, to having 12 radio jockeys be heard on -insert number of shows here-, the aim hasn’t changed. Radio Foorti still plays a wide variety of music, ranging from golden classics to the latest song released from the top artists in Bangladesh, even mixing the hottest international tracks into the play list. Through its network of friendly radio jockeys, constant listeners interaction via text messages and special features allowing fans to get closer to their favorite stars, Radio Foorti has helped redefine the FM culture and has helped usher in a new way for music to be heard and for entertainment to be enjoyed.

ii. Objective:

The main objectives of the Radio Foorti to convince the listeners transmit the favorite programs & entertainment show. And overall in Bangladesh will connect their FM networks.

iii. Transmission:

Radio Foorti has stared it’s tramission by Dhaka Station by 98.4 fm at 22 September 2006. But after some month on September 2007 Radio Foorti changed its frequency. Then it’s started to on air at 88.o Fm. Then At August 2007 Radio Foorti started to on air program from Chittagong at 98.4 fm. Then From March 2008 it’s started to on air program from Sylhet at 88.9 Fm.

iv. Program:

Radio Foorti is basically Music radio channel. It is primarily focus on music. Some of the programs of Radio Foorti are Hello Dhaka, Amar 88, Dhaka Calling, Seven Eleven, Foorti Unlimited, and Hot Seat. Now Hot Seat is the most popular show of Radio Foorti

5. SWOT Analysis:

SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning tool   used to evaluate the Strengths and Weaknesses considered internal and Opportunities and Threats which are considered external.

Some of the strengths that can be looked for when doing a SWOT Analysis are, what advantages the company has against other businesses, and what does the company do better than others. For example, faster decision making and flexibility in design changes.

Some of the weaknesses that can be looked for when doing a SWOT Analysis are what does the business need to improve, and what are the company’s competitors offering that the company aren’t. For example, lack of marketing and technological strength.

Some of the opportunities that can be looked for when doing a SWOT Analysis are what changes in technologies are there that can benefit the company, what the new trends are and how can company benefit from them in his business

Some of the threats that can be looked for when doing a SWOT Analysis are what are the competition doing better than the company, how the economy affect the business, company’s current income.

It involves specifying   the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieving that objective.


Radio Foorti is the largest FM Radio in Bangladesh. It is a huge marketplace used by millions of people all over the main city in Bangladesh. It is capable of attracting vast listeners with their various kinds of enjoyable programs.

 The main strength of the company as the data collect from the listeners generates reports and statistics that can make the company better and address its weaknesses and threats.

Radio Foorti get new implication of programs from the listeners. It helps them to create extra ordinary programs. It also provides with wonderful Radio Joky (RJ) to get listeners Support. Radio Foorti has made a very powerful cooperation with the listeners.


In present the Radio Foorti become more commercial. There for Radio Foorti plays most of the time advertisement of many companies. For this reason, the listeners make feel so bore. In this case, the radio foorti reduces their regular listeners. Because when a listeners hearing a program in radio foorti, in continue program the radio foorti have many times transmitting the advertisement. Another weakness of the radio foorti is not starting their programs just time.


Finally the return of the radio through the launching of Radio Foorti 88.0. No doubt the people are doing a good job. Recently they have expanded their transmission to listeners in Chittagong, Shyllet as well in a different wave length. Two observations regarding Radio Foorti, firstly we think their ‘Hello Dhaka’ update is most of the time unreliable and there is nothing more than mentioning that the whole Dhaka city is blocked and ‘gari gulo theke theke halka chaaper srishti korche’, it has become useless to know what we already know again and again. Secondly we propose the Radio Foorti management to target the auto-rickshaw drivers in Dhaka/Chittagong & Shyllet with a tiny portable radio set. A great market awaits radio makers, Radio Foorti and the advertisers through the radio channel. Installing radios in the CNG auto-rickshaws might open up avenues for all and the passengers can enjoy the music and news too.


Threats are the external conditions which could do damage to the business’s performance. At the present time, another FM radio is like Radio Today and Radio Aamar become more popular in the audiences. After this issue analyse then we consider that, it’s a big threats of Radio Foorti

6. Target Market:

Target Market is the specific group of listeners that a company aims to capture. They have been identified as people with needs or wants that can be met with the products or services from this company.

Such as, the target markets of radio foorti focus on the young generation. Like collage and university students as well as common people.

FM Station

Student (%)Common People (%)Total (%)
Radio Foorti FM 88.0 MHz




Radio Today FM 89.6 MHz




Radio Aamar FM 88.4 MHz




Traffic Broadcast FM 97.60 MHz




BBC Bangla FM 100.00 MHz




Radio ABC FM 89.2 MHz





Figure 1: Research target market of all the FM radio in Bangladesh.

7. Conclusion

By SWOT and Target market analysis we have got some information about the Radio Foorti. After through analysis we have found that the popularity of Radio Foorti is the highest among any other FM Radio stations in this country. We hope that Radio Foorti will maintain their Leadership and popularity in FM Radio industry.