Organizational Behavior

Assignment on Saybolt Group Limited

Assignment on Saybolt Group Limited

1.1. Background of the Study
Any academic course of the study has a great value when it has practical application in the real life. A lot of theoretical will be little important unless it is applicable in the practical life. So we need proper application of our knowledge to let some benefit from our theoretical knowledge to make it more fruitful. When we engage ourselves in such field to makes proper use of our knowledge in our practical life only when we come to know about the benefit of the theoretical knowledge. Such an application is made possible through exposition. My dissertation is on a study of Motivation program in production Sector of A case study of Saybolt Group Ltd. That is to know about motivation program &how much contributes in the Saybolt Group to accomplish its objectives. Saybolt Group was established in with a large number of young energetic entrepreneurs who have large work experience in various electrical

1.2 Objective of the Study
The objective of the proposed study is find the motivational tools used by the Industry. The following are the objective of the study:
 To know the overall function of Saybolt Group
 To learn about the motivational program of Saybolt Group.
 To get an idea about the systems approach to employee motivation.
 To acquire marketing activities knowledge regarding transportation industry.

1.3. Methodology of the study
The population sampled for the study was in Saybolt Group Ltd.
In order to contract the report I have collected necessary information from two sources .

A)Primary Sources
B) Secondary Sources
a)Primary Sources of Information : The primary data was collected from the followings Sources :
 Face to lace conversation with the respective officers and staff
 Oral interview of the responsible officers
 Observation of department of Saybolt Group
 A brief oils Saybolt Group from Chief Officer and staff
 B) Secondary Sources of Information: The secondary data was collected from the following sources:
 Annual report of Saybolt Group.
 A brief on Saybolt Group for chief officers and staff
 Various documents of the Saybolt Group
 Extensive literature search oils the basis of this document of publications
 Relevant documents as provided by officers concerned

1.4 Limitation of the Study

This dissertation report is an assignment outside of course curriculum in the practical life. I the student of Department of Business Administration just has completed my formal education stage. Since the is very new in discussion the following limitation were faced by me.
Lack of availability of data
 Improper combination among various departments
 Shortage of time for a comprehensive study on the topic selected
 Unwilling to give information more because of extra harassment without their responsibility.
 Being busy was also another reason for not giving more information.
 Finally the unavailability of textual resources for such a research study.

2.1 Historical Background

Saybolt Express is one of the leading, faster growing and a comprehensive, modern &privately owned global logistics company in Bangladesh, established in 1991.
Saybolt Express is the sister concern of Saybolt Group. The Group is dealing:

 International freight forwarding,
 Shipping Agency Handling,
 Pre shipment and
 Post Landing Inspection,
 Trading,
 Internet Service Providing business
 Printing &publication and
 Composite Knit Textile manufacturing business.

2.2 Professional Team
Saybolt Express has more than 200 young, dynamic, well trained and enthusiastic operation staff some of them are Manager Officers surveyors on all levels who have learnt the industry through their mentors. It is to be noted that Saybolt Textile Unit brings the opportunity to employ more than 5000 people to provide quality services with integrity &trusty.

2.3 Offices Location
Saybolt owned two offices building Corporate Office is located in Dhaka (capital in Bangladesh) and Branch Office is in Chittagong (Int`l sea port)

2.3 Agent &yearly turnover

The company have 500 collaborative Associates &enormous agents in the main ports and big cities all over world, especially in Europe, South East Asia, South Asia, Far East, Middle East, USA, Canada and Australia. Saybolt is moving over 30,000 TEUS annually to and from Bangladesh to worldwide places. Saybolt is financially sound & solvent. Its annual turnover is around 25 million United States Dollars.

2.4 Business Diversification

Customer Handling.
Project Cargo Forwarding &Handling.
Fair &Exhibition Logistics.
Warehousing Storage &Distribution.
Inland Transportation.
Loading & unloading.
Door to Door Delivery Services.
Ocean Shipment from Bangladesh to all over the world.
Air Shipment from Bangladesh to all over the world.
SCM/ Buyers Consideration.
LTL(Less truck Load) FTL (Full truck Load)..
Export Documentation Handling.
Letter of Credits (L/C).
Railway Services.
Handling of personal Effect.
Indenting etc.
General Insurance Agents.

2.5 The Quality Policy of Saybolt Express:

Commitment to constantly meet or exceed customer requirement by providing consistently high quality service and by encouraging continuous improvement in its long term and daily operations through a customer oriented quality management system. The vision of the Management is to drive Saybolt Express to realize its true potential and to prosper within the framework of Saybolt Group values and sound business practice.

2.6 The Important Objective of Saybolt Express
To establish a strong and solid foundation to function and to pull together the various forces and expertise to offer most efficient dedicated and cost effective A-Z


To develop an Organization that pulls together all the marketing tools into one smooth and timely flow of operation and information aimed of the principles and customers.
To meet the ongoing demand of the trade with market economy personalized and effective services.
For achievement of objective at first we must integrated marketing operation/communication/documentation and technologies into one cohesive whole:
Visit the customer with a defined offer.
All necessary information should be provided to make a decision.
Personalized offer but services should be A one quality.
Up –to-date reporting in all events.
Should be created a loyalty marketing program
Backup facilities provided by experience skilled manpower.
Consolidation of all departments for excellent unique result.
The actual delivery steps that the customer’s experiences or the operational flow of service also give customers evidence on which to judge the service. Some services are very complex, requiring the customer of follow a complicated and extensive series of actions to complete the process. Badly designed progress often lead to slow, bureaucratic and ineffective services performance and result in dissatisfied customers. Similarly, poor processes make it difficult for front line staff to do their jobs well, resulting in low productivity and increased likelihood of service failure.

Analysis and Findings
Though there are no specific strategies for Knits products manufacturing, a systematic approach to marketing has evolved over the past few years. Unlike earlier, now the corporate prefer a long-term association with the cooperative association by signing a memorandum of understanding. Marketing expert believe that a sound Client Relationship Management (CRM) forms the basis for soliciting corporate tie-ups, today.
Events, both indoor and out-research programmes, play a significant role in marketing of Knits products manufacturing.
Business Development has three wings
a. Marketing
1. Corporate communication
2. Customer Relationship Management
3. Well communication with the individual customers
4. Event Management
5. Media
6. External affairs
b. Direct Sales and information center
1. Physically referrals
2. Information center
c. Corporate Sales

3.1 Marketing Mix Analysis
Marketing mix is the important factor of the modern age to fulfill the Organization’s goal. It is also the set of some controllable and uncontrollable tactical marketing tools that influence customer response. The major task of marketing management is to blend together the elements of the marketing mix in such way that they fulfill the need of selected target markets. The set of elements are product, price, promotion and place, but the new concept, people, physical evidence and process are added as the elements of the marketing mix
An effective marketing program blends all of the marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion and place) into a coordinate program design to achieve the company’s marketing objectives by delivering value of consumers. The marketing mix constitutes the company’s tactical tool kit for establishing strong positioning in target and that is why, marketing mix is the set of controllable marketing tools the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market.
The particular mixture of marketing techniques, pricing, packaging and advertising, used to promote the sales of a product, marketing mix is also known as the four Ps. 4 P’s or very recent 7 P’s stand for
 Product
 Price
 Place
 Promotion
And addition elements are
 People
 Physical evidence
 Process
The 7 P’s, the marketing mix is used to market product of service, this is done by using the 7 P’s to establish what the product is, the price, the place and promotion, customer, products physical evidence and process.
By the combining of 7 P’s marketing managers want to achieve a grater result, from there combination then each of the individual effect of following products-this is the goods or service that the company provides. However it is more than product or service itself, it is also the benefits that meet.
The marketing mix model (also most commonly known as the 4 P’s) can be used by marketers as a tool to assist in implementing the marketing strategy.
Marketing manager’s use this method to attempt generate the optional response in the target market by blending for variable in an optimal way it is important to understand that the marketing mix principles are controllable variable. The marketing mix can be adjusted on a frequent basis to meet the changing needs of the target group and the other dynamics of the marketing environment.
The elements of marketing mix are describe in the following manner —

Marketing Management
3.1.1 Product
We define product as anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption and that might satisfy a want or need. Product includes more than just tangible goods. Broadly defined, products include physical objects, service events, persons, place, organization, idea or mixes of these entities. However there are no bad
products anymore in today’s highly competitive markets that he perceives as bad. Therefore the question or product has become; does the organization create what its intended customers want? Define the characteristics of your product or service that meets the need of your customers.
Product may be described in following ways
a) Product Varity: Marketers present their product in different ways.
b) Product Quality: Product quality consists of the ability to satisfy
customer’s needs and wants as well as the ability of a product to perform its
function; it includes the product’s overall durability, reliability, precision,
ease of operation and repair and other valued attributes. Products quality has
two dimension that are level and consistency.
c) Product Design: style simply describes the appearance of a product.
Design is a larger concept than style.

d) Product Feature: A product can be offered with varying features. The
company can create higher level models by adding more features. Features
are competitive tools for differentiating the company’s program. Being the
first producer to introduce a needed and valued new feature is one of the
most effective ways to complete

e) Brand Name of the product: A good name can add greatly to a
product’s success. It should suggest something about the product’s benefit and quality. It should be easy to pronounce, recognize and remember. In addition to design or a combination of these, that identifies the market or seller of a product or service.
f) Product Packaging: Packaging involves designing and product the
container of wrapper for a product. The activities of designing and
producing the container for a product.

g) Return: It refers to provision of defective product back to the producer.
It is better for a company that there are present of provisions of return
defective product.

3.1.2 Price
Price refers to the amount of money charged for product or service or the sum of the values that consumers exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service. How much are the intended customers willing to pay? Here we decide on a pricing strategy- do not let it just happen! Even if you decide not to ask (enough) money for a product or service, you must realize that this is a conscious decision and forms part of the pricing strategy. Although competing on price is as old as mankind, the consumer is often still sensitive for price discount and special offers. Price has also an irrational side: something that is expensive must be good. Permanently competing on price is for many companies not a very sensible approach.
a) List price: The price which is written on the product.
b)Discount price: discount is a price reduction to buyers who pay their bills promptly. A typical example is “2/10, net 30” which means that although payment is due written 30 days, the buyer can deduct 2% if the bills is paid within 10 days.
C)Allowance: Allowance is another type of reduction from the list price. It
refers to the promotional money paid by manufacturers to retailers in return
for an agreement to feature the manufacturer’s products in some ways.
d) Payment Period: what are the processes on way of payment is it flexible
for customer or not? It should be flexible for customers.
e) Credit Terms: Is there provision of credit term? If any then what are
characteristics of that.
# Sample Price List

Dated: 28.0 2.2010

Mr. Md Akter Hossen
Manager Commercial
Global office Automation Limited
Baitul Abed (11th Floor), 53, Purana Paltan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Ph: 7175479, 7170387
Fax: 8802-9567021
Cel: 01715-991859
Email: goal

This is tanvir Ahmed sodium saybolt Express, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was very nice meeting with you at your well decorated office and bellows our very competitive Ocean freight port to port rates. For the above shipment.
O/F Rates :(FCL/LCL)
EX-HONGKONG to Chit gong, USD 875/1450 byskh, CLs-WED T/T:14 da
ys, EX-HONGKONG to Chitagong,USD60/Per CBM (Up To 5 Cbm)By Hanjinn
Validity: 14Th Dec, 2009

Suppliers Details
Commercial Invoice.
N.B Rates are subjects to special equipment availability

If you any need information please feel free to contact us. We are always at your service. Looking forward for your kind advice.

Thanks With Best Regards,

Md Badal
Marketing Executive
Saybolt Express
Mob: 01190816290

3.1.3 Promotion
Promotion means activities that communicate the merits of the product and persuade target customers to buy it. For a example, suppose that “Ispahani Tea” spends more than 1 million each year on advertising to tell consumers about the company and its product. Dealership sales people assist potential buyer and persuade them that “Ispahani Tea” is the best tea for them. “Ispahani Tea” and its dealers offer special promotions like sales promotion, cash rebates, low financial rate etc as added purchase incentive. Marketers use the normal promotion tools that advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, public relations and direct marketing to reach customers. They are described in following manner:
a) Sales promotion: sales promotion is any paid of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by and identified sponsor. Marketing management must make 4 (four) important decisions when developing advertising program that are setting advertising objectives, setting advertising budgets, developing advertising strategy and evaluating advertising campaigns.
b) Public Relation: Another major mass promotion tool is public relations
that building good relations with company’s various publics by obtaining favorable publicity, building up a good corporate image and handling or handling off unfavorable rumors, stories and events.
c) Direct marketing: direct marketing consists of direct communication
with carefully targeted individual customer to obtain an immediate response
and cultivate lasting customer relationship.

3.1.4 Place
Place includes company activities that make the product available to target customers. It may be described in following manner:
a) Channel: The distribution channel moves goods and services from
producers to customers. It overcomes the major times, place and possession
gaps that separate goods and services from those who would use them. It
helps to complete transaction in such way-information, promotion, contact,
matching, negotiation etc.
b) Coverage: producer’s product should be cover target market area. The
customer in target market may be got the product easily.
c) Assortment: Product should be assorting some of various categories so
that producer transport it easily and customer use it easily or in comfortable
d) Inventory: inventory levels also affect customer satisfaction. The major program is to maintain the delicate balance between carrying too much inventory and carrying too little. Any inventory decision management must balance the costs of carrying larger inventories against resulting sells and profits.
e) Transportation: Marketers need to make an interest in their company’s transportation decisions. The choice of transportation carries affects the pricing of products.
We can mention that it holds that the four Ps concepts take the seller’s view of the market, not the buyer’s view. From the buyer’s viewpoint, in this age of connectedness, the four Ps might be better described as the four Cs. Robert Lauterborn suggest that the sellers four Ps correspond to the customer four Cs.

Will marketers see themselves selling a product, customers see themselves as price; they want the product and service to be a conveniently available as possible. Finally, they want two ways to first think through the four Cs and then build the four Ps on that platform.

3.1..5 People
Many service depend on direct interaction between customers and a firm’s employees or talking to call center staff strongly influence the customer’s perception quality of service. Service quality is often assessed based on customer’s interactions with four line staff and successful service firms devote significant effort to recruiting, training, motivation these employees.

3.1.6 Physical Evidence
The environment in which the service is delivered and where the firm and customer interact and any tangible components that facilities performance or communication of service. The appearance of buildings, landscaping , vehicles, interior furnishing equipments, staff members, signs, printed materials and other visible cause all provide tangible evidence carefully, as it can have a profound impact on customer’s impressions.

3.1.7 Process
The annual procedures, mechanisms and flow of activities by which the service is delivered, the service delivery and operating systems. The actual delivery steps that the customer’s experiences or the operational flow of service also give customers evidence on which to judge the service. Some services are very complex, requiring the customer of follow a complicated and extensive series of actions to complete the process. Badly designed progress often lead to slow, bureaucratic and ineffective services performance and result in dissatisfied customers. Similarly, poor processes make it difficult for front line staff to do their jobs well, resulting in low productivity and increased likelihood of service failure.

3.2.1 The market Scenario
In every year most of the countrymen are loosing their earnings about 200,000 million BDT (approximately) by purchasing useless goods and services. If the savings tendency will increase than the countrymen’s capital will grow and many people will get job opportunities.
Every organization has a number of problems. Without any problems or limitation there are on institutions or organizations. According to the Saybolt Group Ltd has also a number of problems or limitation. These are as follows:

3.2.2 Advertising
This organization has no effective advertising function. For this a large number of people do not know clear idea about this cooperative society. Because of this lack of advertising organization looses their potential customers and huge number of profits from multipurpose cooperative societies business.

3.2.3 Time-consuming
In every Bills and voucher, it is compulsory to collect two authorized signature from two officers for reduce clerical mistakes. This procedure is a time consuming matter.

3.2.4 Manpower
Lack of manpower is another important problem of this organization. The work load on the same level employees is not same. But because of the lack of manpower maximum time, I saw that the workload on the same level employee.

3.2.5 Salary
The salary is not high for the employees of the organization. They are not satisfied properly for their salary according to their works. This is the main hindrance for the banking services.

3.2.6 Computer Network
Their has no effective computer network between the branches and Head Office for better and faster information flow. Even there is no computer in every department; where as in present world depends on computerization.

3.2.7 Voluntary services or work
Saybolt Group Ltd has no undertake voluntary sector to mobilize resources.

3.2.8 Others findings are given below
 The problems and prospect in Saybolt Group Ltd marketing of the
 Demerits and weakness of the current policies and procedures of Saybolt
Group Ltd marketing in Bangladesh..
 The necessity and impact of Saybolt Group Ltd marketing in Bangladesh.
 The problems and prospects regarding Saybolt Group Ltd marketing
of the organization.
 Marketing is the vital thing to earn foreign currency from Saybolt Group Ltd sectors.
 The Saybolt Group Ltd price given by buyer is compensatively low than other countries.
 The people of Saybolt Group Ltd sector in Bangladesh are not skilled enough.
 The Saybolt Group Ltd product of Bangladesh is quality.
 In Saybolt Group Ltd sector in Bangladesh use old process.

3.3 SOWT Analysis
SOWT analysis is the way to find strategy the weakness and create more opportunity for the future. By analyzing strength and weakness any organization can more aware and can able to make defends from future threats. So before going to be the new business everyone should analysis his or her business Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.
In order to identify the major strength and weakness of Saybolt Group in Bangladesh is very important for identify the problems that they are facing and also it is important to analyze their external and internal environment for their preference in the Bangladesh market.

3.3.1 Strength
As we have noticed earlier that Saybolt Group of the Bangladesh through the hands of Saybolt Group Which has been in operation in Bangladesh for more than 10 years. Over such a long time they development their business extensively and at the same time they have gained the confidence of the people in the country. They have also gained popularity by showing some positive corporation society activity like donating for the Acid Survivors and flood victims. This particular issues was seen was seen to be a major boost for their operation in Bangladesh as they have were able to get the sympathy of the common people. A strong distribution network throughout the country has provided with a level of advantage compared to the others. The distribution network of Saybolt Group, as it has been stated earlier that, is very strong as it covers almost all the districts of Bangladesh. The strong network of BDL ahs provided them with the opportunity of reaching out in the mass market and getting through to the towns in other parts of Bangladesh except only Dhaka. This has provided them with a tremendous strength and has developed their relations with the dealer’s allover Bangladesh.
So it is providing that Saybolt Group has.
1. Strong Brand Reputation
2. Strong Promotion Efforts
3. Superior management in Distribution
4. Better product quality than rivals
5. Wide geographical coverage
6. Good Frihgting sales

3.3.2 Weakness

As it has been mentioned earlier that the distribution channel through strong in Bangladesh does not offer a very good opportunity to the retailer as they do not get the supply of Saybolt Group in due time and also they are not getting profit margin. This has weakness their position in the market and enhanced the position of the other competitors in the industry namely RC Saybolt group. The unwillingness of the retailer to keep Saybolt group in their market is also another cause of weakness for them.
A poor marketing strategy with regards to marketing canned cold has proved quite detrimental to their success.
Poor monitoring system by the administration body proved determined for the operation of the distribution system.

3.3.3 Opportunities
An increasing economic growth along with changing demographic proved them with positive opportunity.
Growth of youth attracting entities such as pool clubs and fast food joints offers great opportunities for their growth.
Acceptance of soft drinks among all ages is major social attributes which might be considered as a major opportunity. Avery labor force in Bangladesh proved an opportunity of employing at a minimal cost. Opportunity of expecting the soft drinks in the neighboring countries Minimal governments’ role is inside a great opportunity

3.3.4 Threats
Prospers of new entrants both local and foreign poses a greats threat for the industry as hole. The threats of substitutes are consideration to the digested threats in the Saybolt Group bargaining power of the buyers poses credible threats to the industry as they well informed about the price. Bargaining power of the suppliers is also a credible threat for Saybolt Group in Bangladesh. Brand product piracy by some illegal business is huge threat to the industry. Pressure imposed by the Environment and religious group can be sources of probable threat.

4.1 Recommendations
In the product industry like the roles played by the managers as well as the various other operators are essential factors in achieving the desired success. Providing any recommendation on Group products manufacturing institution like the Saybolt Group Ltd. where huge amount of money is involved and thou sanding of factors surrounding the business environment affect the overall position is very tuff. Hence no suggestion can be claimed as a complete one. There will be always some shortcoming in recommendation. However, I am the light of the study and the factors taken into consideration some suggestion can be helpful for the organization, although incomplete.
There is some Recommendation that can solve the problem regarding the marketing activities of Group Industry in Bangladesh. Such as-
1. Transportation should agreed exhibition to promote Group Products. Because this sector requires special exposures what can be done nationally and internationally by those organization.
2. The financial institute should finance more to Group Products sector.
Banking leasing companies and other financial investment may invest
more for frequent Group Products Industry.
2. The financial sector gives flexible conditions to import high profile Group Products machineries. This sector needs high investment for capital machineries. In this connection the Financial Investment cam impose flexible condition to import.
3. Skilled expert can be hire4 from the foreign country. To market Group Products, we can hire expert to build up a backup line in our country.
4. Government should establish institute for Group Products related person also other graduate and post-graduate program. Because the course is not available in our country.
5. The Group Products sector should create more job opportunity. Marketing of Group Products is a vast field that can create jobs in the country.
6. Trained and skill person in Group Products sector should be given more facilities. Because they earn a lot of foreign currency directly and indirectly.
7. Flexible industry friendly rules and regulation should be formed.
Otherwise this sector will not rise appropriately.
8. The government of our country should patronize the Group Products sector.
9. The Group Products sector should think the development of the people of our country.
10. The relationship between the employees and proprietor should be
11. The employed of Group Products sector should be trained up to proper way.
12. To be successful the organization would essentially depend on the quantity and the quality and the quality of its human resources and their optimum utilization.
13. The organization can operate successfully in future by innovate new fashioned item which are potential.
14. Training should be on the concerned division where ever he/she assigned for. Because it is very difficult for a particular employee to know about the overall Knitting system. For improve the knowledge about knitting function of the employee of this organization. It should be arranged own training.
15. With Knitting business becomes global. Saybolt Group Ltd. should introduce executive card for the better clientele service
16. Worked load on the same level employees is not same in this case
management should distribute in the work more carefully.
17. Saybolt Group Ltd. should reduce manual paper work, because it
reduces efficiency and also keeping more time.
18. Authority has to recruit the employees in such a way so that at lest one
department has sufficient computer skill. In fact with growing business world they should appoint all the employees with minimum computer skills.
19. The management of Saybolt Group Ltd. should regularly administer marketing research activities in order to keep a regular track of satisfaction levels. Regular research should also be conducted to find out customer expectations about various service aspects. As customer expectations and satisfaction are not static figures regular research at sufficient intervals should be conducted.
20. Saybolt Group Ltd. should focus more on existing customers in order to build strong and loyal relationship with them as satisfied customers more aptly or certainly recommends the organizations to friends and relatives
21. Individual attention should be given to customers in order to better understand their needs and better satisfy them.
22. Saybolt Group Ltd. should pursue an aggressive advertising campaign in order to build up a strong image and reputation among potential customers.
23. Contract employees should be eliminated from the customer service department as they lack the commitment and willingness to serve customers.
24. Service awards for the employee if Saybolt Group Ltd. can introduces this kind of awards its help to motivated to the employees.

4.2 Conclusion

Bangladesh is developing country. Group Products contributes to the share of our foreign currency. Developing of is sector will definitely bring good fortune for our country. We bring the graduate of marketing must give our sincere effort of the future development Group Products and related sector. Group Products sector is extremely beneficial for the concerned. Because no knowledge specially one like Group Products marketing cannot be fulfilled without practical experience. It gives us the excellent opportunity to combine out theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge.
Use of modern equipments in Group Products sector looking after the welfare of the workers, good management are the key to success of a company which are well maintained in company.
NSDL has an opportunity to be established in the world as a manufacturer of producing value added products and executing difficult orders at very short lead-time. The planning, organization, controlling, designed, creativity and above all the technical skill have cemented the base of this leading RMG industry. With highly advanced technology and an emphasis on developing local human resources NSDL has the potential to make an important contribution to the nation’s growing ready-made garments export sector.
One of the most promising industrial sectors of Bangladesh Economy is the Group Products Sector of Bangladesh. It is important both in terms of Employment and Export Earnings.
We do not know whether we will get orders for the whole year continuously after ensuring the orders, we do not know whether we will get the raw materials on time, after getting the materials we do not know whether we will be able to produce and ship the goods on time after shipping the goods at times we even do not know what will be the fate of our payment.